• Why Denuclearize The New Korea? Our Friends Can Have Nukes!

    When Kim was testing and shooting rockets, building his arsenal, the Russians and Chinese had no problem with him having nukes. On their border.

    Now that President Donald Trump has ended the Korean Conflict, I think a whole new tact need be followed. Let’s build up the new North. Show Kim the beauty of Capitalism. Let him grow his security as his countrymen get jobs, ability to feed their families, get healthy. Possibly a joint leadership deal with Moon over the rebuilding of a prosperous economy, helping the farmers in the four lowland areas modernize for efficiency and turn the mountains into the ski resorts of the world. Help them capitalize on their vast mineral rights.

    Over a few years, as Moon, Kim and President Trump solidify their relationships and become secure in their safety, bring the new Korea into NATO. Their people know what communism did to them. After a few years of freedom and capitalism, they will never go back.

    Whether they get into NATO or not, we could make treaties with Korea, similar to Taiwan. AND leave a free, America friendly, semi-capitalist nuclear armed country on the Russia/Chinese border.

    I don’t see why that shouldn’t be an option. President Trump is reorganizing the world stage, without bullets.

  • After Manchester, Can We Speak Truth?

    Let’s try and fully understand what is happening in England right now, after we enjoy all the pretty pictures of the formidable troops taking to streets to protect elites and landmarks…(no protection for the subjects, just landmarks).

    So, first your globalist leaders invite the equivalent of 8 or 9 enemy armies into your country, allow them to set up private no-go zones, raping, killing and generally terrorizing the populace with impunity.

    After they’ve had enough time to embed themselves, march in your streets proudly proclaiming their intention to kill you all and take over your country for islam, get armed and trained to kill you all, and repeated attacks, your Government puts on a big show, (lots of pretty pictures of soldiers, absolutely useless soldiers, armed to teeth, running around your streets) of protecting your landmarks.

    Have they taken over the no-go zones, are they going house to house? Will they stay on streets at night and protect common subjects from the rapist savages in those areas, or will this just be another public show that does NOTHING to stop the root cause, (your Government trying to replace you with unassimilating, uncivilized, sharia faithful #moslems)?

    How many more killers are they letting in today, in the dark, while taking all these pretty pictures of soldiers in the streets. You are being played. Your globalist leaders and the EU have killed your country, and most certainly what used to be called Europe. The war is here, and your Gov is on THEIR side.

    Either take to streets at night and start killing every moslem you can find, until they flee your country in fear of their lives, or buy a prayer mat and filthy koran and learn to pray to satan 5 times a day.

    God help you, your Gov certainly won’t.

  • “Asian” Grooming Gang Charged in Britain…Really? “Asian?” NO! islam!

    Save time. islam raped them. islam “gang.” Not isisalqaedabokoharamabuwhateverplohamastalibanetcetcetc!
    islam raped them because the filthy death-cult manual koran said they could. islam is killing worldwide, not some “gangs” or “groups”!
    Stop the PC stupidity. Stop allowing them to divert attention with stupid names of different factions.
    islam is the enemy of civilization.
    islam want us dead.
    islam will rape and disfigure women with acid time and time again, because no one, especially British, Swedish, French and German men, no longer care if their wives and daughters are raped and disfigured.
    If they did, they would take to streets at night, killing as many islam as possible, piling up the bodies, (on sidewalks, don’t block the streets for workers), till islam gets the message.
    They would be pushing them off THEIR streets when islam takes over in a huge middle finger to them all and blocks traffic on Fridays, out of sheer arrogance and superiority, promoted by EU leaders.
    islam is the worlds leading problem. Without islam, 95% of wars and conflicts worldwide would disappear.
    islam did it, and will continue to do it because our globalist leaders want us dead.
    islam. Don’t forget. Only name necessary where atrocities occur.
    islam means “submission,” and will assault, rape, murder, burn, behead, throw off roofs any not believing.
    islam. The stuff your leaders are forcibly teaching your children, so they can behead you for them.
    Happy Easter!

  • The Media and Our Debates

    Sometimes we are so close to a problem, we can’t see the crux. We have a media that dominates our election cycles with extortive tactics.They belittle whatever candidate they don’t like and deny actual debates or citizens ability to decide for themselves. The media, really through no fault of their own, has taken the role of gatekeeper, barring citizens from deciding the candidates. It wasn’t always this way.

    We wonder how we can fix this. We bitch and moan when they do what we’ve given them power to do, over the years.

    The solution is simple. One look at the cause, and you see where they went from REPORTERS, bringing information to the public on what candidates decide to do, to INTERROGATORS, whose sole purpose is to decide the candidates through scurrilous attacks, and denying access to the public to those THEY deem unworthy!

    Technology is the problem, but not modern tech, or even what we consider TO BE tech!

    The birth and evolution of television has changed the relationship between citizens, reporters and our candidates. Two different growth tracks have merged into a near hostage situation on our electoral system.

    Track A is the miracle of TV. Before TV, candidates actually had to go out on the stump. Trains brought them to Americans, and reporters covered them. Television made them lazy, and gave up control of their message to phony time constraints. Made campaigns much more impersonal. Then TV captured their imagination. Once it was recognized as a political communications tool, it was used, in very polite, respectful and staid manner, to show respectful interviews or ACTUAL debates on REAL issues. Politicians became enamored with going into the studios. It became THE WAY…  Until Watergate.

    Track B is the Watergate scandal and how journalism changed. Reporters go to school to learn to destroy, make headlines, change the world. Those that in the past may have been opinion journalists writing stories, became attack dogs for their beliefs, regardless of the truth.

    Track A blossomed into Commercial cash machine, and politicians became trapped into the studio for a fortune, (they’ve become professional fundraisers, constantly raising money to pay for TV access), to pay the bills. No money, and the best of candidates would never be heard. Decree from Corporate! Money corrupted everyone and thing.

    Track B churned out “journalists” that were really activists, no different from our community activist #EnemyPres obama. They readily moved from from print to TV, infiltrated the Networks and fought against the system from there. Americans love a big headline or tease for the upcoming news! The bigger the scandal they uncover (or make up out of whole cloth) the more viewers!

    Where once, political shows and events were financial losers, (basically Public Service Announcements), gotcha activists and personality journalists changed that. Their screaming accusations and gutter dwelling yellow journalism broadcast into our houses, by the now omnipresent TV screen, has an attraction, like slowing to see a car crash! Their ratings grew, they hired more attackers, devoted more shows, and then whole NETWORKS, to attack politics. Some of them are still reporting, but most are trying to get awards for taking out the next politician the people want.Today, this has made our Primary system the equivalent of a televised Enquirer. Disrespectful attacks, disregard for actual debate format.

    There are two solutions, one for old tech, and one for the new growing miracle.

    Old Tech: We can taken control of this any time. Just takes getting word out, pushing legislators. It would work, but it would take more time than the NEW tech solution! “Take Back Our Airways!” http://realetybytes.com/?p=38 (please cut and paste link)

    New Tech: Can start tomorrow, cost almost nothing, takes ALL control and MONEY from media. Gives 24 hour access to Candidates statements and real debates, without MSM filter, opinion or censorship. “A Simple Solution to Our Debates” http://realetybytes.com/?p=1777 (Please cut and paste link)

    I prefer the New Tech, as it puts TOTAL control in hands of candidates and people.

    There is no regulation, rule or constitutional edict giving the media this control. We did it, willingly. Without cutting the tracks that create and fund the Corporate money train, we are forever doomed to hear only what MSM wants. We deserve a better return for OUR Public airways being used to demean and belittle the American process.

  • WE the PEOPLE…

    Upon Careful Consideration of ALL available evidence of islam and it’s Beliefs, which remain the same since first explained by the Ambassador of Tripoli  to our Minister Thomas Jefferson in 1784,(1) that it is their Holy duty, as recorded in their koran, to Tax, Enslave, War upon any Country of Free People, or KILL anyone not submitting, (islam means SUBMIT) to their demands, WE THE PEOPLE do hereby Declare:

    Because islam refuses free speech,

    because islam refuses freedom of Religion or Worship,

    because islam takes lives without the most basic due process,

    because islam demeans and denies basic laws of GOD, Nature and the United States Constitution re: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,


    The Free Citizens of The United States Of America do Amend our Constitution such that we SHALL NOT accept islam, sharia, or any organization, group or religion calling for Subjugation, Forced Conversion or Injury or Death of those NOT Associated with it, or attempting to LEAVE it, as Legal under OUR Laws, or welcome Amongst the Citizenry.


    (1) http://captainjamesdavis.net/2015/02/05/thomas-jefferson-and-john-adams-explain-why-muslims-turn-to-terrorism/


  • My Years As A Slave…

    unwillingly dragged into a strange world, unable to fend for myself. Immediately physically attacked and cut, given to strangers. Completely controlled for years, injected with who knows what, records of height & weight scrupulously kept. Complete and total supervision…I mean EVERY DAMN MOMENT! (no playing with the guns! Blocked, when no one else is, from the big bathtub out back). Forced to wear embarrassing outfits, (THEY EVEN TOOK DEMEANING PICTURES! ENSURED A LIFETIME OF BELITTLEMENT!). Forced into strange rituals, dressed up and dragged to stranger’s events…where there where always similarly enslaved people like me being shown off for some sick reasons… and forced “education”.

    Only thing good about the experience was that it taught me, (as soon as I realized even a slave could “work” to open a “business”) to never allow anyone to have that power over myself again. That in this country, with libraries and “the google,” anyone, even a former slave, can learn to do something they like, and do it so well, others will pay them to do it for them.

  • Is Barack Hussein obama A mozlum? Does What He Says Matter?

    Barack Hussein obama claims to be a Christian.

    Barack Hussein obama claims to be born in United States.

    Barack Hussein obama claims:

    You can keep your Dr.

    You can keep your healthcare plan.

    7 million more people with healthcare due top Medicaid expansion,

    only 2,000 jobs from Keystone pipeline,

    He wasn’t changed on executive action for immigration,

    His “JV” claim about ISIS not about ISIS,

    He’s doubled distance cars can go on a gallon of gas,

    George Bush started “Fast & Furious”,

    For more blatant lies from our #EnemyPres, more evidence that we NEVER get the truth from him, more evidence that he in no way represents an America 1st ideology, rather an “Aw, does-there-HAVE-TO-be-an-America” policy, just check:


    Someone should point out, just SAY outright to little Georgie Stefanapolous and the rest of the MSM clowns that “to our great dismay, we have to admit that the President is a congenital LIAR, and NOTHING he says can be trusted. It behooves us, in the absence of any reputable evidence that would stand up to the slightest investigation, to never believe a word he says. Where he was born falls into that category, as the fraudulent document he released has been debunked, and would be thrown out of any courtroom as a fraud. Any other questions on the Presidents history of veracity and mendacity? I believe they should be directed to the person responsible for all the confusion and provable lies, President obama!

    Is Barack Hussein obama a mozlum? I have no idea. I do know NOTHING he says on the matter is worthy of belief. He’s a congenital, compulsive, unrepentant liar.

    What he says does NOT matter.



  • A SIMPLE Solution For Debates!

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As FOX and CNN have proven by their deliberate dilution of substantive “debate” time for each candidate by overflowing the stage with egoists without a snowballs chance in hell, NETWORKS should have NOTHING to do with politician’s debates! Other than to cover them AFTER-the-fact, of course.

    These wanna-be leaders should be sitting, without advisers or audience, in a banquet hall. Fully catered, as they can stay until they are talked out. A bowl on table with cards inside, each one having a different issue written on it.

    The candidates pull a card, and then each gets to speak for as long as they like on the subject. Question each other at will, until subject exhausted. All satisfied the issue has been properly addressed.

    Next card!

    They can stay for hours. Plan the day. Make sure they get to say everything they want, uninterrupted by moderators.

    Have video cameras set up all over room, and three roving cameras…Start taping when they sit down, stop when done!

    Put the whole, raw video on internet,  24 hours a day, for all Americans to watch. Do same thing every 3 months with remaining candidates.

    THAT would give us actual picture of these people.

    Banquet hall, fine catering and all day shooting, could do about 6 of them for less than $30,000, (not each, but ALL)! Each candidate could put in $2,000 to start, and give the change to charity! Chump change for total access and control over their message, no time restrictions, no set-up gotcha questions from biased journalists, (who make a fortune in advertising off conflict they cause!), and get to be seen in real life, comfortable conditions. Not being pushed to explode by some idiot journalist trying to make themselves important! Get a chimp to pull the card from the bowl, better moderator than we’ve had!

  • Motorcycles Make LOUSY Blankets…

    Having violated the top 2 cardinal rules of biking, (Rule #1: You belong on top of Motorcycle, NOT Motorcycle on top of you; and Rule #2: Never work under the side of the bike not supported by the kickstand), I had a few moments, while my chest and leg were being crushed, to realize the irony of the situation. Having ridden for 45 years or so, I’ve heard more than enough people putting out what “Oddball” called “negative waves”, (Donald Sutherland, Kelly’s Hero’s), telling me “that bike” (whichever I was on), would kill me. I always drove safely, knowing it could happen at any time, never considered it killing me with a cold engine! Thankfully, two different neighbors heard my , ahem, perfectly calm , ah, requests for help, (at the top decibels I could produce them!). As they picked the bike up off me, (about 700 lbs of fully dressed 1978 Goldwing), my wife come out of the house. “Oh my God,” she says, “I heard the screams, but I thought the neighbor was calling her dogs…!”

    “REALLY??” I said! “Well, next time you think you hear the neighbor calling her dogs, look outside and see if I’m under the effen bike!”

    Anyway, aside from a dead original perfect condition “Walkman,” everyone survived! (it was in my shirt left breast pocket, took the initial brunt of fall, but gave me the instant to twist away, letting bike slide to upper right side of chest. Sneezing is now a whole new experience in pain! Lower calf muscle on right leg pinned, just missed bone, crushed calf to about 1/2 inch between ground and bike. I live to ride again, hopefully a lot wiser!

  • A Few Choice Words On Hillary…

    Hillary is a polarizing, calculating, disingenuous politician who’s insincere and ambitious and who thinks it’s inevitable that all agree she’s entitled to be overconfident about her being secretive as all know she will do anything to win, as she represents the past and tries to convince people she is not out of touch!