• A SIMPLE Solution For Debates!

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As FOX and CNN have proven by their deliberate dilution of substantive “debate” time for each candidate by overflowing the stage with egoists without a snowballs chance in hell, NETWORKS should have NOTHING to do with politician’s debates! Other than to cover them AFTER-the-fact, of course.

    These wanna-be leaders should be sitting, without advisers or audience, in a banquet hall. Fully catered, as they can stay until they are talked out. A bowl on table with cards inside, each one having a different issue written on it.

    The candidates pull a card, and then each gets to speak for as long as they like on the subject. Question each other at will, until subject exhausted. All satisfied the issue has been properly addressed.

    Next card!

    They can stay for hours. Plan the day. Make sure they get to say everything they want, uninterrupted by moderators.

    Have video cameras set up all over room, and three roving cameras…Start taping when they sit down, stop when done!

    Put the whole, raw video on internet,  24 hours a day, for all Americans to watch. Do same thing every 3 months with remaining candidates.

    THAT would give us actual picture of these people.

    Banquet hall, fine catering and all day shooting, could do about 6 of them for less than $30,000, (not each, but ALL)! Each candidate could put in $2,000 to start, and give the change to charity! Chump change for total access and control over their message, no time restrictions, no set-up gotcha questions from biased journalists, (who make a fortune in advertising off conflict they cause!), and get to be seen in real life, comfortable conditions. Not being pushed to explode by some idiot journalist trying to make themselves important! Get a chimp to pull the card from the bowl, better moderator than we’ve had!

  • America Didn’t Fail Your Son, Mrs. Foley!

    Why is it that people with no respect for their own lives expect others to come to their rescue? Why do the poor families of these selfish, arrogant people think it is America’s job to protect their children, when their children do things that amount to suicide, with the families blessing?
    Let’s do a simple test: how many of you want to go to a nice war zone in Syria? For vacation or work, it doesn’t matter. How much would you need to be paid to stroll into a war zone? Without bodyguards, for a story nobody here in America cares about? Do you care about the plight of the poor Syrians? They all hate our guts, and would kill us in a second. 
    How about North Korea? There’s a vacation spot if ever I saw one! Anyone want to take a trip to North Korea? Maybe take a bible, proselytize where it means the death penalty? C’mon, it will be fun, and hey, who cares if I get arrested, I can count on, expect, no…DEMAND other Americans t risk their lives, the lives they actually respect, to save me, right? Maybe we can tear up our visas and defect, so we can be jailed to spotlight human rights abuses in North Korea’s prisons! That sounds like fun, right? 
    How about we get a fanatical Jehovah’s Witness type Christian Pastor, and go to Iran and open up a Christian orphanage for teenage boys? Wouldn’t that be fun? Of course, trying to convert muslims to Christianity is illegal, but hey, it’s Iran, how much trouble can we get in? I know, Cuba! Let’s do Cuba! We can take a contract to (illegally), put up radio antennas for the Jewish community. It’s illegal, but what American religious fanatic cares about that? Besides, our arrogance and personal narcissism won’t keep our government from going to war to save us, right? Our Constitutional rights are protected no matter where we are in the world, right? If we can’t break any other countries laws, risk our very lives, without the US saving us, what good is being an American? Don’t we rule the world? Aren’t we immune to any other countries laws and penalties? How about here in America? Let’s go try and climb the most dangerous mountains we can find, with the least equipment, and no safety devices. When we get stuck where we will most certainly perish, millions of Americans will die trying to save us, right? They should not only be expected to, but forced to, against their will! I was doing what I wanted, regardless of the risk, now come die saving me!
    My sympathy is reserved for the abandoned families. Their husbands, sons, fathers just didn’t care enough about them to not risk their lives. Mrs. Foley says, “America failed her son!” 
    Were she not in mourning, I would tell her what I really think of that statement! As it is, I will say, respectfully, that your son failed your son, and you. America did not send him to Syria. He went for a paycheck and a Pulitzer. That was worth more than his life and your love, and was his decision, not America’s!
    Our government told her they would prosecute if they paid a ransom! I would have loved to see that trial! President obama gives them, (muslim brotherhood, father of them all), billions of dollars for their caliphate, which they use to attack the US and Israel, and then would prosecute someone else for paying a pittance in comparison to save their son?
    None of the embedded journalists were asked to go. They went to see America commit atrocities, or get horror stories about how bad America’s military and influence has been on the world. Anybody remember any reporters with good stories about America?
    Right now, there are Americans held prisoner in all the country’s mentioned, and rightly so. They went there voluntarily, for money, or to defect. While I pity their families and the pain their relatives choices have caused, I spit on their demands to help them. I don’t believe they should be mentioned in any official capacity. They used their freedom to choose, their freedom to travel, to commit suicide. Let them live with the decision.
    The point is, America and American’s should protect the innocent, those caught up in situations by chance, not of their own making. Sgt Tahmooressi is a perfect example, being held in a Mexican jail through no purposeful fault of his own.  HE deserves EVERY American’s support and help. I would have sent a few helicopters full of Marines to get him already, and if Mexico wanted a war over it, so be it. It might lead to a secure border.


  • Defunding the First Spouse

    There is not one reason in the world why any First Spouse should get a dime of taxpayers money. They are unelected. They are spouses. With the exception of Secret Service protection and maybe a secretary, there should be no official expenditures for the First Spouse. If the President wants to pay for their spouse to travel or do anything as a hobby, it should not be done with public money. Social secretaries can be hired to run the White House. Does anyone think Bill Clinton, (I pray we never find out for sure), is going to help run the day to day affairs of the White House? First Spouses do not and should not exist on the taxpayers budget. They live a life of pampered existence just being in the White House. They got to where they are because they picked the right person to sleep with, period. That does not justify the American taxpayers paying for separate vacations or pet projects forcing millions of dollars to implement.

    Americans do not want an activist First Spouse. They certainly do not want some self-important unelected know-it-all intruding on their most private decisions and wasting their hard earned tax money. Nowhere else in American politics does the spouse of the elected official act in such an overbearing, arrogant manner, as though they have power over the citizens of America! No Governors spouse would ever think of loading up their travel itinerary with multiple vacations on the backs of the taxpayers. No mayors, no one.

    Yet, probably due to the fact that it is not legislatively described, some recent spouses have treated themselves as royalty, traveling the world with hundreds of people, taking over high-priced hotels, staying in penthouses. They act as though they are an integral part of the Government.

    Newsflash, First Spouses, the country would survive if the President was unmarried! Aside from the extra money in the budget, no one would notice the difference!

    Presidents have every right, and responsibility, to fund their spouses activities. There is no justification for any unelected American to have a huge staff at public expense. If, when the President travels, the spouse wants to sit in on the pictures, fine. Get everyone coffee? Great idea!  Sending the spouses on diplomatic ventures? No! Never. That is why we feed, water, house and pay Vice Presidents, for when a President doesn’t think something is important enough for himself.

    In short, we need legislation to define the First Spouse as what it is. Nothing. It carries no weight, and aside from security, no budget. Travel separate and distinct from the President is not paid for by the American taxpayer. If a President wants to bring their spouse’s ideas to the legislature to make law, and they agree and pass it, fine. Otherwise, we don’t care, and should not have to spend a dime following, any harebrained idea emanating from the Presidents bedmate.


  • Solving the Veterans Administration Problem

    I hear talking heads and politicians calling for one mans resignation over the VA’s delayed treatment of our military men and woman. I see them in front of any camera they can find, throwing around strong words of indignation and outrage concerning the scandal having been perpetrated, apparently for years, resulting in a minimum of 40 deaths to date.
    I hear no politicians offering the immediate steps necessary to serve our veterans. Conservative pundits, yes. Politicians, no.
    First, immediately announce that all military personnel may start using the nearest public or private medical facility at their convenience. Whatever and wherever it is. Have the facilities start billing the government.
    Second, put all current VA facilities up for auction. Remove all Government involvement with treatment, and let the government do what it does best. Pay the bills. Facilities will compete for the business of the Vets, keeping the prices down. Government has proven it will not only pay for no results, but pay huge bonuses for no results for the most patients.
    That immediately solves the treatment problem.
    Now for the corruption problem. Arrest any and all workers in any chain of command that knew of the secret lists. Charge them with criminal negligence, conspiracy to kill, theft under cover of authority, filing false instruments, and fraud. Recoup any bonuses previously paid, call for long jail sentences and crippling fines. Destroy this evil so no one ever thinks of using their government position for anything else but serving the people.
    We the citizens are constantly being reminded when we fill out government forms, that lying on the forms will lead to criminal charges. We demand the same for the criminals in government.
    We wasted a billion dollars so far setting up government websites and so called health-care exchanges.
    Give every vet a medical account to start with, for as many years as necessary. Give them vouchers to whatever healthcare system they want. None of them should ever fear losing coverage, or being lost on an uncaring government bureaucracy list.
    Our government runs in debt for years on  end. Pay for the costs and absorb the debt for now. As the veterans pass away, costs will diminish. Over time the costs are just another budget figure. Running trillion dollar debts for the most outrageous things, including billions for illegal aliens, and then complaining abut the costs to treat America’s true, proven heros is unworthy of America.
  • Anyone else notice President obama dropped the word “FREE” …?

    This evening, Tuesday, September 10, 2013, President obama gave a televised speech, a portion of which may explain his disdain for having to put up with alternative views. One line, in particular, struck me:

    “Our ideals and principles, as well as our national security, are at stake in Syria, along with our leadership of a world where we seek to ensure that the worst weapons will never be used.” (1)

    Really? President obama thinks America leads the world? That his position makes him “Leader of the World?”

    I’m sure the Chinese and Russians had a good laugh about that!

    I believe America was, and still is, “The Leader of the FREE world,” as we work with, and protect, the few semi-free peoples of the world, like England, Australia, Canada, etc. (Semi-free because they have no right to firearms for self-protection).

    America is not now, never has been, or made the ridiculous claim to be, the leader of the 180 or so countries run by dictators, monarchs, tyrants, communists or any of the other failed forms of government our enemies in the UN exist under.

    It is not our business to rescue one dictator to benefit another. No matter who is harmed by our weapons or actions, they have a family living by savage rules that will forever hold a grudge against America and Americans.

    The outrageous claim that He, The Leader of The World, can send missiles into another country on a limited basis, and that our involvement will remain limited because we say so first, is asinine and dangerously arrogant. Are we operating in a vacuum? Is there some guarantee that no one will respond against anyone, anywhere, anytime?

    Planes flew into our buildings and we sure as hell responded! If someone started lobbing missiles into America because weapons we sold somewhere killed children somewhere, would we retaliate?

    But boy-child President obama’s America can lob missiles and rain destruction down on another despots country. 100,000 deaths with conventional weapons have been ignored, but 1,400 have some red line on their method of death. obama gets to punish them! The Leader of The World. Maybe. He’s gonna think about it. He’ll get back to us, but for now, they exist solely at his whim. obama said so. The Leader has spoken!

    If he were a real President, and truly believed what he says, as soon as this gassing took place he would have given this speech, but ended it with this line, “for these and other reasons, I have given the order to fire upon targets in Syria to ensure that they, and by extension everyone, understand the ramifications of using these banned weapons. Good night, God bless you all, and God bless the Unites States of America.”

    The country would be split on his decision, but the world would know America had a real President.


    (1) http://washingtonexaminer.com/thats-what-makes-america-different-complete-text-of-obamas-syria-remarks/article/2535571

  • All Peoples of the World ARE NOT Our Responsibility, Mr. President!

    President obama just ended his call to action speech in the Rose Garden today, (Saturday, 8/31/13), with some questions for the American people’s Representatives in Congress.

    I can easily answer all of them, even though he twists and lies about our international treaty responsibilities.

    First, he asked about the “price Assad should pay” internationally for killing his own citizens. Sorry to be uncaring, but the military price is ZERO, NADA, NILCH, ZIP!

    If the world wants to isolate Syria, fine, but America has no business stepping between any terrorists trying to kill each other, in any way possible. As long as it does not cross the Syrian border, it is not an International problem.

    Second, I know of no treaties we have with anyone concerning the treatment of one nations subjects, and America’s responsibility to protect them from harm. Our treaties only come into effect when one group crosses INTERnational borders to attack our allies. Once again, obama twists the truth.

    China has always killed it’s peoples with impunity, whether Emperors building walls or Premieres building high-speed train lines obama admires so much. Tianneman Square, killing all but one child in every family. Not our problem.

    There is not one reason, with the exception of the fact that obama would be a hero to his people for bringing about the attacks on Israel that are sure to follow his illegal, unconstitutional proposed attack.

    While I am heartened by the fact that the boy-child President is going to Congress for the authority he would require, I have yet to see a time when the will of the American people stopped obama from doing as he pleased.

    As a matter of fact, Americans are being lied to, spied on, having property confiscated, going to jail to cover up obama’s crimes, and being set-up and prosecuted for the murders the Justice Department has committed on foreign soil. Our health care system has been stolen and destroyed by socialists who want to determine who lives and who dies, in the same manner that the IRS is deciding who lives and who dies in the political arena.


  • Where Are, “WE THE PEOPLE?”

    If the polls are correct, there is only one avenue left for the American people to keep America safe, secure and capitalist. As our former Representatives have turned their backs on the will of the people, WE THE PEOPLE must take the reins of Government and pull them into line.

    We need to start the amendment process and go directly to the Constitutional “rules of the game” to protect our heritage.

     We need a Constitutional Amendment requiring Americans to show citizenship to register to vote, and show proper, Government issued ID to vote, (not a utility bill or any non-official document).

    We need a Constitutional Amendment removing any requirement or permission of the Government to have any say or control over what we and our doctors decide concerning our medical treatment.

    We need a Constitutional Amendment  defining the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech means just that. No one has a right to not be offended by the thoughts or words of others. Anyone may voice their offense, and explain their feelings, and rebut the original statement. That is it. No one should be censored to protect anyone else’s “feelings” or “religion”. Short of violence, or calling for it, nothing is disallowed in the universe of ideas. We understand how the world works by allowing those we vehemently disagree with to express themselves honestly, in any public venue. Funerals are not a public venue.
    While on the First Amendment, we need to clarify our declaration that any religion is welcome. Unless it infringes on others rights to their own, different religious beliefs.  Therefore, I suggest, “Freedom of any Religion that does not call for the punishment, subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers.”
    We need a Constitutional Amendment declaring any citizen of The United States has standing in any courtroom in America to petition for redress against any Government regulation, law, edict or official claiming any authority over that citizen. The thought that a court could censor a citizens rights because they do not “grant” the citizen, (the person giving them their rights, to whom they are responsible for their existence), standing to speak against the very Government born of the rights from that citizen, is repugnant to free people.
    We need to define the Second Amendment to state it has nothing to do with hunting, but is specifically there to allow for the personal self defense of the free citizens, and their possible defense of their rights against any unresponsive, out of control, tyrannical Government.
    While these seem logical to me, I hope my fellow citizens have their own ideas. After years of disappointment with a no-longer representative government intent on reinterpreting our founding documents against WE THE PEOPLE, we must act.
    Our Constitution was written by Honorable Men, and is being bastardized by prostitutes and scumbags until it is unrecognizable.
    Where are the Constitutional lawyers? Where is the clamor to fix the problem at it’s root?


  • obama’s Coming American Caliphate

    The smokescreen of telling Americans that we have prisons that will hold the terrorists currently incarcerated at GITMO is classic obfuscation from this failed administration. It presents a straw man argument that no one has raised, and claims to answer the (unasked) question of whether they can be held.

    Of course they can be held, in almost any cage or dog pound handy. They are not magicians or superhuman beings. They are dirtbag terrorists and killers with no respect for anyone’s lives, including their own.

    No, that is not the question.

    The real question is this:

    “Mr. President once we bring this scum into a prison near one of our cities or towns, how do we protect those communities surrounding the prison from the terrorists you support and pay?”

    CAIR and other terrorist organizations will start flooding that town with public and sleeper agents. Guards will start being followed, their families threatened, kidnapped and killed. The guards will be killed in the streets, as the islamists are now doing in other countries. (NOTE THE LACK OF CONDEMNATION FROM ANY MUSLIM ORGANIZATION!)

    The first prison used to house these religious fanatics will be the flash point of the coming wars. It is exactly what Ahmadinejad and obama want. The Iranian murderer wants it so it sparks the war for his 12th imam to return. obama wants it so when Americans object and try and fight back, he can continue to protect his brethren while calling Americans racist, and continue his goal of disarming us.

    The “right” of his islamist supporters to kill Americans because of their savage religion will continue to be granted.

    The muslim heading up the CIA, (John Brennan) will continue to change talking points and hide any information that might stop his brethrens war in America’s streets. The muslim sympathizer in the White House will continue to lie about the deadly “religion of peace” as it attacks and kills Americans, and will jail or otherwise attack and destroy with any means possible all those trying to warn us of, or stop the coming carnage.

    The terrorist we face has a name. It is not single, separate cells. It is one entity with a billion arms.

    It is islam.

  • Dr. Gosnell Couldn’t Have Said It Better!

    Progressive Liberal Democrat Representative Elija Cummings had a truly “Have you no shame, sir” moment during the Benghazi hearings (1). Rep. Cummings, a significant roadblock to common sense, was speaking at, (certainly not with), one of the whistleblowers, Gregory Hicks. Mr. Hicks had just spoken eloquently on the events surrounding the unwarranted, unnecessary deaths of his friends.

    Cummings insulted our intelligence and downplayed and dismissed the memory of those abandoned by this government to die, telling an emotional Hicks, “Death is a part of life.”

    Cummings claimed to have used this fallacy at a relatives funeral in the near past. If that relative was an pro-abortion progressive liberal like himself, that statement may have been right. Because abortion is the only aspect of  death that is “a part of life,” and only to Cummings, his like minded associates, and the murdering Dr. Kermit Gosnell (2). You live, you get an abortion, you go on living. That is the ONLY time “death is a part of life.”

    Chocolate is a “part of life.” You live, you eat it, and go on living. Marriage is a “part of life.” You live, you marry, you go on living. Babies are a “part of life.” You live, you create a baby, and go on living. These and millions of other experiences are a legitimate “part of life.”

    Death is an absence of life, never a part. It is the end, occurring at the instant life departs. They share nothing. There is no life in death, nor death in life.

    Except, of course to Progressive Liberal Democrats. Death is a mainstay of their lives, it gives them their power and drive. That is why it was so easy for Cummings to slice through Mr. Hicks pain with an unfeeling platitude, and Dr. Gosnell to slice through living babies spines with an unfeeling scissor.


  • Isn’t Murder a “High Crime or Misdemeanor?” Part Two…OR…

    “How Many Murders And Other High Crimes Can An American President Commit Before The MSM Pays Attention?”




    False Arrest and Imprisonment.

    While there are many Questions and accusations surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack cover-up by the White House, some High Crimes, already obvious and true as documented by the willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media, are being ignored.

    They are possibly the most dangerous crimes any American President and Government can make against their people.

    Our Government, made up by and for a free people specifically to protect their rights and ensure their freedom, created and coalesced behind an outrageous lie to frame an innocent American citizen in the eyes of the world, strip him of his rights and wrongly incarcerate him.

    The world saw him do it. They heard his lies from the UN pulpit, from his very lying lips.

    They world now knows the American President and his administration will frame their own citizens to keep from prosecuting islamist terrorists.

    They know he lied to them.

    They know he is but one of them, a tin pot dictator, craven in his desire to accumulate and hold onto power. Barack Chavez.

    Perjury and lies by one citizen in an effort to imprison an innocent fellow citizen strike at the very heart of the justice system, and are punished as such.

    Perjury and lies by a President and the Administration he runs in an effort to imprison an innocent citizen strikes at the very core of our foundation as a nation. It defiles the Constitution to have had it sworn to by such trash, such non believers.

    If the power of the Presidency was used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to impede the necessary available relief from attempting requested and advised help for Americans in Benghazi, is that not a premeditated refusal to carry out his oath of office?

    If the power of the Presidency was used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to divert any investigative or media figures with knowingly false accounts, allowing the terrorist Al Qaeda fighters to get away unpunished, is that not aiding and abetting the enemy and a premeditated refusal to carry out his oath of office?

    If the power of the Presidency was willfully used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to spread the lies about an innocent man and his video causing the Benghazi riots; lies which then themselves caused riots and chaos across a world who had never seen the video in question; lies used to kidnap and trump up charges on an otherwise innocent man, stripping him of all of his basic civil rights and robbing him of his freedom, then I suggest to you we have seen the most glaring High Crime a President can commit.

    Maybe his getting away with his administrations wanton murders of Mexicans, which continue to this day courtesy of obama and Holder’s “Fast and Furious” second amendment false-flag attack, convinced him he was unaccountable.

    Hillary Clinton, disgraced former Secretary of State, while she delivered her perjured testimony, asked pointedly, “What Difference Does It Make…” who killed the embassy employees. Perhaps had she actually laid out the complete thought, the question would be easier for Americans to answer:

    “What difference does it make if the American citizens were killed by so-called protesters angered about a video they had not seen, or if they were killed because the President and I decided we didn’t want to fight Al Qaeda on the anniversary of 9/11 because it wouldn’t look good in the press after we told them we had decimated the terrorist organization? What difference does it make if the President helps the guilty terrorists escape and jails an innocent man?”

    I think it makes a big difference.