• Bill O’Reilly NOT “Looking Out For YOU!”

    Where is the Bill O’Reilly “looking out for you?”

    Last night, 4/11/13, in a diatribe I feel was not new to O’Reilly, he actually postulated that gun registration of responsible citizens would reduce gun crime by criminals. Even when it was pointed out that none of the recent shootings would have been stopped by his dangerous sophomoric suggestion, he stood fast.

    He points to Chicago, claiming gun registration would help, because if a criminal was caught in a(n unconstitutional) “stop and frisk” with an unregistered gun, they’d be charged. It’s already illegal for these gangbangers to have guns. Laws won’t work if  not applied, and Chicago does not apply the laws already on the books (1).  How would another law matter to people with no respect for the live’s of others? Take the guns out of Chicago and every other progressive nightmare city and the death will go on.

    There are over 310 million guns in America, as of 2009 (2), why are the guns only killing people in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC and other Progressive enclaves?

    No, the only way to lower the death rate is to impact the life of the criminal to such an extent that it is no longer worthwhile to pick up the weapon.

    A mandatory 5/10/20/DEATH system of PUNISHMENT OF CRIMINALS will work much better than a punitive, unconstitutional registration of the legal weapons owned by responsible citizens.

    If caught with a weapon you’re not legally allowed to own or carry, you go to a work farm for 5 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

    If you brandish a legal or illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, you go to jail for 10 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

    If you fire a legal or illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, and any type of mental or physical trauma or injury is experienced by anyone, you go to jail for 20 years. No one in the community has to register their weapons.

    If you are convicted on any level of voluntary murder, you are put to death, publicly, at high noon, in an outdoor field in the community of your crime.

    It is time to celebrate the removal of the killers from our midst, and educate and save the survivors. It is time to stop punishing others for the actions of a rising progressive cult.

    Progressive doctrine has cheapened the lives of others in the eyes of captives born into the failed liberal experiments these anti-American “rulers” have condemned them to. They are the fatherless children of government entitlement, getting everything they need from others, watching babies being disposed of in record numbers through abortions, being indoctrinated with self-esteem education.

    Nothing short of the GUARANTEED threat of their losing their own freedom will make them think twice about pulling the trigger, or even picking up the gun.

    Nothing short of attending a public execution celebrating the victory over evil by the community will start teaching a respect for the equality of the lives of others.


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  • The “Law Enforcement” Experiment Continues To Fail Americans, Miserably!

     A news story was released stating that a number of gun manufacturers around the country will no longer sell to Law Enforcement officers or government agencies within the states that have the most stringent weapons restrictions against their citizens rights to own similar weapons. (1) I was reading the story about this, and the comments. This was my answer to one particular comment, whose author was worried about “Law Enforcement” and their being punished for some government toadies decisions.

    This country has gone to hell since our local police were turned from “Peace Officers” into “Law Enforcement Officers”. We no longer have a police force concerned about the local citizenry, we have a roving occupying force of heavily armed tax collectors on constant alert for our wallets and freedoms.
    As a member of a generational police family, I can tell you without equivocation that there is nothing special about my family members that makes them more able to handle their second amendment rights than anyone else in my community.
    As to the basic British concept that brought us our police, this century long experiment with a police force to protect us has failed. The police are more worried about maintaining their perks and benefits than the deaths on the street. They cannot be everywhere we are to protect us. We have all heard the saying, “Police, minutes away when seconds count!”
    It is time for all legal citizens to learn to protect themselves and their families through personal and community-endorsed training, and take our streets and wasted tax money from this out of control occupying force.
    According to the FBI/DOJ Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, Law Enforcement commits more homicides, assaults and sexual assaults against the populace than citizens commit against each other. (2)
    This is not to say that all Law Enforcement officers are criminals carrying guns. Neither is it right for them to say all citizens with guns are criminals.
    We would all be safer today had the criminal Law Enforcement Agent Wyatt Earp been shot dead immediately upon his announced intention to violate the Constitutional rights of Americans!
    We have created a corrupt class of super-citizen that needs to stripped of their positions of superiority, and we must take responsibility for our safety and that of our community back. We live here, give us back the right to protect ourselves. Within a very short time, the recidivist rate would plummet and the streets of ALL communities in America would be safe to walk, 24 hours a day.
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  • UN, World Win US Election, Americans Big Losers

    I have been accosted by numerous friends and acquaintances recently, obama acolytes all, with a smug attitude of superiority concerning the re-election of the President. As though the election was a personal contest between myself and them, and they won.

    No American citizen is the winner of this election.

    I have pointed out, especially to my fellow workers, that their choice will bring about a reduced work week for all of us, to 29 hours, due to the onerous regulations of the obamacare law. We will have less money in our pocket. (1)

    I have pointed out that we will now most surely be facing electric rates that under obama’s plan, in his words, will “necessarily skyrocket.” We will have to pay these rates with less money in our pocket.(2)

    I mention how there will be future assaults on our liberties and the Constitution, even as obama runs to the UN to force an anti-second amendment UN weapons treaty on free Americans (3). In obama’s anti-Constitutional world, foreign treaties can and will be used to abrogate our rights, the Constitution be damned.(4)

    I bring up the fact that obama will continue to support the scientific fraud that is Climate Change, even in the face of all the proof that it is not happening. He will allow the UN to tax Americans, supposedly to combat the (proven non-existent) (5) climate change, but really to redistribute American monies to foreign dictators and rulers whose policies in their countries are an unmitigated disaster, keeping their people from any progress on their own. Nothing will change in these countries, except that you and I will be paying the tyrants to suppress their people.

    Speaking of tyrants suppressing and killing their subjects, I mention that obama will continue to funnel billions of American monies to the Muslim Brotherhood to support their attempt to bring a muslim caliphate and Sharia law to America and the world.(6)

    I point out that obama will gut the military, and give up our ability to protect ourselves on the world stage through disarmament treaties with our mortal enemy, Vladimr Putin.(7)

    Under the obama backed UN “Law of the Sea Treaty”, ownership of the oceans and waterways of America and the world would be given to the UN, giving foreign bureaucrats a veto over American Naval operations, inside and outside the United States.(8)

    For these, and many other reasons too numerous to list, I point out that while the President won the election, America and freedom were big losers.


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  • A Win For Wilson And LBJ, A Loss For The World

    Woodrow Wilson and LBJ’s progressive racist mentality won the election. The same racist progressive mentality that brought an end to a rising black middle class, the same racist progressive mentality that tore apart black families by paying women to have babies if they threw out the man of the house, leading to the current rate of 70% single parent households in the black community, (and generations of families trapped in welfare, their children never knowing their fathers, destined to be uneducated criminals and drug addicts as a direct result) (1). The same racist progressive mentality telling the black community they’re not able or expected to succeed, so don’t bother trying, we’ll support your failures, (never more evident than in the new Dade County school curriculum, where blacks are now being told they are not going to be held to equal standards because of their obvious inferiority and inability to learn compared to the rest of the counties children (2)).

    The first black President, (a truly remarkable feat in this supposedly racist country), has been an unmitigated failure. The economy is on the brink of collapse, while he and his progressive cohorts do every thing they can to push it over. Unemployment is unacceptably high, and will continue to grow in the coming year. Investments in American business are at a standstill due to the coming punishing taxes and redistributive policies of this man (3). Full-time work has been defined as 30 hours a week by the federal government, causing companies to reduce to 29 their employees hours, to avoid paying health benefits or a draconian penalty per employee (4). More people are being forced to turn to government to exist, as obama collapses the job market (5). Our deficit has been increased beyond that of all of his predecessors combined, with our children and grandchildren being sold into bondage to pay for it (6). Women are losing jobs at never before seen rates (7). The Middle East and North Africa have been surrendered to our greatest enemy in that region, the Muslim Brotherhood, in a failed attempt at outreach to our enemies. American dollars and arms have helped propel our mortal enemy to power, and continues to support them to the tune of billions a year (8)(9). American embassies in hostile countries are left with unarmed Marines, (10) or, even more incredibly, security contracts with suspect foreigners or even Al Quada (11)! When the obvious result occurs, even with help from numerous sources readily available within an hour, American diplomats and military are left to die pleading for help for more than five hours, with this man and his government WATCHING! A General within striking distance with the means to provide assistance was arrested and removed from duty for attempting to disobey an order from this government to stand down and let Americans die (12).

    Yet, since the progressive racist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson acted upon the Democrat party’s founding beliefs and segregated the federal government and the military in the early 1900’s, the Democrat party has always believed and acted like blacks are not capable of success. Failures are ignored in the Progressive liberal community, as blacks were never expected, (by them), to succeed(13).

    If anyone is insulted by what they read here, welcome to the club! I am insulted that any of my friends are treated in such a manner. I am insulted that anyone in the country looks at my co-workers in this manner. I am insulted by the demeaning of any American at the hands of another.

    I am certainly insulted when the future of the country and the peace of the world are sacrificed on the alter of racist Progressive policies.

    In the upside down racist world of Progressives, a blacks failures are proof of their Progressive beliefs, and those failures must be supported.

    Before you dismiss this entirely, ask yourself a question:

    If this, (and the rest of his failures I had not room to mention), were the record of a white President of either party, would he have been re-elected?

    Even die-hard Progressive Jimmy Carter couldn’t get re-elected, and except for their skin color, their records and beliefs are almost identical.

    Progressives have convinced liberals that failure is a resume enhancement, as long as it is black failure.


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  • Carter, Clinton, obama, Cogs In The Machine

    The problem with history is that it happened before we got here.
    Most of us face the days events with a view that history started when we were born.
    I wasn’t around in the early 1900’s when the democrat party began espousing Woodrow Wilson’s Progressive Liberal social policies that began eating away at America’s foundations. (1)
    Any group leading its party on an anti-big business, anti-rich, and anti-capitalist path, depending on anti-semitism and racism to rally and unite it’s followers behind a shadow enemy, is out to subjugate and rule subjects, not lead a free people.
    That is true whether it occurs here in America by progressive puppets, or Germany, where the anti-big business, anti-rich, anti-capitalist, anti-semitic and racist platform was the heart of the National Socialist German Workers Party of pre-WW2 era. (2)
    Looking at the occupy movement that was so readily and vocally embraced and supported by the President and VP, Progressive Caucus members in Congress and most democrats makes the comparison stunning in its accuracy. (3) (4) I am not accusing any Americans of any party of having the same murderous plans as the evil Nazi party. Other than the platform policies already stated and the willingness to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamic terrorists, (5) they have nothing in common.

    Carter, Clinton, obama, Cogs In The Machine

    Carter, Clinton and obama. Democrat progressive liberal socialists all (1). Try and back away from the events of the day to lay out and see the worldwide damage of their policies and what can be expected from their beliefs and the damage to America we have seen and can forsee.
    Under Carter, the Shah of Iran was thrown aside, and the educated and successful people of Iran were sacrificed to the radical Islamist terrorists, (2). Looking at his public anti-semitism in past years, (3) is it possible he had personal reasons for allowing virulent Israel haters to take over Iran? His anti-big business and anti-capitalist policies gave us the original Community Reinvestment Act, (4) wiping out the common sense protections lenders had in place to ensure the capability of the borrowers to repay their loans. Our recent financial breakdown came directly from that one “social justice” act.
    Under Clinton, we had a direct refusal to give military aid to endangered American soldiers on foreign soil, leading to their all being killed and their mutilated bodies dragged through the streets. According to Osama Bi Laden, when he saw the Americans refused aid, when he saw a chicken-(fecal matter) President allow his men to be butchered, he decided America was a “paper tiger”, and began plans to attack America. (5) Clinton refused repeated entreaties to take out Bin Laden, (6). Leading to 9/11. Criminal prosecutions were threatened by Clinton’s AG to force financial institutions to go bankrupt following and beefing up the provisions of the Community Reinvestment Act, (7).
    Under obama, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, with American taxpayer financed aid and support, (8). The Muslim Brotherhood is still actively trying to destroy America and bring Sharia law to the world, (9). We give them 1.5 Billion dollars a year (10) to buy weapons to kill us, and we cover up Islamic terrorist attacks in America as “workplace violence” so we don’t insult Islam (11). On the anniversary of the terrorist attack of 9/11, we allowed Muslims to invade our embassy in Egypt, (refusing to allow our Marines to have ammunition to repel invaders (12)); we refused available assistance, (over a period of hours, while hearing our people call for help, while reading our peoples pleas for help, while watching our people die in real time with video from a drone), to our Libyian Ambassador and aides, and Marines that tried to come to the assistance of the Ambassador (13). obama gave Billions in taxpayer monies, under the guise of a “stimulus”, to political cronies owning “green energy” companies that produced nothing before closing (14), to foreign banks(15), and to the corrupt government unions and the UAW at GM, (even though the UAW was and is directly responsible for the past losses at GM, and the fact that the company is still bleeding money, and will never pay the taxpayers back over 30 billion they owe before the company dies because of them, regardless of obama’s lies about their success)(16). Brought economy into depths of debt never before seen (17).
    As you can see, the three of them are interchangeable. No one would be surprised if any of their names were connected with the acts of the others. They are not free thinking men, they are tools of a progressive machine, interchangeable cogs. The wars and damage we are now fighting lie directly at their feet. Do I really need to try and convince anyone not to vote for a Democrat, especially one that wears the “Liberal” or “Progressive” label so proudly?
  • Barry and Moe, Different Countries, Same Ideals

    While President obama has been shown to have refused to publicly develop a personal relationships with any of the Middle East leaders, (1), at least there is one of them that thinks exactly as he does concerning the role of America in the world.
    Our current President, in what some say is the result of his immersion in anti-colonialism, (2), by his father’s writings and other mentor’s feelings concerning American and her ill-gotten position in the world, has set about to remove America from her leadership role in the world.
    His advisers have described this new role as “leading from behind.” (3)
    The President has denigrated American exceptionalism, (4), ignoring our progressing to lead the free world in 200 years where other countries could only stand in awe of our lifestyles, untold millions of their countrymen flocking to our shores.
    He has disdain for the Constitution, (5), and constantly attacked American’s right to free speech if it offended himself or any non-Christian. He should be attacking the barbarity and insanity of anyone attacking anyone for something said or written about anyone or anything, period. Standing up for freedom of speech for all at all times, as it is only through an open exchange of ideas that progress is made. Instead, our President attacks Americans living freely under their Constitution, enjoying their God-given rights. (6)
    Meanwhile, his philosophical mirror image stood before the United Nations and called for a reorganization of the world order, one without American ideals anywhere to be seen. Calling for America’s role in the world to be scaled back, her influence to be reduced to the same stature as the savage sharia-ruled insults to civilization he and his American-paid Muslim Brotherhood death agents run.  (7)
    He and other “leaders” in that part of the world are all for censoring what Americans may say or do.  (8)
    Our President runs a government where muslims control the training of Law Enforcement agents, scrubbing all techniques used to find islamist terrorists, or even the very mention of their existence. A government that called a fanatical islamist terrorist attack at Fort Hood by self-proclaimed “Soldier of God,” Col. Hassan, as “workplace violence.” (9)
    Our President is a coward or an accomplice.
    He is either afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is trying to buy our security by delivering to the Muslim Brotherhood whole countries and billions of American taxpayer dollars, (even while their still determined to destroy America); or, he is a willing accomplice to feeding the Muslim Brotherhood whole countries and billions of American taxpayer dollars, hoping for their complete takeover of the region and destruction of Israel and her ties to America.
    In any event, our President has very much in common with the Iranian President.
    The only visible difference is that the Iranian madman has no compunction about telling the truth of his plans, while our madman lies every time he opens his mouth,and utilizing a wall of lawyers, hides everything about himself and his radical anti-American beliefs from the American citizens.
  • President obama, Hillary More Responsible Than Any Video!

    No video, no matter how accurate or insulting to the delusional pedophile prophet, was responsible for the recent American Embassy riots.
    On the anniversary of 9/11 we had no hardening of the protection of our foreign embassies? Our disgracefully unarmed Marines, men who would willingly give up their lives to keep American territory from being violated, to keep any foreign flag from flying over America, might as well have been replaced by Boy Scouts? (1) WHY?
    When obama and Hillary’s bought and paid for assistants, (2), realized they could breach the Embassy walls in Cairo without any resistance, the world got to see the results of obama’s foreign policy love affair with the muslim brotherhood.
    When no islamist bodies piled up as a result of their act of war because the American Embassy in Cairo had been purposely left disarmed by Hillary and obama, the world got to see the results of obama’s foreign policy love affair with the muslim brotherhood.
    When, hours later, the premeditated attacks on the American Embassy in Benghazi got underway, (3), and the Libyan “protection” collapsed, leading to the death of our Ambassador, (4), the world got to see the results of obama’s foreign policy love affair with the muslim brotherhood.
    Since then, with the help of a subservient media in full campaign mode for obama, a video clip or some (accurate) Romney statement are used to deflect criticism of the Weakness-in-Chief, (5), and feed the attacks throughout the rest of the muslim world.
    There is an easy way for obama to really prove his love affair for the muslim brotherhood.
    Now that the Israeli Prime Minister has been rebuffed in his latest attempt to rein in Iran’s nuclear quest, (6), and finds himself with no choice but to go it alone, I believe it will be obama who attacks Israel to keep them from attacking Iran, claiming their not waiting for his (ineffective) policies, (7), and those of the UN, to bear fruit, necessitates his action.
    He will claim the UN has to attack to keep the muslim world from reacting.
    America will not lead where American values are the goal. (8)
    Not under obama, ever.
    obama’s America will do the bidding of the UN.
    He will supply his muslim brotherhood governments with all the logistical support needed to defeat Israel. (9)
    None of this should come as any surprise to anyone but the media and politicians, who never seem to believe a terrorist when they say they are going to do what they are going to do!
    The muslim brotherhood wants to take over the world and destroy America. (10) It is their stated goal, and President obama gives them billions in our American taxpayer dollars to get it done.
    Iran wants the same goals, and it’s mad dog leader states so repeatedly, (11), calling for a muslim caliphate and sharia law to rule America and the world. President obama waits for years as they get stronger and arm for their coming 12th imam to get out of his sewer and engulf the world in fire, from which they think they will emerge victorious.
    Another powerful madman world leader states he will “stand with the muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    It is the one time Barack Hussein obama spoke the truth. (12)
  • We’ve All Seen This Movie, Now We’re The Stars

    Is there any actor alive today that epitomizes the American ideals more than Clint Eastwood? Can anyone think of a show or movie he was in where they disagreed with his character in the end, rather than cheering his actions as those we would all like to think ourselves capable of in similar circumstances? If so, name one…go ahead, make my day…(I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist)!
    At the Republican National Convention, Clint just walked onstage and wrote a screenplay worthy of any of his movies.
    Whatever the history of his character, he always found himself making decisions to come to the aid of foreigners being persecuted, (JOE KIDD, GRAN TORINO), Religion or women being threatened, (Two Mules for Sister Sarah), or the average guy or gal being wronged by criminals or the entrenched, corrupt powers that be, (the DIRTY HARRY series, PALE RIDER, UNFORGIVEN).
    It was so easy for him to play himself again.
    In this story, America is the small rancher, scraping out her existence on the plains, living the free life according to the rules.
    This President plays the corrupt sheriff, or the corrupt lawyer or the anything corrupt, who covets the land and earning of the smaller, less protected rancher. Using his access to the laws, he undertakes to bastardize the laws to obtain what he cannot outright steal or destroy. He puts his slavishly obedient followers in positions of power, (Holder, he who has never seen a white person wronged by a person of color, or Sebelious, she who, like obama, has never met a baby she wouldn’t have rather seen aborted), so he can circumvent the laws or regulate them into non-existence.
    In rides Clint. In a matter of minutes, he makes his case against the Big Dawgs. As he did in real life at the RNC, it is hard to argue with his straightforward analysis of the situation. It is always right, and always swings the tide of opinion of the viewer to his side. Generally, he is shot, pummeled, hanged or otherwise abused for a few scenes for his defiance, kind of like the character assassination and insults the media and envious no-talent Hollywood hacks are throwing at him now.
    Usually, with the audience cheering him on, he wipes out the problem dirtbags with a few well placed shots, explosions or a train. The audience, bouyed by his blows for freedom, leave feeling that right will overcome wrong because, well, just because he made us see that evil can be defeated by the righteous, one man can make a difference, and there are more people that will stand up for it than not, which makes us feel secure.
    In this script, the hero has pointed out the problem, identified the leader of the corruption, and handed the townspeople a choice. He has done his part, (everything but bring the red paint to the convention!). We have been complicit in this scene, and we must act individually, according to our conscience, to free ourselves.
    Now, we the American townspeople, have to weigh his truths and act upon them. We don’t need anyone defending us in the coming battle on election day. We, the American townspeople are armed to the teeth with the most deadly weapon there is against a corrupt, power hungry, failed politician. Our ballots will be our bullets, and when the movie ends, Americans are going to leave the theater cheering.
  • Plan B…

    Now that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has turned down obama’s offer to replace Vice President Biden, obama is left with but one move to remain President, and it will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.
    Had Hillary switched with Biden, obama would have had a chance to win the election. A hell of a lot more of a chance than as it now stands. He has done everything he thought “the people” wanted, but he has been forced to realize that his “people” are the occupiers, the true 1%. If that.
    obama is watching the Presidency slip away from him.
    His fellow Constitution-hating marxists and socialists, along with his union communist thugs, are a noisy minority that bullied it’s way to the front of the class, only to be discovered in the light of day and identified as the enemy within. A noisy, inconsiderate, vile, crude, bought-and-paid-for by the White House, enemy within.
    We see them, we know what they are, and we are leading them to a Reaganesque-type slaughter.  A slaughter sponsored by a love we have of Capitalism and Freedom, a love that can only exist unrestrained in the brilliant creation of our forefathers, protected by their Constitution. You know, the one obama found so distateful in his quest for a Chavez-style dictatorship in a stripped down, collapsing America.
    No, the only avenue to victory left him is to start a war. He won’t want it to end too quickly, as it has to last at least until the election, and seem like it can last longer.
    I can see him waiting until about a month before the election, and then attacking Iran. More than likely, he will do it by attacking Israel and creating a high death toll, leaving Iran’s fingerprints on the attack. That will officially draw us into a conflict, during which obama will allow for as much death and destruction to reign on Israel as he can possibly allow, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.
    All the while sending unarmed American observers, or soldiers without ammunition or permission to engage the enemy to the area to be killed and kidnapped, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.
    Of course, the media will play him up as a daring war President, sensitive to other cultures, and rally for his retention “during a time of war!”
  • You Didn’t Do That Alone…

    …somewhere along the way, a teacher helped.

    Yes, with a contract guaranteeing her a job for life, short of actually killing a student. (1)
    I believe every day they taught my NYC Public School classes, all my teachers were paid through the taxes collected from my parents and others. Just as my Catholic School teachers were paid by my parents when I transferred. Except the Pubic School teachers were paid to fulfill a contract of which my parents were never a negotiating party. (2) They certainly never received the kickbacks the Democrats received for rubber stamping those contracts, contracts paid not with their money, but with tax dollars forcibly extorted by a never thankful, corrupt government. (3)
    A road was built in front of my business?
    Yes, and I’ll give 10 to 1 odds in any big city it was the result of a corrupt union deal that overcharged the taxpayers and lined the pockets of the union thugs and Democrat party. (4)
    I owe the roadworker and builders a great big attaboy for doing their jobs, paid for with taxpayer monies, that they were overpaid to do. Not a damn thing more from a successful business I may have run.
    I owe my teachers a great big attaboy for going into teaching. Not a damn thing more from a successful business I may have run.
    Where were all those helpers while my attempts to start a business failed? Why aren’t they responsible for the bankruptcies throughout the economy, because, if they had been doing their jobs, we would all be successful.
    Or, better yet, Comrade obama, if the secrets of success lie not inside the personal enthusiasm of ownership and rugged individualism that makes an American risk all, but outside in the streets and government buildings put there out of the pure compassion for us by you and your ilk, I ask you a question: Why don’t all businesses succeed?
    You denigrate those that say they worked hard, because you say there a a lot of hard working people out there…why aren’t they successful? Is there no road in front of their house? Had they no teachers?
    You think you have been a successful agitator. You think you built a successful reputation?
    You didn’t build that…Frank Marshall Davis built that!
    You didn’t build that…Saul Allinsky built that!
    You didn’t build that…Reverend Wright built that!
    President obama, your Government Control mentality is showing, and it is nothing new to us. We have seen your “progressive” policies entrap eastern Europe, Red China, Cuba, the Middle East and more.
    Your anti-Americanism is coming to the surface. Even those Americans not usually interested in politics, (because they are out working hard to make a success of themselves), are noticing.
    Go ahead, keep telling the 70% of the economic sector, the small businessmen, that they didn’t earn that for which they have risked all.
    See how that works out for you.

    (2)     http://teachersunionexposed.com/dues.cfm