• Scott Walker 4 Pres mentions this past year!

    Rich Lowry: GOP Elites Who Whine About Jobs Americans Won't Do Should Be Shot & Hanged

    Rich Lowry: GOP Elites Who Whine About Jobs Americans Won’t Do Should Be Shot & Hanged


    realetybytes Lynn Graham 5 months ago

    Straight to Hades where their socialist, corrupt policies and beliefs belong. Scott Walker for President! He proved you can deal with, dismantle, the corrupt, thug unions, and fix his state with a three billion dollar swing from 2 bill down to 1 bill up with the savings. Schools are funded, citizens are not extorted by the unions, and no one has to pay a union to work if they do not want. Oh, yeah, he gave everybody a tax break with the monies kept from the union thieves.


    Gov Walker Signs Bills Broadening and Protecting Exercise of Gun Rights

    Gov Walker Signs Bills Broadening and Protecting Exercise of Gun Rights


    realetybytes Bridgett Cash 9 months ago

    Yeah, I know. The unions are going to stop him from destroying their corrupt extortion rackets…oh, wait, tried and failed! Keep underestimating him. He is brilliant in his politics, honest in his intentions, defends his positions and stands on his principles. Oh, and he gave all the money (HIS policies saved), back to the people, to whom he claims it belongs…yeah, no one would want a candidate like that…
    Keep LOLing.


    realetybytes 10 months ago

    President Walker sounds nice.


    Chuck Todd Attacks 'Cynical' Sarah Palin: Would Only Run for President for Cash and Career Advancement

    Chuck Todd Attacks ‘Cynical’ Sarah Palin: Would Only Run for President for Cash and C…


    realetybytes Guest a year ago

    You keep rewriting history with the same progressive tilt you’ve been using to make the right racists, when everyone knows the KKK and the racist movement was, and still is, the left. Facts are easy. Reagan shouldn’t be blamed for making deals with Progressive liars who reneged on their responsibility. Reagan never abandoned his principles, he held his nose and did what was best for America, Like Iran-Contra, fighting against the Sandanista loving enemies of freedom on the left. At the very least, with Ronald Reagan you knew your President loved America, all of her people, her traditions and her values. The same can’t be said for those on the left who run against all of the above, proudly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary Clinton picks Mayor DiBlasio to fill out the progressive Communist ticket.
    Keep laughing about Scott Walker.


    Establishment Shopping for Chris Christie Alternative, Eyeing Marco Rubio

    Establishment Shopping for Chris Christie Alternative, Eyeing Marco Rubio


    realetybytes Gus Seals a year ago

    He would this time. People like someone giving them back their money, and freeing them to work without extortive union thug payments.


    realetybytes a year ago

    The establishment can do what they want, we see what Scott Walker is doing.


    President Trump? Stranger Things Might Happen

    President Trump? Stranger Things Might Happen


    realetybytes BigOnion a year ago

    Paul Ryan will never get anywhere near a national ticket again, and I’m almost glad he lost last time! (almost). Screw him! walker will stand out as the man who stood up to the thug unions, something no other politician has done, and won. He has also attained the financial savings he wanted. He will cast a large shadow. He has actually done something for the middle class, not just make them promises like Ryan. Trump is an incredibly complex court jester, but I would vote for him before Christie or Ryan. Ryan’s recent actions are no different form Rubio turning his back on us.

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    realetybytes Guest a year ago

    He actually squandered that with his obamahug before the election, (what happened to handshakes?), but why quibble?


    realetybytes a year ago

    This is ridiculous, Christie was never going to be a serious contender outside the northeast liberal zones. Can you say Scott Walker? Get used to it.

  • The Truth About Eric Garner Death!


  • Commonality of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Suicides by Cop

    In view of the recent unnecessary deaths in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York, and all of the calls for retraining our Law Enforcement Officers, (as though they are singularly responsible for the violently resistant reactions of citizens), it seems something very important is going unsaid. It appears the basic common sense rules of society have been overlooked. Here is a simple primer to pass onto your loved ones, and make sure they understand it. Their lives may depend on it:
    Dear parents of all colors:
    In our society, we have laws we agree to live within. It is a sort of societal compact, designed to keep our exercise of freedoms from interfering with other citizens freedoms. To that end, we have given over authority to enforce our laws to a specially trained, armed section of our society called “Law Enforcement.” These often heavily armed men and women are not social workers, lawyers or judges. Those are all distinctly different unique positions, often necessary after interactions with the LEO”s, (Law Enforcement Officers of any sort. City, State, Federal, County police, etc.).
    As all of our citizens have the same rights, when one citizen makes a complaint about the actions of another citizen, or reports of citizens breaking the law are brought to their attention, LEO’s are obligated by their oath to protect society to investigate and/or secure an arrest, dependent on the circumstances and immediacy required.
    With the exception of on-going violent crimes, the police will generally approach, request some information and, when necessary, will inform the person they are going to be arrested. 
    At that unfortunate point, ALL AMERICANS of ANY COLORS must understand one basic fact: NOTHING IS GOING TO KEEP YOU OUT OF THE CUFFS! 
    The police might well be wrong! Take the ride, give no violent response, let others sort it out later and maybe retire on the false arrest monies won later in court!
    If you resist a request to present your hands for cuffs from an officer affecting what he, at the time, believes he has reason to do, YOU WILL BE BEATEN, TASED or possibly SHOT and KILLED, depending on how bad you think you are!
    Your mindset and that of the Officer are diametrically opposed. You are thinking something might not be fair, or you don’t deserve this treatment, and you might be right. 
    No one will ever know if you were right if you get yourself killed fighting the arresting officers.
    You cannot fight yourself out of an arrest. More LEO’s will be called to match any escalation you cause. YOU LOSE!
    It is unfortunate that some people might be targeted, but if they take the ride peacefully and challenge the arrest legally, they and their families and communities will grow to be much safer. That is what lawsuits are for. Publicize the unfair arrests from the defendants side. Live to make your case, the system will simmer down from both sides learning.
    Saying only the LEO’s actions should be studied and changed will not keep people who violently resist a lawful order alive. 
    Sure, we can always tweak police policies. 
    As responsible citizens, we should be tweaking our training of our children if we want them to live safely in our society. Teach them that taking a bad arrest keeps them alive to tell you about it, that you will fight with them in court to fix the injustice. Most of all, teach them that arguing with you about anything is different from arguing with a LEO. While you are both authority figures, they might be able to win an argument with you, because you have the right to make a decision and change your mind.
    A LEO sent out to enforce the law, affect an arrest on a warrant or due to a crime in progress, HAS NO SUCH RIGHT!
    The LEO is going to make the arrest, period. If you are innocent, laugh about your good fortune, go along peacefully, the officer will make note of your cooperation and your case for your innocence will be taken far more seriously.
    Violently resisting LEO’s adds fuel to their expectation that the arrest is obviously deserved, and will be met with escalating force, unto death, if necessary.
    As Crosby, Stills and Nash once so eloquently sang:
    “You, you along the road,
    must have a code
    that you can live by…
    teach your children well”…


  • The 2015 “Karan”, Buy Our Car, Or We Kill You!

    I am going to open a new kind of auto company in America. I will advertise my vehicles, the “Karan,” by demanding everyone buy one. You may instead choose to pay me a monthly tax, in lieu of buying the car. Should you decide not to buy my Karan, nor pay me for the right to not buy my Karan, then my employees and others that do buy one of them are rewarded for cutting your head off. The reward is 72 gallons of gas for their Karan.

    Would my company be legal? Why not?

    Recent events make it more than necessary to revisit a past proposal of mine.

    I believe We The People must act to keep our Precious Constitution, which strives to Protect and Promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all, from being turned into a suicide pact by a death cult.

    Is there any other group in America using their free speech and religious rights to proudly advocate for the removal of all rights and life itself from those that disagree with them?

    Our Forefathers were reasonable, rational, intelligent and, for their time, civilized men. One can imagine the impossibility of their wrapping their heads around the idea of the savagery being called for and inflicted on free people, under the protections of their cherished experiment of free men expressing free will.

    There is a glaring loophole in our First Amendment, which could not possibly have been foreseen. We need to amend the First Amendment to read, “…Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers…”

    I would at least love to see it come up for a vote, just to see which enemies of America would vote against it.

  • Why Do WE Sanction Russia, And Not Mexico?

    Why has no American politician the stones to call for sanctions against Mexico? They were tripping over themselves to sanction Russia, and Russian officials personally, but Russia did nothing to us. Russia invaded Ukraine, crossed their borders illegally, and killed Ukrainians. We jump to impose tough sanctions!

    Meanwhile, (back  at the ranch), no sanctions have been called for against Mexico and her officials personally. Unlike Russia’s leaders lying denials of what they are doing, Mexico’s corrupt leader is proud in his insistence that his countrymen have free reign in America, that America has no right to borders! Mexicans have been invading America for years, openly. 30,000 Americans have been killed in this open invasion, just since 2001! 4,380 Americans are murdered each year by illegal immigrants. That’s almost as many as were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED! Yet we do nothing!

    We scratch our heads and wonder what WE can do, What WE can spend, to fix this. We spend 132 Billion dollars on medical, education and welfare costs for illegals. Yet we do nothing!

    What we should do is immediately give all the legal applicants for citizenship their papers. Rewards should go to the lawful. Simultaneously, all bank accounts and properties of Mexican officials should be seized, liened or frozen. Stop the flow of goods either way over the border. No Mexican trucks in the US. All companies hiring any of the new illegal influx should have to pay them with same debit card thru the same bank, so all funds be monitored!

    Make all money transfers from the US banks to Mexico illegal, from any source, unless they go through a new special bank. A 50% tax should be charged for any monies going into Mexico, from any source. Immediately seize, shut and auction off any business or property of American businessmen knowingly hiring even ONE illegal.

    Anyone caught in the country illegally, even the first time, gets a mandatory one year in jail, with deportation to follow immediately upon release. Make the sentence for any crime committed by an illegal alien run consecutively with the mandatory year in jail. No parole or time off for good behavior, (which I always thought was backwards. If a prisoner does not have good behavior, you add a year to his sentence for every infraction!)

    Anyone caught in the act of entering the United States illegally should be bused to the border and sent back immediately, no hearings, no lawyer, no exceptions, no matter what time of day.

    Tell Mexico when they stop the invasion, we will allow those Mexicans who can identify themselves with legal papers to get work visa’s to come to America. Make sure they know that overstaying that visa is a year in jail, mandatory. Any violent crimes committed against people or property while in America on these visa’s means mandatory lifetime ban from America.

    Without us having spent a dime on walls or fences, the problem would be solved.


    All figures cited from:


    Editors note:

    The original publication of this post inadvertently omitted the source link for the figures cited. I apologize both to the authors and my readers. It was most certainly not intentional.


  • America Didn’t Fail Your Son, Mrs. Foley!

    Why is it that people with no respect for their own lives expect others to come to their rescue? Why do the poor families of these selfish, arrogant people think it is America’s job to protect their children, when their children do things that amount to suicide, with the families blessing?
    Let’s do a simple test: how many of you want to go to a nice war zone in Syria? For vacation or work, it doesn’t matter. How much would you need to be paid to stroll into a war zone? Without bodyguards, for a story nobody here in America cares about? Do you care about the plight of the poor Syrians? They all hate our guts, and would kill us in a second. 
    How about North Korea? There’s a vacation spot if ever I saw one! Anyone want to take a trip to North Korea? Maybe take a bible, proselytize where it means the death penalty? C’mon, it will be fun, and hey, who cares if I get arrested, I can count on, expect, no…DEMAND other Americans t risk their lives, the lives they actually respect, to save me, right? Maybe we can tear up our visas and defect, so we can be jailed to spotlight human rights abuses in North Korea’s prisons! That sounds like fun, right? 
    How about we get a fanatical Jehovah’s Witness type Christian Pastor, and go to Iran and open up a Christian orphanage for teenage boys? Wouldn’t that be fun? Of course, trying to convert muslims to Christianity is illegal, but hey, it’s Iran, how much trouble can we get in? I know, Cuba! Let’s do Cuba! We can take a contract to (illegally), put up radio antennas for the Jewish community. It’s illegal, but what American religious fanatic cares about that? Besides, our arrogance and personal narcissism won’t keep our government from going to war to save us, right? Our Constitutional rights are protected no matter where we are in the world, right? If we can’t break any other countries laws, risk our very lives, without the US saving us, what good is being an American? Don’t we rule the world? Aren’t we immune to any other countries laws and penalties? How about here in America? Let’s go try and climb the most dangerous mountains we can find, with the least equipment, and no safety devices. When we get stuck where we will most certainly perish, millions of Americans will die trying to save us, right? They should not only be expected to, but forced to, against their will! I was doing what I wanted, regardless of the risk, now come die saving me!
    My sympathy is reserved for the abandoned families. Their husbands, sons, fathers just didn’t care enough about them to not risk their lives. Mrs. Foley says, “America failed her son!” 
    Were she not in mourning, I would tell her what I really think of that statement! As it is, I will say, respectfully, that your son failed your son, and you. America did not send him to Syria. He went for a paycheck and a Pulitzer. That was worth more than his life and your love, and was his decision, not America’s!
    Our government told her they would prosecute if they paid a ransom! I would have loved to see that trial! President obama gives them, (muslim brotherhood, father of them all), billions of dollars for their caliphate, which they use to attack the US and Israel, and then would prosecute someone else for paying a pittance in comparison to save their son?
    None of the embedded journalists were asked to go. They went to see America commit atrocities, or get horror stories about how bad America’s military and influence has been on the world. Anybody remember any reporters with good stories about America?
    Right now, there are Americans held prisoner in all the country’s mentioned, and rightly so. They went there voluntarily, for money, or to defect. While I pity their families and the pain their relatives choices have caused, I spit on their demands to help them. I don’t believe they should be mentioned in any official capacity. They used their freedom to choose, their freedom to travel, to commit suicide. Let them live with the decision.
    The point is, America and American’s should protect the innocent, those caught up in situations by chance, not of their own making. Sgt Tahmooressi is a perfect example, being held in a Mexican jail through no purposeful fault of his own.  HE deserves EVERY American’s support and help. I would have sent a few helicopters full of Marines to get him already, and if Mexico wanted a war over it, so be it. It might lead to a secure border.


  • Defunding the First Spouse

    There is not one reason in the world why any First Spouse should get a dime of taxpayers money. They are unelected. They are spouses. With the exception of Secret Service protection and maybe a secretary, there should be no official expenditures for the First Spouse. If the President wants to pay for their spouse to travel or do anything as a hobby, it should not be done with public money. Social secretaries can be hired to run the White House. Does anyone think Bill Clinton, (I pray we never find out for sure), is going to help run the day to day affairs of the White House? First Spouses do not and should not exist on the taxpayers budget. They live a life of pampered existence just being in the White House. They got to where they are because they picked the right person to sleep with, period. That does not justify the American taxpayers paying for separate vacations or pet projects forcing millions of dollars to implement.

    Americans do not want an activist First Spouse. They certainly do not want some self-important unelected know-it-all intruding on their most private decisions and wasting their hard earned tax money. Nowhere else in American politics does the spouse of the elected official act in such an overbearing, arrogant manner, as though they have power over the citizens of America! No Governors spouse would ever think of loading up their travel itinerary with multiple vacations on the backs of the taxpayers. No mayors, no one.

    Yet, probably due to the fact that it is not legislatively described, some recent spouses have treated themselves as royalty, traveling the world with hundreds of people, taking over high-priced hotels, staying in penthouses. They act as though they are an integral part of the Government.

    Newsflash, First Spouses, the country would survive if the President was unmarried! Aside from the extra money in the budget, no one would notice the difference!

    Presidents have every right, and responsibility, to fund their spouses activities. There is no justification for any unelected American to have a huge staff at public expense. If, when the President travels, the spouse wants to sit in on the pictures, fine. Get everyone coffee? Great idea!  Sending the spouses on diplomatic ventures? No! Never. That is why we feed, water, house and pay Vice Presidents, for when a President doesn’t think something is important enough for himself.

    In short, we need legislation to define the First Spouse as what it is. Nothing. It carries no weight, and aside from security, no budget. Travel separate and distinct from the President is not paid for by the American taxpayer. If a President wants to bring their spouse’s ideas to the legislature to make law, and they agree and pass it, fine. Otherwise, we don’t care, and should not have to spend a dime following, any harebrained idea emanating from the Presidents bedmate.


  • Solving the Veterans Administration Problem

    I hear talking heads and politicians calling for one mans resignation over the VA’s delayed treatment of our military men and woman. I see them in front of any camera they can find, throwing around strong words of indignation and outrage concerning the scandal having been perpetrated, apparently for years, resulting in a minimum of 40 deaths to date.
    I hear no politicians offering the immediate steps necessary to serve our veterans. Conservative pundits, yes. Politicians, no.
    First, immediately announce that all military personnel may start using the nearest public or private medical facility at their convenience. Whatever and wherever it is. Have the facilities start billing the government.
    Second, put all current VA facilities up for auction. Remove all Government involvement with treatment, and let the government do what it does best. Pay the bills. Facilities will compete for the business of the Vets, keeping the prices down. Government has proven it will not only pay for no results, but pay huge bonuses for no results for the most patients.
    That immediately solves the treatment problem.
    Now for the corruption problem. Arrest any and all workers in any chain of command that knew of the secret lists. Charge them with criminal negligence, conspiracy to kill, theft under cover of authority, filing false instruments, and fraud. Recoup any bonuses previously paid, call for long jail sentences and crippling fines. Destroy this evil so no one ever thinks of using their government position for anything else but serving the people.
    We the citizens are constantly being reminded when we fill out government forms, that lying on the forms will lead to criminal charges. We demand the same for the criminals in government.
    We wasted a billion dollars so far setting up government websites and so called health-care exchanges.
    Give every vet a medical account to start with, for as many years as necessary. Give them vouchers to whatever healthcare system they want. None of them should ever fear losing coverage, or being lost on an uncaring government bureaucracy list.
    Our government runs in debt for years on  end. Pay for the costs and absorb the debt for now. As the veterans pass away, costs will diminish. Over time the costs are just another budget figure. Running trillion dollar debts for the most outrageous things, including billions for illegal aliens, and then complaining abut the costs to treat America’s true, proven heros is unworthy of America.
  • Death, Diplomacy-Style, OR, “There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Terrorist!”

    On 5/11/14, “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, had as a guest former state department Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell. Mr Campbell tried to explain why Hillary Clinton and the State Department fought the terrorist designation for Boko Haram years ago. He did so in an arrogant, disrespectful, tilted head manner that screamed, “do I really have to stoop to speaking to you dolts?’ Seriously, his head was closer to the table than his shoulder was! In his ponderous, slowly paced drone, he proved why diplomacy has never and will never work.

    He stated that even after Boko Haram was blowing things up and killing people, the reason the State Department couldn’t designate them a terrorist organization was because if they did, no one would be allowed to speak or deal with them anymore! In other words, even while others die for their failures, they wanted to keep talking to the poor, obviously misunderstood murderous bastards. Their sole reason for allowing this group to flourish was so they could continue to negotiate with the enemy! He said this with the air of a professor who just spread some gem of enlightenment upon skulls full of mush, incredulous that he even had to explain the “flaws” in the designation language.

    The thought that you just can’t negotiate with murderous fanatical islamists would never occur to them. Our diplomatic drones hate the military. They would be giving the terrorists tips on how to hold the sword while they were getting their heads cut off, rather than admit what Boko Haram truly is and allow the military to once again clean up their diplomatic failure. The lefts hatred and disdain for our military is the same reason an Al Qaeda offshoot was hired as security for the Benghazi compound, and no security was beefed up when requested.

    Unless the US Military is allowed free reign to do what is necessary if they are requested to help in a rescue mission, we should not get involved. Just once I’d like to see an American President tell the world, “Sure, we’ll help you. But only if you tell us what you want done and get out of the way. You better exhaust all other methods before asking for our help, because we will get the job done. Quickly. With as much firepower is necessary to protect American lives. No other safety consideration will be considered.”

    The practice of embedding a few Americans with foreign troops under foreign command, and making believe the other country is doing the work, is bull excrement. We all know it, and their ineptitude only prolongs the risks and exposure of our troops to harm.

    The American Government has proven they will let our military men sit and rot to die under fire without lifting a finger to help them. Does anybody think our current administration respects our military?

     I believe that like anything else under his control, President obama thinks the military are campaign fodder, bodies to be thrown at missions where there is no American security concerns, killed and used when the polls are right, and lied about when they occur on the wrong date and contrary to their published, phoney agenda.


  • Can The Supreme Court Cut The First Amendment In Half?

    The First Amendment of the United States Constitution reads:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    On March 2, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions have the same free speech rights under the first amendment as individuals.
    Why is it necessary to prove they also have the protections of the rest of the first amendment? Has anyone ever been granted half of the protections of an amendment, and then redefined as an entity and denied the rest of the rights under said amendment?
    The Hobby Lobby case before the Supremes is a farce, and never should have reached this level. Religious freedom comes before free speech in the first amendment for a reason.