• Israel = Texas, revisited

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    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, March 25, 2010 1:15:35 PM


    In light of the recent degrading and demeaning treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister by THE ONE and his Muslim Brigade in the White House, I realized I had to come back to this issue and answer my own question, from paragraph three.
    The answer is yes, there would be one, Barack Obama. He would immediately go to Mexico and apologize, while bowing deeply.
    (Originally posted by realetybytes on Monday, September 07, 2009 12:00:59 PM)
    Israel = Texas
    Imagine if a racist terrorist group , lets call it “La Raza” just for fun, decided to complain to the UN that Texas is occupying Mexican lands Texans won in a war, and demanded Texans stop building homes in Texas. Imagine the racist terrorist group, “La Raza”, decided San Antonio was Mexicos capital, and the Alamo was Mexican property.
    Now imagine the UN agrees with Mexico, and demands Texans stop building homes in Texas. Vladimir Putin demands it, and acts in a threatening manner about the issue.
    Would there be one American that would not go to Texas and start building homes, to say to the world, “fornicate yourselves, this is our land, won in a war, and we will never give it up, or let anyone else control our movements here. Try and stop us and we will kill you, your children and your childrens children!”
    Now look at the real life scenario in Israel.
    11 arab nations cowardly and sneakily attacked, with the intent to destroy Israel, on one of their Holy Days, years ago. Israel fought off the attack, defeating them all, and should have continued and destroyed each capital and taken over the whole region, but only took the land they were attacked from. The cowards lost the war, and the price they paid for their cowardly sneak attack was the land they attacked from.
    They no longer have any legitimate claim to that land, and Israel has every right to do as it pleases there, with no interference from ANYONE, and that includes the Anti-Israeli muslim brigade in the white house.
    Not only should Israel pull out off any so-called peace talks, which have never gotten them anywhere, regardless off what they agree too, they should wipe out the jordanian sewer called Gaza, and completely destroy any building or neighborhood a single bullet comes from.
    When they’re done killing all the people trying to kill them, they can negotiate for peace with the cowering survivors. Peace only comes when one side knows if they even look askew at the victor, they will be killed.
    How many times did Japan attack us after Nagasaki and Hiroshima? How about the Germans, or the Italians, (of which I am one)? Stop with the truce, finish the war, and let whoever wins dictate the peace.
  • More Lies From MSM About Left-Wing Violence

    Posted by realetybytes on Friday, March 05, 2010 5:55:31 PM

    The MSM is already looking for any one sentence from yesterdays Pentagon shooter, who wounded two officers before assuming room temperature courtesy of said officers, to paint him as a right wing loonie.
    They are orgasmic over the fact that he disliked Government, so that is their headline, ad nauseum.
    None of his Bush hating caught their attention, nor the fact that he was a registered Democrat.
    He was not a big fan of the military, accusing them of, “Satanic violence” in Iraq, and of killing a Marine Colonel, (James Sabow), for trying to clean up the alleged drug running and weapons sales at his base.
    He was a 9/11 Truther.
    Sounds like a typical democrat to me.
    I would like to address the absurdity of any educated, right-wing patriotic tea party American attempting to harm THE ONE.
    I believe that, to the last person, every right-winger, Tea Party attender, or conservative patriotic American, myself included, would gladly take a bullet to protect THE ONE from harm, to protect America.
    Without a seconds hesitation.
    While we hate what THE ONE and his anti-American policies are doing to purposely destroy our country, we know he has a plan that makes sense, to him and his followers. He is not the Peter Sellers character, Chauncey Gardiner in “Being There”, oblivious to the happenings around him. He is in charge.
    God Forbid, what about his insurance policy, I mean Vice-President, Joe “Amtrak” Biden?
    Biden is Chauncey Gardiner and Inspector Clouseau on their worst day! In all his years in the Senate, he has never been correct in his assessment of any foreign policy, (how’s that Partitioned, Three State Iraq policy workin’ these days, Joe?). He seems like a nice enough guy to have a beer with, but I’d rather have Frank Drebin’s finger on the button then Bidens! (Hey, has anyone ever seen them together? Hmmm…)
    Once again, God Forbid, but we would also have San Fran Nan one step closer to the White House! BRRRRRrrrrr! THAT sends a cold shiver up the spine of any clear thinking, right-wing, Tea Party attending, conservative American!
    The only people THE ONE has to fear are his 20% left-wing loonie base, his friends like the SEIU union thugs, or ACORNers, or Black Power advocates like Rev. Wright followers, or student anarchists like his buddy, Bill Ayers. He is not radical enough for them, nor moving as fast to destroy America as they would like, and they are tiring of him and the lies he sold them during the campaign, (close gitmo, no lobbyists, gays in the military, cap and trade, end the wars, bailouts for the companies and not them personally, etc…etc…).
    No, no one on the right wants to see any harm come to Obama, or any politician. All we want is an honest, open discussion of our ideas, followed by honest, ACORN and SEIU free elections.
  • How To Shrink ALL Government Immediately

    Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, February 27, 2010 2:29:04 PM

    While the private sector is being destroyed by THE ONE and his progressive, anti-capitalist cronies and policies, the federal government is hiring new employees at an alarming rate, sinking taxpayers further into slavery to pay for these new dependents for the rest of their lives.
    Here are a few common sense ideas to halt this ever growing expansion of government.
    1) No government jobs for any position that exists in the private sector.
        The private sector should be contracted to fill all positions, wiping out federal pensions.
    2) No one may work for the government for more then 5 years. (elected officials excluded).
        Any position that does need to be created should be filled by 5 year employees, basically “temps”, to once again keep federal 
        pensions out of the picture.
    3) Government employees that must be hired must be paid minimum wage, or, if they are some kind of specialist, the same wage as the
        private sector, non-union position pays.
    4) Government employees should not have the right to unionize. The Department of Labor is perfectly capable of keeping them from being
    5) Federal, (or any government employee at any level, state or city), or anyone receiving 30% or more of their pay from the government
        should not pay taxes, or be allowed to vote.
        Allowing the employees of the government to vote is the same as allowing inmates at a prison to determine the rules. It is a conflict
        of interest. 
    These changes would free up government jobs for young, entry level employees, looking for training but not expecting the taxpayer to 
    support them for the rest of their lives, and immediately begin to shrink government and its corrosive effect on the private sector. 
  • What If Your Bank Said…

    Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, February 14, 2010 5:59:55 PM

    …”Mr. or Mrs. J.Q. Public, because you needed a loan for your new car or house, we are now going to moniter and control your purchases for the rest of your life. You cannot buy a new TV without our permission, or raise your childs allowance. No business investments, ever. We are also going to moniter your pay, and see to it you never make more then we deem necessary for you to survive. It does not matter that you have paid of your loan, we will tell you where you can go in your car, or who you can invite to your home.
    After all, you could not have purchased this without our help, so you are now our slave, and must do exactely as we say, forever.”
    Is that not what this idiot in the White House is telling the banks that needed, or the ones he forced, to take bailout money? What a bastardization of contract law. The corruption and destruction of capitalism that is occurring under this “Harvard Law Professor”, you know, the one that along with his wife has been stripped of his right to practice law, due to misdeeds and lies, is unbelievable.
    What is more unbelievable is that there are so-called Americans that agree with his traitorous, unconstitutional actions.
    Here is a novel idea.
    Lets elect someone that has actually worked in the private sector and knows how capitalism works, and who does not look at our constitution as a roadblock to their socialist agenda.
    Just a thought.
  • Why Our Enemies Don’t Fear The “LSNWNND,UHWT” In The White House

    Posted by realetybytes on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 9:21:20 PM

    The reason our enemies do not fear his big talk and bluster is because, while they may be terrorists, they are not deaf, dumb, or blind!
    They see that when he ran, and after the election, he promised:
    to use public financing——-LIE!
    not to have lobbyists in administration——-LIE!
    5 days of public comment before signing bills—–LIE!
    won’t sign bills with earmarks——LIE!
    run a transparent administration——-LIE!
    close Gitmo——LIE!
    leave Iraq in 16 months——LIE
    win in Afghanistan——LIE!
    eliminate capital gains taxes for small business—–LIE!
    put health care debate on CSPAN——-LIE!
    hiatus on 401k withdrawal penalties——-LIE!
    $4000 college credit——-LIE!
    Iran has until end of year to comply OR ELSE!——-LIE!
    support and defend the constitution——-LIE!
    illegal aliens won’t be covered——LIE!
    protect and defend the constitution——LIE!
    These are just some of the blatant lies THE ONE has told. Please feel free to reply with others.
    When our enemies see and hear this fool blather, and watch him try to destroy the CIA and American SEALS, They know they do not have to fear this friend of theirs.
    They know he is, if I may paraphrase esteemed Senator Harry Reid, a lying, “Light Skinned Ne gro With No Ne gro Dialect, Unless He Wants To”.
    (I had to break up the word Ne gro because apparently, it is now a slur. Has anyone told esteemed Senator Harry Reid?) 
    Ron Reale
  • No Super Bowl Ring For “DOGKILLER” Vick

    Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, January 10, 2010 10:23:56 PM

    I was both happy and sad that the disgusting thug Philadelphia Eagles lost the playoff game.
    Happy that Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick will never get the accolades and public exposure a connection to a Super Bowl team would bring.
    Sad because in the few plays he was in the game, he wasn’t crippled for life, as he so richly deserves.
    The whole team deserves to be shunned.
    Real men would have walked off the field the moment management announced they were hiring this evil lowlife.
    Real men would have beat him down every time he attempted to sully their game with his presence, until he stopped coming.
    Unfortunately, real men don’t exist on the Eagles, just contract pawns willing to share the field with a brutal serial animal torturer and killer, for a dollar.
    Had the team let the management know they would not associate with this puke, they would have thought twice about hiring him.
    Had they walked off the field when he showed up, management would have caved, and even if let go, they would have been available in the league, and the publicity of their public, principled stance would have led to interviews and books.
    There are lines men must not cross.
    Think of going home, picking up your family dog as it greets you at the door, and laughing while you throw it to a pack of pit bulls, watching it get ripped apart. Then, you notice that a few of your attack pit bulls, the ones you trained and raised for your dogfighting gambling ring, were not quite as deadly as you would like.
    Think of picking one of your dogs up over your head and beating it against the ground until dead.
    Then think of electrocuting another one.
    Then think of drowning another.
    Then think of putting your hands around the neck of another, and strangling it to death.
    This is Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick. 
    There is not enough money in the world to keep me standing anywhere near such evil.
    There are those who will claim he paid for his crimes. Wrong. With the help of his sleazball managers, who were more worried about their future 10% then their personal integrity, he took a plea and was only charged with the dogfighting. What company would not fire someone of “DOGKILLERS” ilk?
    Civil society should remember the images I evoked. They should remember the NFL wants to allow him to be looked up to by children around the world.
    Is the dollar really that valuable?
  • Thank You, Patriotic Americans…

    Posted by realetybytes on Tuesday, January 05, 2010 7:17:45 PM

    …for not buying union thug stolen cars from GM or Chrysler. It is a wonderful thing that they are down at least 30% each, and hopefully, our actions against them can put them out of business.
    The next step is to boycott any business that is associated with SEIU, another group of Obamas Union thugs. We need to take positive actions to stop this threat to our security. The union thugs are using the embarrassment in the White House to force us to pay for their bloated union deals and pensions.
    In America, when a business fails, it goes bankrupt and others take its place. In Obamas world, when his union thug buddies are so corrupt they cause a business to fail, he throws our money at the unions, and keeps the failed business running, as long as he can keep extorting our money for his union thug buddies. After all, if Obama doesn’t keep Andy Stern and the union loaded with our money, how else will they be able to kick back ANOTHER 60 million dollars to Obama?
    Stop supporting any business that has any union. Let Las Vegas go broke paying Stern and SEIU. Don’t go to any hotel that has the union in-house. We have to stand up to these thieves, and take our country back to Capitalism. The unions and their communist tactics are anti-American, and need to be stopped.
    Then we need to disband all government unions.
  • When California Declares Bankruptcy, We Should Help…

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, December 24, 2009 12:13:09 PM

    …but until then, NOTHING!
    California has, for years, been voting themselves salaries and union contracts that are totally unsustainable, and programs for illegals that have emptied the states coffers and driven the costs of hospitals, schools and the legal system through the roof.
    Now, they plan to come to the rest of us and ask for a bailout. If one penny is to go to sustain these outrageous programs and corrupt unions, I say NO.
    If, on the other hand, they do the right thing and declare bankruptcy, throwing out all unions and stop funding illegals, I’m all for helping them.
    When they, (the corporation that is California), go bankrupt, all elected officials will lose their positions. They will not survive a reorganization if they have the same corrupt politicians voting for the same programs. Until they are a (solvent corporation) state again, they should have an appointed oversight committee of non-californians, (read-sane people), come in and start a new capitalist system. As THE ONE always says, “we don’t need the ones that broke it”. If that is the case, no liberal should be allowed to speak up during the reorganization.
    Liberals, socialists, government unions and open-border anarchists are responsible for the ongoing crisis in the state of California. Americans should not have to pay for their continued assault on the Constitution and American citizens.
    All of the politicians that refused to enforce the law should be arrested and held criminally accountable for the policies they put in place that have destroyed the medical, legal and education systems, while the unions and lawyers profitted,
    No help for California until they declare bankruptcy, and prove they deserve it.
    Somebody tell Ahhnold he “won’t be back”!
  • Lincoln Freed The Slaves, Obama Enslaves The Free!

    Posted by realetybytes on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:39:01 PM

    Everyone knows that in the 1860’s Lincoln freed the slaves.
    Has anyone noticed that since 2009, Obama enslaves the free?
    Our government now owns us, and demands payment for that ownership. Fines or imprisonment for our mere existence is in our future.
    The sheer magnitude of the interest on our debt will keep our children and their children at 70 to 80% tax rates, and still it will not be enough.
    It will be impossible to pay back.
    No one comprehends figures like trillions, and the size and exponential growth of the interest. It is about to reach the point of no return. There is not enough money or business in the country that can possible raise the cash necessary to make the future interest payments, let alone pay down the principle debt itself.
    Up to now, our craven representatives have used our citizens hard-earned tax payments as a private, debt-limitless credit card, spending on programs designed to buy votes and further entrench themselves in their office, protecting themselves from electoral challenges.
    Their lack of regard for the coming generations of Americans, who will bear the yoke of the responsibility passed along to them, is staggering!
    Have they themselves no children?
    Have they no shame?
    The programs they champion have been tried before, in communist and socialist countries worldwide. They have never worked.
    History proves them wrong, yet they persevere.
    Hard-core socialists and progressive liberals in Congress, the White House and Hollywood, see our rapidly approaching 15 TRILLION dollar debt looming, and actually insist we are not broke, we just need to “redistribute the wealth” more fairly, and raise taxes.
    Of course, the taxes will only be paid by the producers, so that’s okay. The rest of society will share in the government largess of the monies extorted from the producers.
    These producers are  intelligent people that have been successful at business and know about profit and loss. Does anyone expect them to continue to work to have their profits stolen, year after year?
    Would you?
    Or do you think intelligent people will make other plans, relocate their business to another country, or just quit and stop paddling and get in the boat with everyone else?
    The “Iron Lady” of Great Britain, Lady Margaret Thatcher, once said, “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money”.
    Wake up America, TODAY is  “eventually”!
  • A Pox On Both Their Houses…

    Posted by realetybytes on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:37:16 PM

    … is a growing sentiment around America lately. The lies from the professional politicians, the doublespeak from these millionaire lawyers firmly ensconsed in our wallets, has crossed the Rubicon.
    The Dem leadership has been speaking of being willing to accept the loss of approximately 40 seats this coming election, due to their failure to accurately represent their constituants.
    I think that figure is optimistic. 50 to 70 seems more realistic too me. 
    I also think the GOP is going to lose as many, or more seats.
    The people are awake, and they are enjoying a brisk cup o’ TEA Party enthusiasm.
    Right now, with no actual official party to speak of, the Tea Party is polling higher then the corruption riddled Dems and Rinos.
    Tea Party people will no longer accept the “lesser of two evils”. They will be proud to stand on their principles and vote for their candidates.
    They will be running candidates that will put the constitution and country first , patriotic citizen-candidates, going to do a job for the American people, not wrap themselves in a cloak of royalty at our expense. They will see to it that the legislators are governed by the laws they burden the public with.
    Within a week of the Tea Party officially organizing and excepting members, I humbly estimate 25 to 35% of Dems and the GOP will join. Once their candidates are announced and platforms are presented to the voters, another 10 to 15% will join.
    No one wants to be associated with the weasels currently running the country.
    The Dems have had us on the fast track to socialism for years, and the GOP has been tagging along, slowing them down a little, but inevitably bending to the Dems in ridiculous, never-reciprocated attempts to appear “bi-partisan”, so they can be popular with the media. The GOP has forgotten the constitution, and has been as insulting to Americans in their spending habits as the libs.
    This administration has just taken advantage of the damage done by both parties over the years, and has put together a group of the most radical, corrupt, anti-American, Mao and Stalin loving, capitalism hating Chicago thugs in history for one great last push into the abyss of socialism from which our Constitution, (the one Obama wants to rewrite), will never recover.
    The world is going to see something very special in America over the next two elections. The example of  free people returning to their roots, sweeping out all the professional prostitutes who have bastardized a beautiful document, the US Constitution. Our actions will ring loud and clear around the world. Free people using their votes to peacefully restore their founding document to its rightful position in the law.
    What could scare the tyrants of the world more then their citizens seeing America in its glory, allowing its citizens freedoms that would never be granted in their, (the tyrants), country?
    Tea Party candidates will reference the portion of the constitution that covers the actions they are taking, and stop the ongoing assaults on the first and second amendments.
    They will restore the capitalist system, without the government interference that brought us Freddie and Fannie and the union theft of GM. Freeing the American people and business from the success-punishing taxes they are forced to deal with will ignite an economic boom Ronald Reagan would be proud of.  
    I believe this because the alternative is too ugly to consider.
    This country cannot afford any futher machinations and misappropriations by the current crop of miscreants in DC.
    They have gotten so brazen in their lies and misrepresentations, people that never paid any attention to the fact they were being screwed have taken notice, and they are not amused.
    The Tea Party is standing between us and the “ash bin of history”. They are the last chance to correct the damage from Democrats and Republicans.
    A pox on both their houses!