• 3 Dozen Shootings and 9 Dead- Mayor Daley Blasts…

     Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, April 26, 2008 12:45:58 PM

     …the GUN INDUSTRY! Obama Silent!
     In the past few days since I originally posted this, some 36 or so of Obamas constituants have been shot or killed in Chicago. I have yet to hear him comment. It’s his State. It’s his job. Doesn’t he care about anything but lying his way to power? Couldn’t Obama convince Pastor White that building his house and spending his 10 million dollars in the same area as his church would do more good transforming the Chicago hood then living in a lilly-white neighborhood on the golf course? His silence is deafening.
    Hey, Mayor Daley, just how stupid are you, or do you think we are as stupid as you? If the gun industry was the problem, every factory where guns are made would be bathed in blood from the shootings on their property. The guns would be killing the poor workers trying to put them in the boxes so the can be shipped to Chicago to kill your innocent citizens, who are obviously just standing on the corners reading the Bible when the guns leap from the trucks and start killing them.
    Your incredible hypocrisy of using the local churches for protection is astounding. Why not use what they are TEACHING in the churches for protection, instead. When you and your liberal ilk, like Senator Obama, convince your citizens that life is so cheap you can kill babies right up to the point where they are 95% delivered, and, thanks to Senator Obama, even after delivery, what do you expect? When no one is put to death for killing someone anymore, what do you expect? This is your town, mayor Daley, and was your fathers before you. It should be a liberal paradise. Instead, with terrorists teaching in your colleges, Senator Obama voting to kill live children, and Rev. Wright proclaiming how your citizens have been so victimized they have no hope of succeeding, (which I don’t understand, because this and the last generation grew up in your families Progressive Paradise, promised you would make their lives better because they can’t, but I digress), then what do you expect? Model citizens? You reap what you have sown, Mr. Mayor. The problem is yours and Obamas. You remember Obama, don’t you. He’s the guy that says the rest of the country is holding on to their guns and religion out of bitterness. He hasn’t said much about why your citizens are holding AND USING their guns, having obviously lost their hold on their religion. Congratulations on your political success, it’s only come at the cost of others lives, but hey, what do you or Obama care, your teachers unions pay you enough to keep your citizens so stupid  they’ll believe your diversionary claptrap and keep you in power to keep killing more of them. The blood is on your hands sir, not some gun company.
  • Constitutional Amendment to Clarify Religious Freedom

    Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:57:49 AM

    We have come to a point were we have to realize that certain realitys exist which make it necessary to protect the freedom loving citizens of the United States from fanatics out to destroy both us and our country. These fanatics are using our founding documents, which were drawn up in a time when no one could forsee todays world, against us. Our freedom of religion clause is a perfect example. It should be amended to read we are, “free to practice any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers”. Simple and to the point.

  • John McCain- Has He Ever Read The Constitution?

    Posted by realetybytes on Friday, April 25, 2008 12:43:17 PM

    McCain-Feingold was bad enough, but this is ridiculous. Just because he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to address legitimate issues involving Barack Obama, McCain thinks no one else should, either. Now he is trying to stifle the “free speech”, a term he is obviously unfamiliar with, of the North Carolina GOP.
    I have a better idea, John. Why don’t you SHUT THE, (YOU ALL KNOW THE F-WORD), UP?
    I will be voting democrat for the first time in my life. At least they are upfront with how they will destroy the country. Anyone who thinks we all have to say only what they want us to say is UN-AMERICAN. I realize he is a war hero, and I respect his service to the constitution he is now ignoring, but enough is enough.
  • Hindu Underwear Protest

    Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, December 23, 2007 3:45:07 PM

    Apparently, some American company is making money off undergarments, (t-shirts and such), with pictures of Hindu religious figures on them. Their ministers are complaining to all these different government entities and the UN and all those other socialists that want to run the world. This is my answer to them and their supporters.

    If you don’t like them, (and I don’t- I won’t be buying them myself), then keep them out of your country, but Americans have a God-given right to be inconsiderate and make money off it. Our freedoms of speech and expression allow us to tick off anyone or thing, and our second amendment keeps people from doing anything about it.
    Remember the muslims rioting over those Danish cartoons, and the violence and damage that occurred in every country that published them? Every country but America, where they knew if they pulled that crap in our streets they would be shot. I was hoping they would try and burn neighborhoods here, I was looking forward to how they responded to a free armed populace protecting their property from religious fanatics. No French we, what the muslims called rioting we would have called target practice. Unfortunatly, even the muslims were’t that stupid.
    No excuses or apologies necessary. Americans have no taste and crude humor. No insult was intended, but if your insulted, you have that right. Now STFU about it.

  • Another Answer to a Liberal Handwringer…

    Email It
    Posted by realetybytes on Monday, December 17, 2007 12:00:11 AM
    …that has no idea about the real world. It ‘s not hard to figure out the points she was making by reading my answers.
    An answer to ELODIE, who posted on an ABC site about Mrs. Edwards being “scared of republicans”, at 12:08:58 on 12/16, and could not be ignored due to the number of inaccuracies in her rant.

    A) The “neocons” used the same intell the rest of the world had to run the most sucessful war in history, to the point where we have less soldiers dying during the war then die during peacetime, on a yearly basis.
    B) The “neocons” have proudly not given American civil rights to people trying to destroy our country. It has never been done before, and should not be done now.

    C) The “neocons” have nothing to do with the continuation of the warrantless searches that have been going on for decades. JFK, RFK, and Hoover were the masters in their time, yet we survived as a nation.

    D) The “neocons” would love to have the Geneva Conventions enforced. Then we could just shoot these non-uniformed combatants fighting amongst the civilian population dead when found, which is what the Geneva Conventions call for. Please look it up, you look stupid thinking the Geneva Conventions protect these scum.

    E) The “neocons” have nothing to do with the scientific revolt that is brewing about the Global Warming hoax. This is a UN play for our money, and must be resisted. There is not ONE working model of CO2 causing warming. The scientists that are disavowing this crap are doing so with facts, as opposed to the “consensus”, without facts, of the so-called scientists who are protecting their funding by going along with this hoax. In 5 years, the people pushing this will be considered frauds and dopes, like the people pushing the “coming ice age ” when I was in school in the ’70s. O wait, most of them are the same frauds and dopes.

    F) The “neocons” have convinced France, Germany, Britain, Australia, Japan and many other countries that we are on the right course. Some of these countries have thrown out their socialist anti-American governments recently, and come back to our side. We have fine, strong allies.

    G) The “neocons” have us much more free then Europe, where, currently, Spain is complaining to the EU about a calender from another country, and is attempting to censure said calender. Is this the freedom you speak of?

    Let me make this easy for you. What America does is not the business of any other country. They can either join us and help us, or they can get out of the way and leave us alone. If they attempt to interfere, as Spain is now doing with the calender of this other EU member country, they should be punished so severely they never think of bothering us again.
    90 percent of the UN are countries run by military or socialist dictators. Put the UN in North Korea, they would feel right at home.
    I personally could not care less how much they hate the freedom we enjoy. To me, the louder they complain and whine, the better we must be doing. They are lucky I’m not in charge, I would have nuked Fallujah the day they hung the contractors, or any other country, to save one American life.
    There is not a country on this planet worth the death of one American, and those that test us should be taught to never do it again in such a way that the rest of the world vomits at the very thought of screwing with us.
    Dear Elodie, the only thing you should be scared of is your ignorance of the facts of the world.

  • White Boycott of Baltimore MTA

    Posted by realetybytes on Friday, December 14, 2007 5:53:57 PM

    Now that blacks are hunting whites and severly beating them on the Baltimore MTA, while screaming white hate statements, and the police are ignoring what the blacks are saying while they beat the whites, no white person should ride the Baltimore MTA.
    The police put out statements that they are not treating these hate crimes as hate crimes, basically because the viuctims are white, not black. If the situation was reversed, BLACKS BEING BEATEN BY WHITES, the community and the mayor and jesse and al would be in our face every news cycle.
    The mayor and the police are showing you what they think of you, white MTA riders. You are second class citizens compared to the thugs that preyed on you.
    Why  do they not except what the thugs say as the reason for the beatings? Is the Mayor white or black? I don’t know. Is the police cheif white or black? I don’t know. Is the head of the MTA police white or black? I don’t know.
    But I’ll bet they are black. I’m just saying.
  • People, People Who Need Streisand…

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:19:31 PM

    …are not necessarily the luckiest in the world. Streisands endorsement is exactly what Hillary needs to keep her a victim. Hillary must be the “victim” to win, always has been, always will be, (right wing conspiracy, her opponent walked across the stage and, gasp, handed her a paper! The brute!)
    Victimhood is her ploy, and bringing out one of Bills conquests, that she at one time BANNED from the White House, is only to remind us of how she deserves to be president because her husband treated her so bad. Never mind the insult to feminism, but if she could not control her husband, or at least convince him to only have sex with willing participants, (at least till after the election), how is she going to convince anyone to take her seriously on the world stage.
    She is the Former First Doormat, whom no man will ever respect, and no real feminist admires her or the route she has taken to get where she is. Streisand will smile and stand next to her, thinking of her time with Bill, and Hillary will look smaller and smaller to anyone with half an ounce of pride and intelligence. Those lacking that half ounce will vote for her.
  • Enforcing our laws hurts illegal immigrant children? SO WHAT!

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, November 01, 2007 4:44:29 PM

    Mr. Randy Capps from something called the Urban Institute complained today that agents enforcing American laws were causing “psychological damage” and other crap. I had to respond.

    Dear Randy Capps:
    So illegal immigrant children are being harmed by Americans enforcing the law? Then we should take all the children away from these lawbreakers for endangering these children. If they stay in mexico, their children will be fine. If they break the law, I could not care less about their children, as they did not care about them when they put them in this position. Start taking away the illegal children and then deport or jail the parents. Put the children in foster care. They can be adopted by people that will not put them at risk. Maybe that would make them stop breaking our laws. I would expand the tent city the Arizona sheriff built in the desert to hold all illegals until their home country pays to transport them back. In some cases, that would mean life in jail, especially for the mexicans, because their country obviously does not care about them. I think that would be fair, and might keep others from breaking our laws.
    To paraphrase Jefferson, “millions for confinement, not a penny for helping lawbreakers”.

  • Citizenship Amendment to the Constitution

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, November 01, 2007 1:36:21 PM

    Due to the bastardization of our citizenship and the actions of some ignorant, and or anti-American people or groups, it is time to define just who, under our founding documents, is a legal citizen. This is the proposed amendment:

    Whereas, our Founding fathers did NOT declare everyone in the world “free” or “equal”, we, the citizens of these United States, do declare that anywhere the words “people” and “men” appear in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the word ‘Citizens’ is to be inserted.

    American Constitutional rights are for American citizens. These are the prize people receive when they become US citizens. No non citizens are to be granted any rights reserved for American Citizens.  Any politician wishing to grant our cherished rights to people who have no desire to become citizens, or terrorists working to destroy this country, is at best plain stupid, and at worst traitorous.

    I am tired of this politically correct crap. The people pushing open borders are traitors, including the politicians, to the American way of life. Traitors need to be tried and executed. We need to start killing the people that would turn our country over to the UN. These traitors hold their hands up, swear to uphold our laws, and then lie, lie, lie. Impeach them, try them and execute them, before it is too late. These people are trying to kill us, we must act first.This country was built by immigrants, who came here legally, signed the guest book, and became citizens. These are the people America needs. Kill the terrorists, execute the traitors, ( every politician that tried to pass the Comprehensive Immigration Act should be brought up on charges of violating their oath of office and treason, up to and including President Bush),  and lock up any illegals until their home country takes them back. If that means life in prison, tough.

  • Miller Brewing Co. Hates Your Family, Boycott Their Products!

    Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, October 06, 2007 12:57:51 PM

    With their sponsorship of the disgusting S&M street fair in San Franwierdo,  Miller Brewing shows its utter contempt for the average American family. By supporting people, (or things) like this, that want to destroy marraige and promote adults having sex with children, Miller has chosen its important demographic. Lets see to it that no one else buys their product. If you own a store, please remove Millers products. If you are just A BEER LOVIN’ KINDA GUY OR GAL, THERE ARE DOZENS OF OTHER BRANDS TO CHOSE FROM.
    Don’t let Miller think they can spit on our society and go unpunished. Let San Francisco be the last place they sell beer before they go broke.
    Michelle Malkin has been doing great work on this story on her blog, go check it out and support her great work.