• Open Letter To AZ Governor Brewer

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, May 20, 2010 12:58:07 PM

    Listening to all the recent AZ-bashing from the assorted liars in the White House, Governments, (ours and now the corrupt Mexicans, also), and MSM pukes, attacking an enforcement law they have not deigned to read, I wanted to make sure Governor Brewer knew she had the support of the little people. I sent her this message…I think I qualify…

    Hello, Governor Brewer. I clicked “other” because I wish to address 2 issues with you.
    I am so proud, as an American, (a real racist, my Colombian wife would tell you!:-)),over your stance on the border.
    Please do not back down.
    As the Governor, do you have the power to call out the National Guard and put them on the border for this Emergency?
    Calderon just gave an interview about how his country treats “undocumented”(read=illegals) people in his country. It is an ugly picture. (Police ask for papers, jail if you cannot produce them, 2 years first offense, 10 years second, no health care, no jobs, no land ownership, etc, etc). 
    We need a “reciprocal alien law” that treats illegals from any country in the same manner their home country treats American illegals.
    My second issue is your budget. I have a novel idea, and I think it would immediately reduce the states budget and future pension expenditures, while also cutting unemployment for the youth in AZ.
    If you stop all government hiring, the unions would eventually die.
    Turn all government positions into part-time, “continuing education” courses for students and recent grads.
    All positions would be minimum wage jobs, with incentive based performance bonuses, (just like the private sector).
    Put a four year time limit on all positions, ending public pensions. Every year, the budget would shrink through attrition.
    No unions allowed, they would still be considered students, learning how to survive in a capitalist system, and getting references for their next position, like a report card.
    Health care would be provided for all those not otherwise covered, (by parents policy or other policies).
    Hire private companies to do anything the government needs, on a temporary basis. Let private companies pay pensions. If the position you need exists in the private sector, they get the job. It is time for government to stop competing with the private sector, instead start using the peoples tax dollars to build up the private sector, putting the tax money back to work building up the economy.
    Thank You, and keep up the great work,

    Ron Reale

  • New Laws Delayed Implementation

    Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, May 09, 2010 3:16:58 PM

    In order to keep this, and future Governments, from abusing the citizenry in the manner we have just witnessed with the Health Care Debacle, I make this suggestion.
    Any law that is passed may not go into effect for one full election cycle, (Congressional, then Presidential). Not one dime may be spent, office rented or “board coordinated”. 
    If it is a good law, well fine, it will go into effect as scheduled.
    If it is a rotten piece of corruption, like the Health Care Debacle is, or the amnesty bill will be, this delay would keep the corrupt people who voted for it from benefiting immediately, and allow the citizens to use their votes to correct the law and punish the bought-and-paid for Congress and president, (little p for current occupant) responsible.
    If the Representatives were actually working in that capacity, and truely representing the wishes of the people, they would be rewarded with re-election,  and the bill would be implemented.
    Emergency bills, would undergo fast tracking, with strict oversight and transparency.
    As it stands now, and has gone into overdrive since  Barack Hussein Chavez the socialist was elected, so-called representatives who dismiss the wishes of their constituancy can inflict major damage to our country before we have a chance to throw them out and repeal the bill.
    Even repealing the bill might not dismantle boards and regulations already created. 
    Amnesty, for example, could not be used as a political tool this year, to keep the democrats in power. The new citizens would have at least 4 years before they could vote, and I doubt anyone that tried to push it would be around after the full election cycle.
  • Barack Hussein Chavez

    Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, May 09, 2010 1:18:44 PM

    Barack Chavez is going around the world bemoaning the fact that we have a free press, and the facts that come from it.
    Barack Chavez is upset that people can actually prove he is lying, and point out his corrupt anti-Americanism, and his attacks on freedom and the free market.
    He is laying the groundwork to take over all media.
    He just grabbed control of the internet, making it a “public utility”.
    At every breath he attacks the only network that does not parrot his every word, Fox News, (you would think his stomach would be full, what with all the other networks sticking their heads up his rectum, but no, he evidently still has room up there).
    Neither he, nor his paid union thugs and press buffoons, ever point to factual errors, or try to debate the points made, they just attack, and say “no one should listen”, (to what he is trying to hide and what we know is true).
    Barack Chavez is going to divide the country by granting amnesty to anti-American Mexicans who are trying to claim lands they have no right to, because they will vote for him, and help him turn America into a socialist sewer like Mexico and Greece.
    Do we need legal immigrants…of course! My grandparents signed the book at Ellis Island, and it took my grandmother 5 times before she was allowed in!
    We do need to form a workers permit of some sort, but it should not be given to people who pick and choose what laws they will obey.
    Come in legally, and welcome. Break in, nothing for you but jail and deportation.
    If you see all these people at the Mexican rallies, they will not concede that without the American flag they so disrespect and revile, the American flag that protects them yet drives them to violence at its sight, they would not have the freedom to protest in the streets of America.
    No foreigners may protest or get involved in politics in Mexico, they’ll jail or deport you.
    The communists in the American Workers Party and all the others driving the illegals protests are also using unions to destroy the fabric of America, from our borders to our economic system.
    We need to dry up the funds of his thug union supporters, like the lying CEO of GM, who just spent a fortune in ads to say how stupid he thinks Americans are.
    He actually thinks that by lying to the American public about “repaying GMs loans”, people will go back to GM. This man should be jailed for his lies. GM has not paid back ONE PENNY of our money. They paid part of one loan with the citizens money from another loan of citizens money.
    They did not pay anything with money they produced, because they are still losing money, hand over fist! That is not what the lying CEO implied.
    GM is now run by union thugs, having been stolen, courtesy of the Thief-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Chavez.
    Did anyone notice how helpful the unions have been during this financial crisis? The UAW? The teachers unions? The public workers unions, (what an oxymoron)? 
    They have not given up one dime of their corrupt pay and pension plans. They would rather kill people and bring the country down, just like Greece, then help fix it.
    Look at who is bankrolling their riots, it is the American Workers Party, (communists) and other groups trying to finally destroy America. The AFL-CIO decided to overturn the rules keeping communists out. WHY?
    Because if one of them can be president, one of them can join the AFL-CIO.
    REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER, vote every one of them out, and the same in 2012.
    If you support unions, you support Americas demise.
    Ron Reale
  • Environmentalists DID Cause The BP Oil Leak!

     Posted by realetybytes on Wednesday, May 05, 2010 4:18:12 PM

    Anyone complaining about the oil spill should realize that the only reason the oil companies drill 5 miles off shore is due to the lies and propaganda of the fanatical environmentalists and their corrupt bought-and-paid for friends in the Congress. Environmentalists like to complain about what may happen 100 years from now, so no one can argue with them. They don’t like to look long term when it does not fit their radical agenda. 
    Take the oil spill in 1969 off the California coast. Is the oil still there? Is the coastline uninhabitable? How about the Exxon Valdez? Is that area still destroyed? Have not most of the species returned? In this short time span?
    Oil is a natural product of the earth, and long-term, cleans itself up.
    The radical environmentalist green groups, where most of the communists, (Van Jones), went when the USSR collapsed,  in their attempt to stifle progress and destroy American superiority, used alarmist propaganda to get the oil rich areas of the US declared off-limits to drilling. 
    Shipping the oil in huge freighters and drilling at sea is much more dangerous to the environment then drilling on shore.
    Although there is no area they can point to, long term, and prove the destruction they claim occurs from drilling, we still have to go miles out to sea for the oil we need to secure our countries security.
    Unfortunately, our countries security is the last thing on the mind of the radical environmentalists and their progressive liberal friends in the Government.
    When we can get a license to hunt radical environmentalists until they are extinct, (or, at the very least, make them prove their lies, like global warming, with more then computer models that do not work unless they jimmie the numbers), this country will be safer.
    Long term, Robert Kennedy, Jr., (someone should tell him his father is dead, he can drop the “junior”…oh, wait, then he wouldn’t exist), is more dangerous to the United States superiority and survival then Bin Laden.
  • An Open Letter To The White House: LA Oil Spill Proves Obama Incompetent, Ignorant

    Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, May 01, 2010 4:53:03 PM

    This is the text of a message I sent today, by fax and e-mail, to the community organizer, (with no other skills but racial, divisive politics), in the White House.
    So Mr.Obama, after 8 days of nothing, sends the Justice Dept. lawyers to LA, and goes on TV to tell us how BP is legally responsible, in the end.
    I feel much better, don’t you?
    Our president, (small p deserved), is waiting while the company that had the problem tries to solve it, as our country is threatened by this disaster.
    A real President would, on the basis of National Security, by Executive Order, hire the ten top companies in the world that handle this type of energency, use the military to immediately relocate them and all the equipment they might possibly need and assist them in any way they need to seal the well. If BP wants to help, fine, if they get in the way, jail them. When the job is done, pay the companies we hired and bill BP.
    As soon as the companies are hired to seal the well, call the top 100 companies that clean up industrial accidents and likewise relocate them and their equipment immediately to the area. Start hiring people from the unemployment lines, at 25$ an hour with full benefits, to assist the 100 companies in soaking up the oil, and cleaning up in general.  Have the military start setting up tent cities for the workers to stay in. Hire trucking companies to send equipment to take the oil soaked sand, rags, or whatever is used to clean up the shoreline, away to have the oil separated and the sand and dirt returned. Bill BP for every penny of expenses.
    A real President would be pro-actively stopping this, as a capitalist, by paying for the repairs NOW, instead of sitting and waiting for BP to maybe get around to it.
    Mr. president, lawsuits are for after the disaster is stopped. Your lawyer cronies will make their money, can’t you make an attempt to put  the country first, for once?
    Ron Reale
  • Another Reason I’m Glad I Abandoned MLB After The Strike

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, April 29, 2010 8:24:36 PM

    70+% of LEGAL Arizonans voted for or support the new Anti-ILLEGAL immigrant law.
    Because the LEGAL citizens of Arizona have had the temerity to tell hordes of invaders that they are no longer welcome, that they are no longer free to financially deplete the states medical, educational and incarceration funds, or continue to create their extremely violent and lawless subculture which feeds on the LEGAL citizens, MLB appears to be ready to stand with the criminals and thugs, against the rights and freedom of the American citizens LEGAL rights of self defense, self preservation, and their right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
    An ABC News article says MLB is considering cancelling opening day in Arizona, because 40% of the players are Latino…

    Having cut MLB out of my life when the greedy union thugs cancelled the World Series, (it was easier then quitting smoking, no withdrawal, just a growing disdain and scorn), I wanted to address the anti-American thugs, in and out of MLB, pushing for the boycott:

    If 40% of the players are racists willing to protect and assist criminals while disrespecting the laws of the nation they live in, then we Americans should show our support by cancelling any and all contact with MLB, and all of its affiliates and associates.
    The will and rights of American citizens, both natural and those that immigrated LEGALLY, (across the country, more then 70% want the ILLEGALS out of the country), should weigh heavier then that of the the ILLEGALS, who take jobs from LEGAL immigrants, after the LEGALS have waited years to come here, at great expense, and assimilate into American society.
    White men are not the only people being denied jobs due to ILLEGALS. New LEGAL citizens, who need and want the same jobs being stolen by the ILLEGALS, need to tke care of their LEGAL families, to give them the American future they now richly deserve.
    Pick your favorite solution:
    1)There SHOULD be a general amnesty, every 5 years. For the next five years, jail everyone caught crossing or here ILLEGALLY. No parole. After 5 years, declare an amnesty and release them in Mexico. Repeat every 5 years as necessary.
    2)Confiscate 20% of all monies crossing the border to Mexico, to pay 5% each for “pool” type medical and car insurance policies and the education and incarceration costs the ILLEGALS incur.
    3)Better yet, just pass a very fair law stating that “citizens of any country, while here in America ILLEGALLY, who incur, in any way, any costs from the state, or who fall ill and need treatment, or who need to educate their children, shall have the same rights and shall be treated the same as any American citizen in the ILLEGALS home country, under the same circumstances, would be treated”.
    4)My favorite, overthrow the corrupt Mexican government and save the billions in graft the retiring presidents flee with, give all Mexicans a yearly check for the oil sales, and make Mexico the 51st state.
    Capitalism would make the territory explode with infrastructure jobs and money. Start capital and corporate gains taxes at zero, with a 1/2% increase over twenty years, to a maximum of 10%.
    Americans from the other 50 states would be moving there to work!(of course, we would have to kill many, many drug dealers and others that currently control Mexico).
    Controlling the southern border after that would be a simple matter. 

    Ron Reale

  • So-called “Supremacy Clause” vs 9th and 10th Amendments

    Posted by realetybytes on Wednesday, April 07, 2010 3:59:34 PM

    I keep hearing seemingly intelligent people stating that either the Interstate Commerce Clause or the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution give the Federal Government the right to override the States objections to this health care debacle.
    For months, the Republicans tried to get the option to buy health care across state lines to lower price and build competition. They were denied.
    How can the Interstate Commerce Clause cover a product that has specifically been denied the right to go interstate?
    Then I hear this sophomoric twaddle about the Supremacy Clause, and how that means the Federal laws outway all State laws. There is no other way to say this, but anyone telling you this is a liar, or absolutely ignorant of the Constitution.
    Have the 9th and 10th Amendments been repealed?
    Any first year law student knows the Supremacy Clause only covers those issues which the Constitution explicitly gives the Fed power over. For example, that is why the states and towns that try to pass anti-illegal immigrant laws have so much trouble. The Fed has the power over the borders and immigration, and no state can pass laws to override them.
    Health care, not being mentioned in the Constitution as the purvue of the Fed, falls under the 9th and 10th Amendments.
    We are going to hear months of these and other lies, trying to convince the uninformed that this is a legal law, not worth the effort to repeal. Don’t buy into the lies, keep up the pressure, and when you can, vote every incumbent out of office, then be there on their last day to laugh in the face of the fools. 
  • “Violence by WHOM?” / DEM:”They’re Almost As Bad As US”

    Posted by realetybytes on Wednesday, April 07, 2010 11:36:13 AM

    Passing thoughts on a couple of this weeks news items:
    After years of complaining about the possible incitment of violence by conservatives or the “racist” Tea Partiers, (remember poor Pelosi on the brink of tears due to the past deadly fanatical violence in her city?…yet failing to point out it was a left-wing fanatic perpetrator?),  the only ACTUAL violence at any of the recent demonstrations were the proud, ( very,very few), Harry Reid supporters. Union members, of course. When liberals want to terrorize people into silence, you can count on the local corrupt union to lead the way. Not to mention their filing a blatantly false police report, attempting to deprive a law-abiding citizen, with whom they disagree politically, of his freedom.
    Unions, don’t ya love ’em?
    Then there is the case of the two-term Democratic Congressman Cohen from TN. My, how proud they must be of him back home! In his attempt to plumb the depths, (in this case, the shallows), of his mind to find the most vile, contemptable, reprehensible groups or people to compare to the Tea Party, this Democrat comes up with…wait for it…FELLOW DEMOCRATS: the KKK and George Wallace!
    (The KKK was a Democrat organization, and, the Democrat party itself was formed to preserve and expand slavery.)
    “Drenched in Blood of Slavery”  by Roger Hedgecock at http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=101760. A great history lesson that has been purposely hidden.
    We need to throw all these pompous, lying fools out this election cycle. Both parties. The best way to let them know they can’t get away with this is to fire them all.
  • We The People…just words.

    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, April 01, 2010 10:55:21 PM

    Three words that changed the world. Two hundred plus years ago, people banded together in the name of freedom and the right to control their lives and property, willing to die for their “Creator” given rights, as in:
    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…
    Today, these same three words represent the ruling elite political class , as in:
    We the people of Congress decree, “you little people will follow all the laws we exempt ourselves from, and pay all the bills for our failed policies and shut up about it or you’re a racist”.
    A phrase representing the American dream, rights guaranteed by our “Creator”.
    Today, two out of three have been regulated away, and the third is unimaginable without the first two!
    No one is guaranteed life, mom can kill you anytime.  If you manage to avoid that situation and be born, you now have to pay a fee for merely existing in the United States, and if you do not purchase their extortion , I mean Health care, the IRS will deprive you of your liberty, either property, money, or, should you remain adamant to a degree with which they disapprove, freedom.
    I’m too lazy to type it out, but most of my readers know what it says, (most good Americans know the rules of the game), and the rest of you can go look it up.
    Currently, their are at least 37 states suing the Federal Government for ignoring the limits of power imposed by the Constitution. The basis for the next big fight for this Facist behemoth currently ruling us, taking over business and dictating outcomes as opposed to access.
    Words that started this great experiment in freedom and liberty.
    May be seen with greater frequency in the coming years, should be read and studied by our non-representative rulers. Those that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it, I hear.
  • Israel = Texas, revisited

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    Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, March 25, 2010 1:15:35 PM


    In light of the recent degrading and demeaning treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister by THE ONE and his Muslim Brigade in the White House, I realized I had to come back to this issue and answer my own question, from paragraph three.
    The answer is yes, there would be one, Barack Obama. He would immediately go to Mexico and apologize, while bowing deeply.
    (Originally posted by realetybytes on Monday, September 07, 2009 12:00:59 PM)
    Israel = Texas
    Imagine if a racist terrorist group , lets call it “La Raza” just for fun, decided to complain to the UN that Texas is occupying Mexican lands Texans won in a war, and demanded Texans stop building homes in Texas. Imagine the racist terrorist group, “La Raza”, decided San Antonio was Mexicos capital, and the Alamo was Mexican property.
    Now imagine the UN agrees with Mexico, and demands Texans stop building homes in Texas. Vladimir Putin demands it, and acts in a threatening manner about the issue.
    Would there be one American that would not go to Texas and start building homes, to say to the world, “fornicate yourselves, this is our land, won in a war, and we will never give it up, or let anyone else control our movements here. Try and stop us and we will kill you, your children and your childrens children!”
    Now look at the real life scenario in Israel.
    11 arab nations cowardly and sneakily attacked, with the intent to destroy Israel, on one of their Holy Days, years ago. Israel fought off the attack, defeating them all, and should have continued and destroyed each capital and taken over the whole region, but only took the land they were attacked from. The cowards lost the war, and the price they paid for their cowardly sneak attack was the land they attacked from.
    They no longer have any legitimate claim to that land, and Israel has every right to do as it pleases there, with no interference from ANYONE, and that includes the Anti-Israeli muslim brigade in the white house.
    Not only should Israel pull out off any so-called peace talks, which have never gotten them anywhere, regardless off what they agree too, they should wipe out the jordanian sewer called Gaza, and completely destroy any building or neighborhood a single bullet comes from.
    When they’re done killing all the people trying to kill them, they can negotiate for peace with the cowering survivors. Peace only comes when one side knows if they even look askew at the victor, they will be killed.
    How many times did Japan attack us after Nagasaki and Hiroshima? How about the Germans, or the Italians, (of which I am one)? Stop with the truce, finish the war, and let whoever wins dictate the peace.