• “Creator”…RIIIIGGHHT!…What’s a “Creator”?, (Apologies to Bill Cosby and Noah)…

    “Creator”…RIIIIGGHHT!…What’s a “Creator”?, (Apologies to Bill Cosby and Noah)

    I waited a few days before speaking my mind on the Presidents omission of the “Creator” in his version of the Declaration of Independence.

    I thought for sure that someone in the No-Longer Main Stream Media would lift their heads out of the Dems rumps and take note, maybe even offense, at the rewriting of our founding document.

    I thought wrong.

    Is it possible they did not notice”? Highly unlikely, it did make a ripple on the internet, enough to have been noticed.

    “Why ignore such an astounding event”? The No-Longer MSM agrees with the communist governmental model. Rights are bestowed upon citizens at the whim of committees, if ever. Government exists to give, or take, rights to, or from, citizens, at expense of all citizens.

    Under our American model, citizens get equal rights from the creator. Government exists to protect those rights for all citizens…for now.

    “Who else recently asserted the same principle, and why are they more dangerous to America then Obama”? Elena Kagan, President Obamas Supreme Court pick, was asked directly by Sen. Cornyn if she believed we get unalienable rights from our creator, she repeatedly stated that if it is not in the Constitution, she does not consider it law.  Kagans effect on the court will be much more damaging, long term, then Obamas presidency. If they continue to place high level officials all around government with like-minded followers, convincing citizens that rights are from man, and not born naturally into every person, our Constitution becomes useless.

    The No-Longer MSM did not mention or equate these things for you because it is their job, as they see it, to NOT tell you. To not report to you anything that might slow down this race to socialism, this avalanche of capitalistic destruction falling around us.

    What has temporarily stalled our disappearance into the depths of the “ash heap of History”,  is the questions triggered by free speech and the answers delivered by the internet.

    The Progressives, like the communists and Some Asian countries, think in terms of decades and centuries. The progressives have slowly been chipping away at their greatest enemy, the Constitution, since Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Right up to and through the 60’s attack on our economy by the likes of Cloward and Piven, and LBJ’s family destroying war on Poverty, the progressives have been pushing socialism on us, a little at a time. Had the internet not intervened, within 20 years America would have been a socialist, soon to be communist, nation.

    The Internet shed light on the 6:00pm newcasts, and what, and who, was behind them. It gave us access to hundreds of stories, not just the two that were cherry-picked for their particular POV.

    It treated us with respect, unlike the Formerly MSM, who called us fools when we voted against their positions.

    It lets us see, and share with our friends and acquaintances, what our president and his hand-picked Supreme Court justice think of our founding documents, and how that might guide, or at least, explain, their decisions.

    It has forced the progressives to load up for this election cycle. They realize that they will never get the opportunity to slip their agenda past an apathetic populace again. The people have awakened, and they are decidedly against the concepts being forced upon them. The progressives only hope is to pile it all in now, before the opposition gets fully entrenched.

    As far as the Obama rewrite:

    They did not mention Obamas mistake because it was not a mistake. They did not highlight the statements by Kagan about the Declaration of Independence. To them, it’s just, “Oh, that Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness thingy…no, not so much anymore”…” Next, Paris cops a plea, Lindsay  bails out, video at 11″.

    Ron Reale

  • The Iranian Presidents Mind VS Civilized Man…”never the ‘twain shall meet”

    The Supreme Court has let stand a death penalty against a Virginia murderess who paid two men to kill her husband and stepchild for insurance money. Obviously, a just sentence.

    The judicial system in Iran has been trying to have a woman stoned to death for having sex. The actual charge is adultery, but the root is, a woman had sex without a mans permission.

    The Iranian president has compared the two sentences, asking where is the outrage against America, equal to the outrage against his country’s treatment of the adulterer? He apparently see some moral equivalency.

    I, of course do not.

    We have had proof after proof of muslims determination to destroy the civilized word, and their intention to strangle freedom, wherever it exists, with Sharia law.

    His comparison is just more proof.

    More proof that the muslim does not have the capacity of understanding, intellect, or values to live in a civilized world. The muslims are savages, ready to stone to death a woman for her unauthorized sexual gratification, using her body as she sees fit, not her owner, brother or group of men. (Something no muslim has the courage to do, is recognize a woman as a person, not a piece of property).
    That is not a legitimate death penalty, that is a revenge killing.
    Our celebration of one of our most glorious laws is just that, a celebration.
    Progressive panderers to judicial anarchy and bleeding heart liberals have taken something beautiful and forced it into the darkness of night. We have allowed European Human Rights Panels and UN organizations to demonize our death penalty, to try and make us feel dirty for ending a human life.
    Our death penalty is the result of our community coming together after particularly heinous acts have been committed, mostly ending in the death of innocent, Liberty-Loving American Citizens.
    We make sure the facts are collected, and, as a society, investigate the circumstances surrounding the lose of our most valuable asset, the most valuable asset in the world, a free, independent person.

    When society is satisfied that a particular person is responsible for this atrocity, this destruction of freedom, this blow against liberty, we bring charges and prove the case “beyond a reasonable doubt”, under the most open trial system in the world.
    Upon conviction, after allowing appeals in case of an oversight, we make plans to rid our community of the persons who dared strike a free person down, and not allow them or their families the fruits of their heritage: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Originally, we had public executions, out in the open. It was a family gathering to teach the celebration of the cleansing of a free society of those who have given up their rights to live by denying the same to others.

    We do this not out of revenge.
    We do this as a warning to the world.
    It is a statement to the world that WE ARE FREE PEOPLE. We will not be killed easily, without notice. When our personal rights to self defense fail, and we are struck down, we do not die. Our society rises on our behalf, in our name, to chase down and demand justice of the killers.
    The president of Iran finds a moral comparison between the two? We are supposed to give weight to ideas, on any matter, that stem from a mind so damaged as that?


    Ron Reale


  • Is President Obama Auditioning For The Temptations?

    This is a picture of the President on Drudge right now, (9/12, at 9:00pm). I don’t know how long it will last, but those of you that remember the do-wop singers will recognize the style of the shot.
    The picture on Drudge looks like it came off a 60’s 45 (record) cover.

    As a matter of fact, I can here him singing:

    (to the Temptations hit, My Girl)

    I’ve got Tea Parties,
    gettin’ in
    my way…
    because they know I lieeii

    they won’t vote my way…
    I hear them say,-
    won’t you make that mosque go ‘way?-
    No way! (no way, no way),-
    I want it there-
    it stayEays! (IT STAYS!)
    There’s just soooo much money

    to steal from you

    By the time I’m done

    Big business will be  through.
    I hear them say,-
    won’t you make that mosque go ‘way?-
    No way! (no way, no way),-
    I want it there-
    it stayEays! (IT STAYS!)

    (Talkin’ ’bout muslims)
    There so much better then Americans
    (it stayEays, IT STAYS)
    (Talkin’ ’bout muslims)
    Fade out.
    Thank you, I’ll be here all week, be sure to tip the treasury with every cent you have!

    Ron Reale

    If I had a day job, I wouldn’t quit it!

  • islamophobia- You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means…

    islamophobe definition: Anyone smart enough to realize that islam is NOT a religion, but a political system dependent on the barbaric sharia, which uses intimidation, violence and beheadings to force everyone into submission, (islam does not mean “peace”, it means “submission”). It is diametrically opposed to freedom, and is a threat to the existence of the United States.

    Americans have a right to protest peacefully about anything. We put up with Flag burners, artists who desecrate Christian symbols, KKK protests in the street and more. We have a God-given right to offend and be offended. Burning a bible or a koran wouldn’t turn most peoples head here. It may anger them as they pass the protester while on the way to the mall, but Americans don’t run home and start sharpening their cutlery.

    Seventh century savages born and trapped into the political system known as islam, who are killed should they decide to change faith, are another story.

    They demand tolerance, yet are the most intolerant people in the world, killing anyone that disagrees with them. Fatwas, or death penalties, are announced by imams and ayatollahs regularly, calling on muslims to kill those that commit the slightest offense against this backward dictatorship, even if it means a suicide mission for their followers. The imams and ayatollahs stay comfortably at home while this goes on, leaving uneducated fanatics to die for them, on the promise of 72 virgins in the afterlife.

    They are misogynists who consider women to be of less value then animals.

    islamic jihad is the group that declared war on the United States as soon as we became a country, killing and kidnapping our sailors, forcing them into slavery and demanding tribute to sail the seas safely. The Marines, (called “Leathernecks” because of the stiff leather collars protecting their necks from the swords utilized by most armies of the time), were utilized by President Jefferson, who said, “Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute”.

    They wish to implement sharia in the US, (as the imam at ground zero demands), and we actually have traitorous ignorami in our government,  our courts and our media, who support the idea.

    When they say, “islam is a religion of peace”, they mean that after they have subjugated, forcibly converted or killed all non-muslims, there will be peace.

    When cartoons of the pedophile mohammed were published around the world, these savages rioted and killed people in every country but America. They are cowards, who knew a free, armed populace in America would have dramatically reduced the number of muslims in the world, had they tried that excrement  here. How does that part of sharia  hold up to our freedom of speech? We have a President, other politicians and a war hero General, (Petraeus), telling us to throw out freedom of speech because these backward savages might kill Americans in protest of what they or other Americans say.

    The General, for whom up to now I have had tremendous respect, should take off the uniform if he no longer wishes to defend our Constitution.

    Voters will sweep out the appeasers in our government. When the up-to-now-invisible so-called moderate peaceful muslims protest, protect their rights and celebrate their foray into free speech. When any become violent, kill them until there are no more willing to throw a stone. They must be made to pay a price for their savagery, or we might as well convert to islam tomorrow, because they will not stop flying planes into buildings or beheading innocents until we do.

    Every American should arm themselves, and go burn a koran. When the fanatics come for violence, give it to them. We are Americans, no one tells us what we can or cannot do or say.

    We need to amend our Constitution to read, “Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers.” Give them six months to leave, and burn down all their mosques, grind the stones to sand, and ship it all back to their desert paradise.

    I am a proud islamophobe, communistophobe, marxistophobe, socialistophobe, pedophileophobe, misogynistophobe, and anything-else-that-is-out-to destroy-America-ophobe, including obamaophobe.
    Ron Reale