• An Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg

    Mayor Bloomberg,

    Considering the recent and past accidents your child has had, (and I am pleased she was not again seriously injured, but I question whether you are a serious parent, sir), I have to point something out to you.

    You allow your daughters involvement in a dangerous and sometimes deadly sport.  Any fool knows that the percentage of people involved with horses that get injured is far higher then the percentage of people who MIGHT be injured by salt. Salt is a required staple of our lives, we cannot live without it, yet we certainly could live without allowing our children to ride upon high strung animals, placing them in immediate danger.

    Many people that love salt have NEVER been harmed by it.

    Your daughter has been repeatedly harmed by horses.

    To my point, sir:

    Why don’t you spend a little more time learning how to protect your own family, and stop abusing your office to make believe you know how to protect mine?

    Or, if you wish:

    What makes your daughter so damned special that she has the right to put her life at great risk, yet we don’t have the right to put as much salt on our meals as we like?

    You sir, are one of the most callow, hypocritical, power-hungry megalomaniacs on the political scene today. I hope you decide to run for president,  it would do you good to be humiliated on the national stage.

    Kinda’ like you humiliate New Yorkers every time you decide our menu for us. That’s humiliation!

    Be well,

    Ron Reale



  • I’ll Believe Boehner Is Different…

    …as long as he never sets foot in the Pelosi Party G5 aircraft, and immediately makes arrangements to sell it for a less ostentatious vehicle . If he flies in that airplane, he is just Pelosi with a tan, another elitist political whore.