• Al Queada IS the Sanitation Dept…

    Now that we know that the deaths and accidents that immobilized NY was just another purposeful, terrorist act, will we act appropriately? Will the union terrorists be waterboarded, (I HOPE), and sentenced to indefinite terms at Guantanamo?

    Why not?

    Didn’t they just do what the islamists have been trying to do? Terrorize and paralyze NYC, killing people and causing grievous¬† injuries?

    Didn’t they purposely wait until the most damage could be done to their enemy, the American citizens, before they launched their cowardly attack?

    If this union is not de-certified, a la Patco, and the leaders jailed, we will deserve what happens when the rest of the corrupt union thugs controlling our government see that they can kill us with impunity.

    Government unions should be banned, there are plenty of people that will do the jobs without being treated as royalty.

    Vote out any politician,and do not let any through the primary system, that does not vow to kill government unions, as a matter of national and self defense.

    They fired the first shot, our modern day, “shot heard round the world”. If we do not engage them, and kill the unions, they will keep killing us.

    It’s now or never.

    Ron Reale


  • “Tax Cuts COST Money”? Not hardly!

    I have been hearing for years about, “tax cuts for the rich costing money.”

    What an absurd concept. If you are mugged on the street, and your wallet is taken with $100.00 in it, yet you retain a $20.00 bill in your shoe, did you just “cost” the thief $20.00?

    Democrats believe it is your moral imperative to pay that, and more, and you should feel guilty until you do.

    Tomorrow, the thief will have less money for heroin, but you need to buy some and have it delivered, bowing deeply as you apologize.

    I hear them exclaim, “They need to pay their fair share!”.

    Leave aside the fact that the top 2% pay 40% of the taxes.

    If we, or in this case, (unfortunately), they, are determined to have a “fair share” to pay, doesn’t that mean both sides of the equation should be fair? Couldn’t it be said that no one outside of that category is creating their fair share of wealth?

    I would like to see a “wealth created in the economy” column right next to the “tax paid”.

    Something tells me the people , “not paying their fair share” of the taxes would be responsible for 75 to 85% of the wealth created, for themselves and others, and the taxes collected from it.

    Look at the thieves, I mean democrats, breathless indignation at the thought that the government may only steal 35% of a families inheritance over $5 million dollars.

    The inheritance, or death, tax is the leading cause of the destruction of family farms in America. Having to pay the taxes on the farmland upon the death of the owner, the family is often forced to sell the property.

    The Miami Dolphins had to be sold because the Robbie family could not pay the taxes on what the team was worth. Is it right for a family to lose everything the patriarch has worked for all their life, what they have already paid taxed on?

    The death tax is immoral, but that is only natural, because those that push it are immoral. They prove it every time the spend a dime they do not have.

    Lets make believe someone actually wanted to stop bleeding money and create wealth in America.


    Announce a twenty year business tax plan. Zero out Corporate and Capital Gains taxes, allowing a .5% rise for twenty years to a permanent high of 10%. The world will run back to America to start businesses.

    Give every working person over 40 the choice to retire with between 1 and 5 million dollars, tax free, depending on their job skills. The only requirement is that they buy an American car and pay off their mortgage, or take one out.

    Get rid of the IRS. No one should ever again know how much anyone else makes. A sales tax with the proper tweaking is what we need…you buy something, you pay tax. The more expensive the item, the more progressive the tax.

    There, done. This plan would fix the car, real estate and banking industries, and wipe out unemployment.

    Your welcome.