• I’m Not A Perfect Person, I Strive Not To Feel This Way…BUT…

    …I feel not one iota of sympathy for the ruler of Libya or its inhabitants. I actually, and God will not look kindly on me for this, I actually feel a sense of pleasure, a peaceful acceptance that all is well in the world when Libya can be torn to shreds in full view of us all. If there is any country in the world more deserving of it and it’s inhabitants being struck by and destroyed by violence and bloodshed, I can’t think of it.

    If there is one person with a cogent argument as to why anyone should think it important to intercede in the glorious destruction and death raining down on Libya, I have not heard them, and, truthfully, I would not listen.

    The thought of American soldiers, or the soldiers of any free peoples, putting themselves in harms way to aid these savages is anathema to me.

    You see, I remember.

    1)I remember Leon Klinghoffer and his death aboard the Achille Lauro.

    1)I remember Abu Abbas.

    2)I remember the hero’s welcome afforded Abu Nidal and his fellow terrorist killers.

    1)I remember the airports in Rome and Vienna.

    1)I remember the La Belle Disco.

    1)I remember all the terrorist activities this deranged ruler “Col.” Gaddafi has brought forth upon the world, temporarily stopped when Reagan sent him a guided gift from America, only to have it arrive slightly late.

    I remember them dancing in the streets on 9/11.

    I remember how they danced and celebrated when the terrorist Lockerbie bomber returned home,  freed through a corrupt oil deal, with our Liar-In-Chief, obamas, permission.

    3) (obama went before the cameras and bemoaned the release, condemned the release, claimed we knew nothing about it, in a performance worthy of a SAG actors union card. As usual, if his lips were moving, he was lying. The release of the terrorist Lockerbie killer was given the green light by obama, he knew about it all along).

    No, I feel no sympathy. My antipathy towards them is such, that had I my way, the crazy “Col” would kill everyone in his sewer country, down to the last man…and, as that last man falls, mortally wounded, I would have him squeeze off two last shots, one for the “Col”, and one for his son.

    It is more than any of them deserve, and what civilized people everywhere deserve to see.

    For those that worry about who will fill the vacuum caused by the Libyan collapse, I say this:

    I don’t care who takes over, as long a they realize that there will be no more second-chances. There will be no “foreign aid” payments to keep you in your box. If you wish to massacre your people, within your borders, have at it. We have nothing to say, we will do nothing. The day one of your bullets or shells, or agents, goes outside of your border and strikes a free citizenry or country, it is over. We will blanket bomb your nation until nothing moves.

    People that believe in the same evil death doctrine as the people killing them, just a slightly different version, should not be protected by civilized society.

    No islamist country is worth the death or injury of one American citizen.

    Ron Reale


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    3) http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/07/obama_admin_approved_lockerbie.html

  • Hey Mr. obama, Self-Defense Is NOT “Assault”!

    Our esteemed, (in his own mind), president recently lamented the WI Governor’s plan to save his state from economic collapse. He said the plan, which would gut the corrupt past deals the government workers have received, which led to the government workers making, on average, 50% more than the taxpayers for similar work, represented an, “assault” on unions.

    If a rape victim punches her attacker during the rape, is she guilty of “assault”? Apparently, our president thinks so.

    We The People have been getting RAPED by past agreements, worked out behind closed doors between parties that have no, “skin in the game, ” to quote a despised community organizer.

    We The People are going to get direct control over the wages stolen, I mean earned, by these thieves. Their attitudes towards their jobs is abysmal.

    Teachers around the country are getting raises while their students are failing, or being pushed out of school totally ignorant of basic math and reading.

    Entire Government agencies, having failed miserably in fulfilling their original mandates, if not having actually made things worse, are rewarded with bigger budgets and bonuses for the inept workers, and, in the case of the Dept.’s of Energy and Education, their anti-American activities.

    I realize, Mr. obama, that you have disdain for the American Constitution, because you have said so, repeatedly. I guess that is why you don’t understand the difference between an unwarranted, “Assault”, and justifiable, “Self-Defense”.

    Ron Reale


  • Gaddafi tells Palestinians: revolt against Israel

    Reuters Africa carried that headline today, 2/13/11.

    My only question is, where is Ronald Wilson Reagan and his cruise missles when you need them? Obviously, Gaddafi didn’t get the message the last time, or his memory isn’t serving him well.