• It’s Hard To Trump the Truth!

    It’s Hard To Trump the Truth!
    Up to now, the media has had a field day dismissing, denigrating and doing their best to destroy, anyone asking any questions regarding the Stranger-in-Chief, disparaging them as “birthers”

    If someone mentions the Constitutional mandate to ensure only, “a natural born citizen”, runs for the White House, they are slandered as “racists”, because this recent electee happens to be a man of, or 1/2 a man, of color.

    When the known facts are brought up, like the FACTS:

    1) Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi signed different documents concerning the eligibility of John McCain, (his says he has been found to be Constitutionally qualified), and the Stranger-in-Chief, (that paragraph concerning qualifying eligibility is not found on his document);

    2) His grandmother insisted until her death that she had been at his birth in Kenya;

    3) There is no evidence of his parents living together in Hawaii at the address on the newspaper birth announcements;

    4) There is evidence that he was educated as a muslim in Indonesia, and listed his religion as “islam” even when registered in Catholic school from first to third grade;

    5) His Indonesian school records identify him as Barry Soreto, Indonesian citizen, muslim.

    6) (This is also possibly why he lost his law license, as he may have lied on his state filings, saying he had never gone by other names);

    7) The Stranger-in-Chief reportedly has a Social Security number which previously belonged to a dead person, from Connecticut, a state with which he has never been connected;

    There is more obfuscation in our presidential “invisible man”, but you get the gist. Any reasonable person seeing all this, and knowing the Stranger-in-Chief has three law firms he has paid upwards of $2,ooo,000 dollars to date to keep hidden every record from every aspect of his past, might have a question or two.

    Asking those questions, up to now, has caused destruction and ridicule to reign upon the questioner, at the hands of the all knowing, oh-so superior Main Stream Media, (MSM), and the elitist loyalists of obama. Few people can hold up under their combined, withering attacks.

    Enter Donald Trump!

    Never one to run from a controversy, The Donald has jumped right into the fray. He has repeatedly stated his incredulity at the fact that we Americans are constantly showing their birth certificates when they do the simplest things, like getting a drivers license or signing their child up for Little League.

    8) He wonders, like most Americans at this point, why the Stranger-in-Chief won’t just release the birth certificate. For that, he has been branded a racist by that great intellectual, Whoopie Goldberg, whose ignorance level led her to actually state that, if, “he was elected president, then he is an American! ” Really? I didn’t find that rule in the Constitution! If that is the requirement, can we expect an onslaught of illegal aliens filing to run for President, just to gain citizenship?

    The Donald has the heft and gravitas, the testicular fortitude, to stand up to their onslaught, and he has the smarts to give it back in spades.  Americans welcome his questions. They welcome his common-sense demands to bring an end to this dangerous lack of credentials, his insistence we find out just who we elected.

    He, like all of us, wants the truth, because, as you know…wait for it…it’s hard to TRUMP the TRUTH!

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  • The New, “Pelosi Foreign Policy”

    Along the line of, “some things never change”, we have now entered a realm similar in circumstances to the passage of the Health Care Bill.

    At the time, Madam Pelosi posited that because the bill was so large and unwieldy, and there was so little time to read it, it would be necessary to, “pass the bill, so we would know what was in it”.

    Now, at a time when the UN is full of itself in the absence of an American-interest protecting President of the United States, a time when the world is waiting expectantly to see which tyrannical dictator the United States President will next bow and grovel apologetically before, we have gotten into a “situation”.

    There is no time to decide the correct path to take, we must act immediately to start killing people, we will find out what was in it for us, what actions will be undertaken against us, what terrorists we have just elevated to heads of state, later.

    I especially love the fact that our Follower-in-Chief jumped to and keeps referring to the request for a no-fly zone by the Arab League.

    I don’t see one of their planes in the air, with us offering support and guidance. No, that is not how the islamists do things. They go to the subservient infidels and get them to fight their wars for them. They get what they ask for, and then immediately attack the infidels for having the temerity to have done exactly what they were asked.

    Where are all the “moderate” Arab countries, willing to fight to put down their fanatical brother muslims?

    They do not exist. We have put ourselves, or actually, our Dhimmi-in-Chief has put us, right in the crosshairs of the next wave of fanatical muslim terrorists. Should Wacky Khadaffy survive, you know he will continue his exportation and funding of terrorism, and it will be us he will target.

    Should we manage to help al quada and the muslim brotherhood, whom we are working alongside right now, defeat Wacky Khadaffy, does anyone think their gratitude will be such that they immediately cease all terrorist activities around the world, and stop trying to force sharia law on the west?

    No, they will use their new-found positions  of power and weapons to fortify and magnify their activities and demands against civilized cultures, attempting to re-create their seventh-century savagery around the world.

    This is what the,”Pelosi Foreign Policy”, will bring us. We have entered a war without debate or clarity of mission, and we will find out what awaits us as a result, later.

    Ron Reale

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  • “C’mon MOM, Everybody’s Doing It!”

    1)”Protect the muslim brotherhood at all costs!”, to paraphrase Defense Sec. Gates.

    What he actually said was, although the Libyan conflict posed no danger to the United States, we had to act because the Libyan conflict could have spilled over and had an effect on the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

    2) The muslim brotherhood is in charge of the Egyptian riots. Sharia for the world is what they live for, and are implementing, step by step. They will not be deterred, especially now that the Americans are funding, and helping them, as they overthrow admittedly tyrannical dictatorships, (really, the only form of government capable of using the same tactics the muslims use, back against them, in spades, to keep them from destroying civiliation!), and replace them with islamist states.

    Clinton, Gates and the Follower-in-Chief circumvented their clear duty to consult Congress, because the rest of the world, in the form of some UN resolution, told them they could.

    Not the 17th or 18th resolution over 2 years, like was previously required when we needed help in Iraq. No, one little resolution with less then 1/7th of the members, within 30 days!

    Wow, what tyrannical socialist dictators can do when they put their mind to it! Wait until they use the same blueprint to attack Israel! With our help, of course!

    Our Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton, cleared everything up by explaining, “…but I don’t think that this kind of  “internationally authorized intervention”…”, meets the can’t-attack-anybody-without congressional approval portion of the Constitution!

    So, our illustrious Sec. of State doesn’t think  bombing and killing foreign citizens in their home country with or without an official declaration of war, constitutes a, “military attack”. If a Libyan plan somehow made it to NY, (I know, I know…they’d have to drain the fluids, dismantle the plane, ship it in crates to La Guardia, re-mantle the plane, re-introduce the fluids, and then fly it over Manhattan), and managed to bomb our airports and kill people, would she not consider that an “attack”, or, “an act of war”, regardless of whom agreed and told Libya to attack?

    If not, we need a new Sec. of State.

    She says now it is OK for the United States to start bombing a sovereign nation, killing and maiming its citizens, and assisting terrorist organizations in their violent takeovers of secular governments to advance sharia law, in conflicts with no bearing on the United States because, ya know… the other kids in the UN are doing it! Never mind that this organization has never supported the US with the military aid we needed when we asked. No, a couple of other tyrannical dictators came to us under the guise of the UN and asked for us to bomb some other tyrannical dictator, and away we go!

    My mother would have said, “if all the other kids jumped out the window, would you?” Every time I have heard this question in my life, the answer to the international childhood plea for understanding and permission, “but MOM, all the other kids are doing it!”, the obvious answer has always been a dejected, beaten, “No, Ma..”

    For some reason, a group of children in and around the White House have decided to say, “Why sure Ma! I sure will jump out that window, without your, or anyone else’s, (Congress), permission! Bite Me!”

    Then they skip off gleefully to Brazil or some other UN-member socialist paradise to continue to suck up to the tyrannical parasites of the world, who are always eager to play host to, “fellow travelers”, from the United States government.

    Washington logic makes me crazy…I gotta go now…open that window for me, will ya…?

    Ron Reale

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  • Liar-In-Chief: “…I got a lot of moving parts.”


    So, our Liar-In-Chief claims neither he nor Eric Holder knew of, “Operation Gunrunner”. You know, the “Operation Gunrunner” that, according to ATF officials, allowed illegal weapons to flow across the Mexican border so that the Justice Department might make some big drug bust in the future.

    Instead, our Failure-In-Chief says the decision to invade a foreign country and help terrorize, kill and maim its inhabitants came from some underlings, he doesn’t know who, yet, because, ya know, “…this is a pretty big government, the United States government. I got a lot of moving parts.”

    “A LOT OF MOVING PARTS!?” That is his answer?!? Where’s the indignation, the outrage, that one of his subordinates in Government would do something so blatantly unethical, immoral and plain illegal?

    Where is his compassion for all those harmed or killed by these weapons…has he apologized to the family of the DEA officer HIS GOVERNMENT MURDERED?

    If someone else had done something so underhanded in my name, I would be turning over ever rock, looking in every nook and cranny, TODAY, MYSELF. I would have every officer in the chain of command in my office, and they would leave unemployed if they could not answer my questions, NOW, IMMEDIATELY! I would not need some Inspector General to investigate who was murdering people in my name, I would not accept another person leading the search for answers. It would all be public hearings, and I, the President, would be demanding answers.

    The fact that that is not what is happening is proof once again that obama is lying. He is not upset at murders in his name, because he committed them. He knows the answers, he is just looking for someone to fall on the sword for him, or just plain leave holding the bag, (Eric Holder).

    He and Holder actually want the public to believe that some obscure department head took it upon themselves to breach the sovereignty of a foreign nation and purposely do harm to its citizens.

    If we are to believe this, we have a much bigger problem then just an anti-American President. How many of the government workers have been bestowed this power? How many of them are making decisions, or think they have the authority to make such decisions, to circumvent the Constitution, Congress and the (ineffectual) President? Is that why they have that power, because obama is such a failure that they think someone has got to do something, no matter how stupid, to make it look like he is actually a leader?

    Whatever the answer, it comes down to a community organizer using corrupt community organizing tactics to get what he wants, the gutting of the second amendment and the destruction of America’ reputation as a world power.

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  • Not All Revolutions Lead To Freedom

    Not All Revolutions Lead To Freedom
    On March 26, 2011, at realetybytes.com, by Ron Reale

    How about a round of applause for the man who could do the impossible!
    1) The man who, in the short span of two years, could get the American public to not only accept Al Queda as a legitimate faction in the political discourse of the world, but who is now acting to arm, and has American troops fighting, alongside them! Here, here, huzzah, huzzah!

    The man who has just agreed to bomb a sovereign nation based on UN recommendations that could also be used, and, mark my words, WILL be used, to justify an attack on the state of Israel!

    Well done, obama!

    Never mind that as soon as we have helped them overthrow wacky kahdaffy, they will be out to kill us again, using the weapons we supplied them. To obama and the left-wing media, they are “freedom fighters”, just like our forefathers. Revolutionaries, deserving of their “freedom”.

    To them, we are about the stupidest infidels in the world, a people that in the face of constant threats and terrorist actions, continues to support a shady character with no past that can be verified, (due to his paying millions to keep it hidden), while he apologizes to, and advances the cause of, “freedom”, for islamists worldwide).

    Ah,  “freedom”! Great word, isn’t it?

    Any idea what the Egyptians are planning to do in the name of their new found, “freedom”?

    “Freedom” to do what? The muslim brotherhood and I have a completely different view of, “freedom”.

    Did anyone bother to ask what their intentions were?

    Has anyone in Egypt, Yemen, Libya or any of the other countries being torn apart by the muslim brotherhood laid out their future plans?

    No, of course not. Even our Idiot-In-Chief would not be able to continue to support them, if they revealed their plans to help him destroy America.

    Our president, the one that has repeatedly denied the existence of a “creator” that we get our rights from, who has repeatedly stated his opposition to our founding documents, he don’t need no stinking “Declaration of Independence” from these revolutionary thugs. It is enough for him to know they are just overthrowing a secular government. No letter  of intent or statement of future conditions necessary for this World Follower.

    If there is anarchy around, he is willing to fund and arm it. Our soldiers are now fighting with Al Queda and the muslim brotherhood, helping to rid the world of the leaders that knew of their dangers.

    Right now, the biggest threat to world stability is the White House.

    Our Allies like Britain and Israel know obama is more of a threat to them than any, (other), muslim organization. We have betrayed Britain by sharing her nuclear secrets, and we have turned our backs on Israel, joining her enemies in the UN.

    Michelle may be, “proud”, but for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country.

    Ron Reale

    1) http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/obama-administration-looking-for-ways-to-arm-al-qaeda/



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  • There’s A Big Difference Between Our Revolution And Theirs!

    It is, of course, The Declaration Of Independence!

    I am amazed at the marvel bestowed upon these rioters around the world by our media, intellectual academia and politicians. I cringe at the comparisons to our beginnings, the complete bastardization of history and facts.

    Americans did not spring up and riot, only to replace their tyrant with another. Neither did they do so surreptitiously nor anonymously.

    The leaders drew up, and announced to the world, in clear and unambiguous terms, the reasons for their dissolving the “ties that bind”.

    We have at this moment, all around the world, a violent uprising by unnamed peoples with the intention of forming a violent muslim, “caliphate”, determined to rule the world through islam and sharia law.

    None of these uprisings have faces. None of these,  “rebels”, have distributed any declarations of freedom or difference between themselves and those they fight to overthrow. Nor have they announced their intentions to bring freedom or better lives to the people they purport to represent.

    No, we have people overthrowing their tyrannical dictators so they can form more perfect tyrannical dictatorships, and export a more violent brand of their, “religion of peace”.

    My recent diatribe against both sides of the Libyan conflict has raised the hackles of some, those that think I should automatically spring to the defense of those trying to overthrow Khadaffy, (or whatever the hell his name is).

    Why? What do these new, “rulers”, bring to the table?

    When people and countries came to the aid of America in her early days, they did so with the knowledge of her long term intentions, and the blow for freedom she stood for, because of our “Declaration of Independence”.

    It is all there, easy for the world to see and understand, and agree or disagree with. They could stand up and support us, or not, based on our clear recitation of grievances and solutions. France, thank goodness, agreed. England, well, not so much.

    A “Declaration of Independence”, or some such statement of ideals, from a set of leaders, is a necessity if you want the world to rally to your defense, or consider you a noble hero in the fight against tyranny and despotism worldwide.

    Faceless riots by a dictators, (up-to-now), supporters, who only clamor to make their country more restrictive and dangerous to the rest of the world, don’t make the cut for whom I consider worthy of support with Americas blood or treasure.

    There, I mentioned it, our, “Declaration of Independence”. I know it is just a minor thing, but I really would have thought one of the anti-American press or progressive liberal traitors in our government would have remembered it, between orgasms of delight over the prospect of the UN running our military, ( in the absence of an American President who knows how),  and muslim brotherhood takeovers around the world.

    To enjoy the Mark Leland autism awareness music video, “Missing Pieces”,

    Ron Reale


  • Under Holder, We Have A Proud, Racist (IN)justice Dept…

    …unless it concerns, “HIS”,  people!

    1)  Two New Black Panthers intimidate voters at poll in Philadelphia, case dismissed by Racist Holder’s  (IN)justice Department policy, that no whites will be represented or defended for loss of civil rights, because OTHER, LONG DEAD Americans, once owned HIS people as slaves. Career lawyers for the former Justice Department are outraged.


    2)  Election results throwing out party affiliation for local elections in Kinston, NC thrown out by Racist Holder and his Washington, DC, (IN)justice Department. Ruling overrules will of voters who wanted to concentrate on the best person, they who are most knowledgeable of their community and issues, not party backing. The measure won a majority in seven of the city’s nine black-majority voting precincts and both of its white-majority precincts. Such citizen support and unanimity is anathema to any Black Separatist, so Racist Holder lept into action and put an immediate stop to such a mature, common sense, American solution to good government. Racist Holder’s (IN)justice Department declares without Democrat designation, blacks too stupid to know for whom to vote.


    [3] Now, a new insult to the Constitution, and, a direct attack on the security and safety of American citizens. Americans, having failed a test that would normally determine their intellectual fitness to advance to a position where they carry a weapon and make life and death split-second decisions, are being given the jobs. Regardless of their failure, purely because of the race-filled fantasy world that is Eric Holders Mind, those that failed will still be given a position that will put them in charge of protecting their community. Race is his only determining factor, qualifications and citizen safety be damned!

    The fact that not enough of, “HIS people”, could manage to pass a test to determine their unique contributions to the publics safety, rouses no outrage from the protected community. They are paying for, and have a right to demand, the best qualified!

    For a Racist, qualifications never matter!

    Dayton NAACP President Derrick Foward notes…

    “If you lower the score for any group of people, you’re not getting the best qualified people for the job,” Foward said, (before being, “disappeared”).



    Racist Holder IS RIGHT, about one thing…Americans must be the, “cowards”, he deemed us to be, concerning race.


    If we had any backbone at all, we would be marching on Washington, and hearings on his blatantly racist, un-American policies would be immediately called.

    His gutting of the “equal protection” clause of the Constitution is screaming for charges to be brought, and his immediate dismissal.

    Americans are being wronged, purposely and proudly, by the person, (“people”, actually, obama is behind all the racism in Washington, DC, today) and Government agency we are supposed to look to for protection and relief.

    Is there no one in Washington, DC, with the cojones to stand up for the Constitution and stop this assault, this re-writing of Americans civil-rights, by an outrageously obvious racist?

    Will this Chicago bully go forever unchallenged? I ask all 535 Congressional Representatives…

    Are,  “we the people”, not ALL supposed to be, “HIS people”?

    Have you forgotten the oath you took?

    Have you given up on America?

    Have you decided that this is now America?

    Have you no shame?

  • Rep. Peter King Standing Up For America

    As everyone knows, New York State Congressman Peter King, Republican from Nassau County, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, is planning to hold, (long overdue), hearings on radical Islam in America.

    Of course, the anti-American progressives and liberals in the media and the White House are up in arms on the thought of shedding light upon their friends.

    The muslim brotherhood has strong ties to this administration, as noted here:


    This not the first administration to accept them, just the first to KNOWINGLY accept them, and, for the most part, agree with them.

    “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America”, by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, lays out, using a treasure trove of thousands of internal CAIR documents, how radical muslims have been advising, lobbying and even leading daily prayers for Congress for years.

    Many of our government officials in the past had no idea of the history and threat to our way of life these radicals represent. Their ignorance can be forgiven.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for any of our MSM, or this current Congress and White House.

    Rep. King is trying to bring the facts to Americans. He is being viciously attacked for his potentially lifesaving efforts.

    The MSM, trying to help their anti-American friends and close associates,


    is smearing him on a daily basis, trying to bias everyday Americans against any report he eventually issues.

    The fact that the communist mouthpiece, the NY Times, is leading such a virulent attack on Rep.King, is enough to prove to most Americans that Rep. King is on to something.

    Up to now, some of the defense of these radical muslims could be chalked up to ignorance of their true beliefs and actions.

    That no longer holds true. Since 9/11, Americans have awakened to the threat these seventh century savages pose. With the indifference shown by this administration to their actions, these radicals have come out of the shadows, and now openly call for the islamist flag to fly over the White House, and Sharia law to rule the land.


    obama and his progressive friends deflect all criticism of their, (I’d like to say, “their”, means the radical muslims, but in this case, it also covers obama and friends, unfortunately), terrorist ties or anti-American program.

    Clearly, they disagree with the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Jackson, and wish the Bill of Rights to indeed be, a “suicide pact”.  (Terminiello v. City of Chicago, 1949)

    All Patriotic Americans should stand with Rep. King. He is facing the most evil threat this country has ever faced, unrepentant radical islam and their obsequious servants, Barack Hussein Obama and his progressive liberal friends in the media and Congress.

    Ron Reale


  • Isn’t Murder a “High Crime or Misdemeanor”?

    Let’s see now.

    Hillary Clinton goes to the Mexican border and accuses American citizens of being behind the deaths in Mexico, because, she says, American citizens are illegally supplying the drug gangs with weapons.


    She and the ATF thugs start proceedings to restrict, limit or outright deny the legal American citizens the right to exercise their second amendment rights, treating them as criminals.


    Fast forward to today. We now know what she knew all along.

    obama and his racist Justice Dept. head, Holder, have been murdering people in Mexico by sending illegal weapons there directly from the White House. They even videotaped some of the smuggling of their weapons by the drug dealers, as they loaded them into vehicles and crossed the border, (instead of stopping them).


    ATF officers have come forward to report they were told to let the weapons they are hired to stop, into Mexico.


    Holder says this was being done to track the weapons, so they could make a major drug bust in the future. When asked about the crimes committed, the deaths caused, by Holder and obama’s weapons, a justice dept. official said it was necessary to “break a few eggs” (to make an omelete).

    Of course, Holder doesn’t mind killing some Mexicans, hell no, they’re not, “his people”.

    What has been uncovered, but still not mentioned by the “Three Blind Mice”, (ABC CBS NBC), is a classic, “False Flag” project.

    obama and Holder invaded a sovereign nation with the intent to kill and do harm to their citizens, and blame it on legal American businesses, so they could gut the Second Amendment and ban guns.

    This whole administration is an illegal abomination, a disgustingly lawless cabal of socialists, communists and union thug terrorist supporters, doing their best to destroy Capitalism and the American Constitution.

    Can no one see the truth?

    WILL no one see the truth?

    Ron Reale