• Under Holder, We Have A Proud, Racist (IN)justice Dept…

    …unless it concerns, “HIS”,  people!

    1)  Two New Black Panthers intimidate voters at poll in Philadelphia, case dismissed by Racist Holder’s  (IN)justice Department policy, that no whites will be represented or defended for loss of civil rights, because OTHER, LONG DEAD Americans, once owned HIS people as slaves. Career lawyers for the former Justice Department are outraged.


    2)  Election results throwing out party affiliation for local elections in Kinston, NC thrown out by Racist Holder and his Washington, DC, (IN)justice Department. Ruling overrules will of voters who wanted to concentrate on the best person, they who are most knowledgeable of their community and issues, not party backing. The measure won a majority in seven of the city’s nine black-majority voting precincts and both of its white-majority precincts. Such citizen support and unanimity is anathema to any Black Separatist, so Racist Holder lept into action and put an immediate stop to such a mature, common sense, American solution to good government. Racist Holder’s (IN)justice Department declares without Democrat designation, blacks too stupid to know for whom to vote.


    [3] Now, a new insult to the Constitution, and, a direct attack on the security and safety of American citizens. Americans, having failed a test that would normally determine their intellectual fitness to advance to a position where they carry a weapon and make life and death split-second decisions, are being given the jobs. Regardless of their failure, purely because of the race-filled fantasy world that is Eric Holders Mind, those that failed will still be given a position that will put them in charge of protecting their community. Race is his only determining factor, qualifications and citizen safety be damned!

    The fact that not enough of, “HIS people”, could manage to pass a test to determine their unique contributions to the publics safety, rouses no outrage from the protected community. They are paying for, and have a right to demand, the best qualified!

    For a Racist, qualifications never matter!

    Dayton NAACP President Derrick Foward notes…

    “If you lower the score for any group of people, you’re not getting the best qualified people for the job,” Foward said, (before being, “disappeared”).



    Racist Holder IS RIGHT, about one thing…Americans must be the, “cowards”, he deemed us to be, concerning race.


    If we had any backbone at all, we would be marching on Washington, and hearings on his blatantly racist, un-American policies would be immediately called.

    His gutting of the “equal protection” clause of the Constitution is screaming for charges to be brought, and his immediate dismissal.

    Americans are being wronged, purposely and proudly, by the person, (“people”, actually, obama is behind all the racism in Washington, DC, today) and Government agency we are supposed to look to for protection and relief.

    Is there no one in Washington, DC, with the cojones to stand up for the Constitution and stop this assault, this re-writing of Americans civil-rights, by an outrageously obvious racist?

    Will this Chicago bully go forever unchallenged? I ask all 535 Congressional Representatives…

    Are,  “we the people”, not ALL supposed to be, “HIS people”?

    Have you forgotten the oath you took?

    Have you given up on America?

    Have you decided that this is now America?

    Have you no shame?