• The New, “Pelosi Foreign Policy”

    Along the line of, “some things never change”, we have now entered a realm similar in circumstances to the passage of the Health Care Bill.

    At the time, Madam Pelosi posited that because the bill was so large and unwieldy, and there was so little time to read it, it would be necessary to, “pass the bill, so we would know what was in it”.

    Now, at a time when the UN is full of itself in the absence of an American-interest protecting President of the United States, a time when the world is waiting expectantly to see which tyrannical dictator the United States President will next bow and grovel apologetically before, we have gotten into a “situation”.

    There is no time to decide the correct path to take, we must act immediately to start killing people, we will find out what was in it for us, what actions will be undertaken against us, what terrorists we have just elevated to heads of state, later.

    I especially love the fact that our Follower-in-Chief jumped to and keeps referring to the request for a no-fly zone by the Arab League.

    I don’t see one of their planes in the air, with us offering support and guidance. No, that is not how the islamists do things. They go to the subservient infidels and get them to fight their wars for them. They get what they ask for, and then immediately attack the infidels for having the temerity to have done exactly what they were asked.

    Where are all the “moderate” Arab countries, willing to fight to put down their fanatical brother muslims?

    They do not exist. We have put ourselves, or actually, our Dhimmi-in-Chief has put us, right in the crosshairs of the next wave of fanatical muslim terrorists. Should Wacky Khadaffy survive, you know he will continue his exportation and funding of terrorism, and it will be us he will target.

    Should we manage to help al quada and the muslim brotherhood, whom we are working alongside right now, defeat Wacky Khadaffy, does anyone think their gratitude will be such that they immediately cease all terrorist activities around the world, and stop trying to force sharia law on the west?

    No, they will use their new-found positions  of power and weapons to fortify and magnify their activities and demands against civilized cultures, attempting to re-create their seventh-century savagery around the world.

    This is what the,”Pelosi Foreign Policy”, will bring us. We have entered a war without debate or clarity of mission, and we will find out what awaits us as a result, later.

    Ron Reale

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  • “C’mon MOM, Everybody’s Doing It!”

    1)”Protect the muslim brotherhood at all costs!”, to paraphrase Defense Sec. Gates.

    What he actually said was, although the Libyan conflict posed no danger to the United States, we had to act because the Libyan conflict could have spilled over and had an effect on the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

    2) The muslim brotherhood is in charge of the Egyptian riots. Sharia for the world is what they live for, and are implementing, step by step. They will not be deterred, especially now that the Americans are funding, and helping them, as they overthrow admittedly tyrannical dictatorships, (really, the only form of government capable of using the same tactics the muslims use, back against them, in spades, to keep them from destroying civiliation!), and replace them with islamist states.

    Clinton, Gates and the Follower-in-Chief circumvented their clear duty to consult Congress, because the rest of the world, in the form of some UN resolution, told them they could.

    Not the 17th or 18th resolution over 2 years, like was previously required when we needed help in Iraq. No, one little resolution with less then 1/7th of the members, within 30 days!

    Wow, what tyrannical socialist dictators can do when they put their mind to it! Wait until they use the same blueprint to attack Israel! With our help, of course!

    Our Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton, cleared everything up by explaining, “…but I don’t think that this kind of  “internationally authorized intervention”…”, meets the can’t-attack-anybody-without congressional approval portion of the Constitution!

    So, our illustrious Sec. of State doesn’t think  bombing and killing foreign citizens in their home country with or without an official declaration of war, constitutes a, “military attack”. If a Libyan plan somehow made it to NY, (I know, I know…they’d have to drain the fluids, dismantle the plane, ship it in crates to La Guardia, re-mantle the plane, re-introduce the fluids, and then fly it over Manhattan), and managed to bomb our airports and kill people, would she not consider that an “attack”, or, “an act of war”, regardless of whom agreed and told Libya to attack?

    If not, we need a new Sec. of State.

    She says now it is OK for the United States to start bombing a sovereign nation, killing and maiming its citizens, and assisting terrorist organizations in their violent takeovers of secular governments to advance sharia law, in conflicts with no bearing on the United States because, ya know… the other kids in the UN are doing it! Never mind that this organization has never supported the US with the military aid we needed when we asked. No, a couple of other tyrannical dictators came to us under the guise of the UN and asked for us to bomb some other tyrannical dictator, and away we go!

    My mother would have said, “if all the other kids jumped out the window, would you?” Every time I have heard this question in my life, the answer to the international childhood plea for understanding and permission, “but MOM, all the other kids are doing it!”, the obvious answer has always been a dejected, beaten, “No, Ma..”

    For some reason, a group of children in and around the White House have decided to say, “Why sure Ma! I sure will jump out that window, without your, or anyone else’s, (Congress), permission! Bite Me!”

    Then they skip off gleefully to Brazil or some other UN-member socialist paradise to continue to suck up to the tyrannical parasites of the world, who are always eager to play host to, “fellow travelers”, from the United States government.

    Washington logic makes me crazy…I gotta go now…open that window for me, will ya…?

    Ron Reale

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