• Is obama Superman, or is Superman obama?

    As I watched the President pat himself on the back for, (continuing the policies put in place by George W Bush, including making Osama Bin Laden the top priority of our military and law enforcement agencies, and, using the information gleaned through George W Bush’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” 8 years ago to catch him), I realized that he, obama, seems to believe that it is he, and he alone, that is responsible for finally killing our Most Wanted enemy. Even though George W Bush said it was our policy to get him, “Dead or Alive,” even though it was the CIA’s orders for many years to kill him, (while obama was voting to strip all the same Bush policies, decrying every action GW made against our enemy), apparently, it was really all obama.

    Which leads me to ask:

    Is obama Superman, or is Superman obama?


    In an extraordinary decision, Superman has been written, (yes, I know he doesn’t exist!), to give up his American citizenship, because he does not want his actions portrayed as benefiting American policy.

    obama’s path is being re-written to actually convince people he is happy our greatest enemy is dead, by his hand, because of information he believed we had no right to get.

    Leaving aside whether he even was, or is a citizen, or whether his papers would, (be written to), have a higher ID number than people born days after him, there are still many similarities, between obama and Superman. (obama doesn’t want his actions benefiting American policy either, like giving NATO predator drones to kill Khadaffy, while claiming we don’t want him killed, that might benefit America).

    Both didn’t really know their real parents.

    Both being raised, and influenced, by surrogates.

    Both have “secret identities”, Superman just needing a suit and a pair of glasses. obama needs three law firms and millions of dollars to keep his true identity hidden.

    Superman had the Kents, fine people from the heartland of America, who instilled in him the traditions, values and morals they believed in, those of America.
    obama’s grandfather sought out Frank Marshall Davis to become obama’s strongest influence, according to obama. Davis instilled in the boy the traditions, values and morals he believed in, those of a Black Power-pedophile-sexual-deviant-communist anti-American.

    Both have carried at least some of those teachings with them all their lives, until recently. (The fictional one changed for the worse, not vice versa, unfortunately)

    Both spent time in the world of print, Superman at the Daily Planet, obama at the Harvard Law Review.

    There are differences, though.

    Superman has always been written as a champion of America, who stood for, “Truth, Justice and the American Way”. obama, in his role as an, “community organizer”, and now as President, has always had great problems with, ” Truth”. I could list many of his lies, concerning things such as publicly financing his campaign,  transparency in government, no federal funding for abortions, you know, all those little things…

    Than, there is,  “Justice”. Superman was all for, “Justice”, arresting anyone on the wrong side of the law, delivering them for prosecution.
    obama believes in, “Justice”, as long as the criminals are not Black Panthers, or muslim terrorists, (except for Osama Bin Laden. In his best GW impression, osama put two in his head). Superman ain’t playin that! That might “benefit America.”

    Or, “I don’t know all the facts, but, (the white guys), acted stupidly”.

    The, “American Way”? Up to now, Superman was all for the, “American Way”.
    obama, on the other hand, has, since his arrival on the scene, denigrated our Constitution repeatedly, and apologized for America’s morals, values and traditions, (like defending ourselves from most of the worlds terrorists), all over the world, bowing, scraping and groveling to pissant dictators worldwide.

    Superman is reportedly about to go to the UN, and declare himself to be a “Citizen of the World”.

    Didn’t obama do that already? Will that terrorist supporting organization disavow obamas new identity, as its members attack America for delivering, “justice”?

    I just wish that if one of them had to emulate the other, it would have gone the other way.

    BTW, anyone seen Trump and Superman together?


    (That amazing photo was supplied by Charles Henrickson as a comment on my freerepublic.com post, and I am extremely grateful!)


  • Projecting Trump’s business decisions into the political realm misses the point

    Having anyone research a professional entrepreneur’s background for political stability is farcical at best.

    Of course Donald Trump has said and done contradictory things, especially when it comes to political donations!

    His business persona and fiduciary responsibility made him go with whatever he needed at the time to get the job done, or exhibit the image he needed, when necessary.

    He has been attacked for using “Eminent Domain” laws to his advantage. He is a businessman, and has every right to use available tools like the Kelo decision given to him by the Supreme Court.  Argue with those who forced “Kelo” on us not those who use their decision legally.

    Trump has done quite well for himself within the Capitalist system. According to Forbes, Trump’s wealth was valued at $2.7 Billion in March 2011. He has created many jobs, and his enterprises have generated untold millions in tax revenues.

    Can Trump make decisions? Sure.

    Does he love and respect America? Absolutely.

    Unlike Barack Obama, nowhere can we find evidence that Trump has repeatedly, or ever, complained about the constraints of the Constitution, and the shortcomings of our forefathers’ creation.

    Unlike Barack Obama, Trump has never gone out of his way to praise Communist countries run on slave labor, implying America should be more like them.  To the contrary Trump asks inconvenient questions about why Europe or China should have the fastest trains, or the newest factories manufacturing clean energy products aren’t being built in America.

    Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t bemoan the fact he isn’t president of a Communist country, because it would be easier to get things done, -without free citizens.  (“Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, ‘No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square’” not if they want to live!

    We have never seen a political Donald Trump, and we certainly have never seen a move taken by Trump on the world stage that in any way was designed to belittle or diminish America’s greatness.

    Can we honestly say the same thing about Barack Obama?

    We cannot use Trump’s past decisions in the private sector to judge him, except to determine whether he has the ability to collect, sort and absorb facts, and, along with his advisers, reach decisive, logical decisions.

    In a month, Donald Trump has done what the feckless sycophants in the media would not even try. He demanded and got an answer about Obama’s birth certificate.

    Now what happens when he demands Obama’s sealed college transcripts, his passport records, why he refuses to allow us to drill for oil anywhere and eventually his 2012 budget.  The score so far is Trump ONE Obama and his sycophantic media ZERO, and Trump is not near finished.

    We tried an inexperienced, American-values hating failure. This time, lets go with an experienced, American-values promoting success.

    To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

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  • Politics Not The Business Of The Military…Yet!

    I am so tired of the repeated caterwauling and derision of American values and God-given rights from politicians, judges, and the last people in the world that should be publicly commenting on a citizens legal rights, military men.

    Recently, an American citizen rightly pointed out the absurdity and evil of islam, by burning the book that forces its followers to kill free men everywhere.

    Here, in America, where we have free men with God-given unalienable rights, here, we are being told we can’t say anything about islam.

    This cult has been at war with America for 200 years, yet we are derided as “islamophobes”, if we question the evil motives or barbaric methods of this savage, seventh-century insult to civilization.

    We have a military in this country, created by the citizens to protect our God-given rights. Period.

    Political discourse is not in the domain of the military.

    We are not supposed to know legal “opinions” of our military men, and certainly should not have them pressured upon us. The military men at the State of the Union Presidential addresses do not stand and applaud at partisan lines, or policy dictates, nor do the Supreme Court members.

    To the world, reading our founding documents shows our military to be subservient to the citizenry and the law, period.

    The military are not a lawmaking branch of the government, nor policy makers. They are not societal engineers, running our lives.

    On the contrary, they have but one function in our society, or had, up to now.

    That is to kill anyone trying to encroach upon our liberties, as defined by our God-given rights, enshrined in the Constitution they swore to uphold.

    Even in their own separate military justice, they may have no opinions on their orders, having to follow them, as long as they are legal orders.

    Our First Amendment was still in effect, last time I checked.

    It is the right and duty of any fellow American, newsman, citizen on the street, elected official and even a president to condemn and criticize an American citizen and their form of legal political protest, if they so desire. They can run counter protests if they desire.

    It is a sad day for our country when a military man expresses opinions to the world, in uniform, from foreign territory, attempting to assuage our enemies hateful intolerance at any Americans exercising their God-given rights, by belittling those very rights; by accepting the premise that ANY word or deed in the world short of a violent attack against them, deserves the deadly, incendiary actions our enemies take, without excuses or reasons, every day of the week.

    We expect corrupt politicians and the media to speak from both sides of their mouths, capitulating and bowing to our enemies.

    It is up to our military to stand up, under any and all circumstances, for any American to exercise the freedoms of the document they swore to uphold.

    That is why the General, well meaning I’m sure, should have kept his mouth shut if he could not use the opportunity to point out the freedoms available to all in America, of all religions or beliefs, as long as they are non-violent; and how he is the embodiment of that freedom, ready to defend, kill and/or die protecting it, and anyone living peacefully under it, regardless of whether he agrees with them or not.

    Editors note: The day after I published this, news broke that the General will be running the CIA soon. I’m glad he found a position more suited to his political learning curve. I guess we can all expect regular dressing downs about not exercising our Constitutional rights, for fear of upsetting  hateful, intolerant, extremely disrespectful thugs, Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s what he thinks of Americans standing up to filthy savage extortionists trying to blackmail the world into silence with their barbarity. I guess we are supposed to join him, and love and tolerate the killers, and respect their violent, vicious attacks against infidels world-wide.

  • An Open Letter To Tom Tancredo, (Share It With Your Friends, Tom)

    Tom Tancredo attacked the Trump candidacy in an article at World Net Daily,


    His main point of contention is that Trump has no record of so-called, “public service”. You know, that, (selfless drive that politicians hide behind as they conspire to steal our money), “I’m better than you because I work for the government thing.”

    I felt it was necessary to address some of his concerns, as such:

    “… “How is it that a man with so much heavy political and personal baggage and no record of public service whatsoever can be taken seriously by so many Republicans as a candidate for the highest office in the nation?”

    Hi Tom, good, if wrong on so many counts, article! I love your stand on the border, and am waiting to see if Trump will speak to that issue. To answer your question, his “political baggage” is only that of a successful businessman trying to survive amongst sharks, and saying and doing anything he can to get an advantage. He has not been making decisions for others, but for his business. The “public servants” you are so keen on, are all, (mostly), corrupt liars and power hungry thieves that go to DC and amass millions of dollars in backroom deals, spend our money on corrupt dictators and the anti-American UN functions and dictates, and do their best to destroy America from within. The “public service” record you seem to feel is so necessary to lead America is a joke. Like the Kennedy’s, they are all craven, power hungry elitists with a do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do attitude towards the people. Name me a politician that went to DC and did not get rich, sir. How are those insider trading deals, whose laws they are immune to, working out for them? “Public Service” is a quaint idea that has been taken over by career politicians as a smokescreen to cheat and destroy America. By “public service”, do you mean Rangel cheating on his taxes? Pelosi making special laws to enrich her tuna contributors and husband? Harry Reid selling government lands so his kids get rich? Teddy Kennedy killing his brothers pregnant girlfriend? Teddy Kennedy conspiring with the Russians against our country, numerous times? obama apologizing for America existing at all, and doing his best to turn us into a third world nation by bankrupting us? Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd all arranging corrupt banking deals, and ruining the banking system with the communist ideals? This is the best you can do, sir? Complain that because he has not stolen enough, cheated enough, or harmed enough citizens through “public service”, Trump won’t fit in? Unlike 90% of the “public servants” we elect, who turn into steal-as-much-as-possible-between-fixing-elections-to-stay-in-power thieves, Trump is already a powerful man, with what we really need. “PRIVATE SECTOR BUSINESS ACCUMEN” and smarts. Unlike the Schumers and other microphone-hungry pissants blustering from DC, he won’t need an election to feel important and superior to the electorate or amass power and wealth. “The Donald” may be a joke to you and other elitists, sir, but, given the choice between a politician that has never worked a day in his life yet pontificates like they know it all, and a successful, and at times, unsuccessful businessman that has made his way to the top, the politician loses, hands down. Be well, and please concentrate on the border, on that you make sense. On Trump, no, not so much.

    Ron Reale realetybytes.com

    I did not address the fact that he attacks “The Donald” for his past record, yet it is easy to find that record, as opposed to people paying millions of dollars to law firms to hide all past records. It would have been too easy. rr

  • GOP/MSM in Trumps Corner!

    I love the way the Republican Party and all its powerbrokers have come together to help elect Donald Trump. It is great to see RINOs and Conservatives both spring to the front lines of “The Donald’s” campaign.

    Every time propagandists like Karl Rove point out all “The Donald’s” shortcomings, all that he would need to do to be successful or accepted by the “Mainstream GOP”, (in other words, all the things they themselves have not done), Trump gets stronger.

    Every time they fail to bring up the common-sense issues important to the citizens, things like whether we have a legal president, how to deal with China, what to do with the Iraqi oil, you know, little things like that, Trump gets stronger.

    “The Donald” did not spend his life striving to run/ruin our lives. Unlike all but a select few of our elected representatives, “The Donald’s” arrogance and attitude of self-importance comes from actually being successful in his chosen fields, (and, at times, a failure, but always bouncing back from it), and creating and building concrete, glass and steel monuments to American capitalism and freedom all around the world.

    Donald Trump is America. Donald Trump LOVES America.

    He is every one of us. He is not perfect, he is American.
    We do the best we can with what we have, we make the most of our every opportunity, we dream of better things.
    We want the truth, as you cannot make correct decisions without all the facts.
    We state the obvious, because to not do so makes us look weak.

    He, and we, do not live in the slime of politics. We live in the real world. We can’t lie to our customers or fellow businessmen if we wish to remain trusted and successful, unlike politicians, who slither from corrupt deal to corrupt deal, stopping at the microphones to lie to us about how they only have the citizens interest at heart.

    Trump is different. He speaks his, and, by extension, our minds. When he is asked about obamas birth certificate, he does not obfuscate or run from the common sense answer like the professional politicians do. He answers the question.

    He actually will give an opinion about our landlords, the Chinese, and how they are screwing us.
    When he said he would take over the Iraqui oil fields, both sides of the aisle erupted in disgust and fear, but Americans cheered.
    Does anyone think the Mexican border would remain a war zone under a Trump Presidency?

    So please, MSM, keep asking Trump about the subjects all the others avoid, and you yourselves have never actually wanted answered. He will not run and hide to provide you cover. He will answer your questions honestly, and make you look like fools for not having covered it before this time.
    Please, professional members of our political apparatchik, please keep denigrating and looking down your corrupt, progressive, Nancy Pelosi-one party-one value-system, noses at “The Donald”.

    Every time you open your mouths and give us what you think is a reason to dislike or distrust “The Donald”, we realize just why we need him.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Hey, General Petraeus, OF COURSE it is, “…hateful,… intolerant and…extremely disrespectful…”

    Hey, General Petraeus, OF COURSE it is, “…hateful,… intolerant and…extremely disrespectful,” to burn the koran. That’s the point!

    They want us to be cowed by their religion, forced to be told what we can or can’t do, because of their death-cult religion. They have been extorting the world with their terror, because of that book!

    Is it burning one book that is responsible for the innocent deaths of hundreds of thousands of muslims and infidels worldwide? OR, 26% of the muslims IN THIS COUNTRY who follow that book thinking suicide bombings are legitimate? OR, filthy pedophile following imams preaching from that book around the world calling for the death of infidels and the destruction of the state of Israel?

    What year did he burn it? It seems they have been killing us, and bombing us, since before the patriot Pastor Jones was born…did they know he would grow to know their heart and start preemptive killings?

    Instead of standing up and saying, ” In a free society on one day you can have a legal KKK protest, another day a gay pride parade, another day a church can mount anti-gay protests at military funerals.”

    “In a free society, you get to express your beliefs, and your neighbor, if he so pleases, can come out and protest. If muslims in America want to protest, they can band together and march, block streets, carry signs and shout slogans. Americans may disagree with them, but God help anyone trying to stop them from peacefully protesting! Both those that agree and disagree with them will come to their aide!

    “That is a representative democracy. We are free to insult and be insulted without resorting to violence.”

    “The dialogue created at the protests, the civil discourse surrounding peaceful protests, leads to new ideas, new insights for people. Seeing the other side, and passionately debating your ideas, hones ones beliefs, and adds to ones life experiences. Freedom is a beautiful thing.”

    “What the fanatics in your religion are doing by killing non-believers or anyone doing anything they disagree with, shows the civilized world you are not to be taken seriously, that you, and your cult of death religion, are not ready for integration, at the very least, and deserve annihilation as the logical result of your vicious, deranged actions.”

    “We ARE “hateful” towards the actions and persons killing innocents and hiding behind that book! We ARE “intolerant”, only in that we will not tolerate your barbarity in the name of your religion any longer! We ARE “extremely disrespectful” of any cult stealing the life and freedom of people because they “insult” you!”

    “We also ARE ready to  help you advance to the 21st century or fight you in every corner of the world, until you retreat back to your seventh-century cesspool.”

    THAT is what Americas representatives should be saying…it certainly is what Americans are thinking!