• GOP/MSM in Trumps Corner!

    I love the way the Republican Party and all its powerbrokers have come together to help elect Donald Trump. It is great to see RINOs and Conservatives both spring to the front lines of “The Donald’s” campaign.

    Every time propagandists like Karl Rove point out all “The Donald’s” shortcomings, all that he would need to do to be successful or accepted by the “Mainstream GOP”, (in other words, all the things they themselves have not done), Trump gets stronger.

    Every time they fail to bring up the common-sense issues important to the citizens, things like whether we have a legal president, how to deal with China, what to do with the Iraqi oil, you know, little things like that, Trump gets stronger.

    “The Donald” did not spend his life striving to run/ruin our lives. Unlike all but a select few of our elected representatives, “The Donald’s” arrogance and attitude of self-importance comes from actually being successful in his chosen fields, (and, at times, a failure, but always bouncing back from it), and creating and building concrete, glass and steel monuments to American capitalism and freedom all around the world.

    Donald Trump is America. Donald Trump LOVES America.

    He is every one of us. He is not perfect, he is American.
    We do the best we can with what we have, we make the most of our every opportunity, we dream of better things.
    We want the truth, as you cannot make correct decisions without all the facts.
    We state the obvious, because to not do so makes us look weak.

    He, and we, do not live in the slime of politics. We live in the real world. We can’t lie to our customers or fellow businessmen if we wish to remain trusted and successful, unlike politicians, who slither from corrupt deal to corrupt deal, stopping at the microphones to lie to us about how they only have the citizens interest at heart.

    Trump is different. He speaks his, and, by extension, our minds. When he is asked about obamas birth certificate, he does not obfuscate or run from the common sense answer like the professional politicians do. He answers the question.

    He actually will give an opinion about our landlords, the Chinese, and how they are screwing us.
    When he said he would take over the Iraqui oil fields, both sides of the aisle erupted in disgust and fear, but Americans cheered.
    Does anyone think the Mexican border would remain a war zone under a Trump Presidency?

    So please, MSM, keep asking Trump about the subjects all the others avoid, and you yourselves have never actually wanted answered. He will not run and hide to provide you cover. He will answer your questions honestly, and make you look like fools for not having covered it before this time.
    Please, professional members of our political apparatchik, please keep denigrating and looking down your corrupt, progressive, Nancy Pelosi-one party-one value-system, noses at “The Donald”.

    Every time you open your mouths and give us what you think is a reason to dislike or distrust “The Donald”, we realize just why we need him.
    Thanks for your help!