• We Need To Emulate The Left, Change The Rules, Focus

    Over the last 100 years, anyone paying attention to the political landscape understands that the only way the “Progressives”, ( the liberals and most Democrats in Washington), have been successful, has been through the re-interpretation of the English language. For example,¬† “torture”, known by anyone intellectually honest enough to read a dictionary as the infliction of pain, breaking of bones, leaving scars or permanent damage or death now encompasses scaring people. Scaring someone is not torture, period.

    Juan Williams on Fox is the worst at it. Every time someone says the word “waterboarding”, Williams says “we don’t gouge out eyes or rip off fingernails!”


    That’s right, Juan, we don’t hurt people, we scare them. They leave with their eyes, fingers and other body parts, most notably their heads, intact.

    Other elitists say, no waterboarding, “we’re better than them.”

    We are better than them, which is exactly why we should keep waterboarding. We have a way to extract the information we need from our enemy, saving lives and country, without damaging or violating their bodies in any way? The prisoner, (or our soldiers, we do this to them in training), can get up, unharmed, immediately?

    I say we need to learn their methods of deflection and redefining the rules of the game, (CZARS), or redefinition of language, (General Welfare, torture, separation of church and state, the second amendment, etc, etc…), and think of taking a drastic step this election cycle.

    First, send not a dime to the Republican Party, or any RINO’s running. If the nominee is “NEW DOLE,” or “NEW McCAIN,” (you know, Pawlenty, Romney, Daniels or any of the other RINO’s), we need to change direction.

    Abandon the presidential election. Ignore it. In the long run, the person in that seat isn’t the most important to our economic security or the continuation of America as a Capitalist system.

    We NEED the Senate. As soon as we get a supermajority in the Senate to match the House, the figure in the White House can push whatever agenda they want, but without money, or “advise and consent” of the Senate, he is powerless.

    None of them will de-fund, or even hold to their original mandate, the EPA, Dept. of ED, Dept. of Energy, FCC, FDA or any of the other  dangerously out of control fiefdoms, which were created to amass power for DC through the creation of stifling regulations, continual growth and patronage jobs.

    Pour the millions we would spend on a useless figurehead Presidential election into getting a veto-proof Senate. Put all efforts into showcasing the cost and damage of the policies of the Senators, left and right. The people are awake in small town America. Show them who is helping, and who is hurting, the country they love.

    Don’t waste millions fighting the billions in fraud at their disposal, when even if we win a Presidential election, they still control the spending and laws.

    Get the supermajority, shut down all spending and federal appointments.