• Is There Time To Save America?

    I have to ask, just looking at the recent events and news.
    In a recent graduation ceremony, it matters not where it occurred, a principal felt it necessary to translate his graduation speech into Spanish, so his graduating class could understand it. REALLY?
    Assuming America is still a viable country, dependent on Capitalism as an economic system, does anyone think it is a good idea to be graduating students that can’t communicate in ENGLISH? Have they not just wasted their time, and the money of the citizenry, actively assisting immigrants, (legal or illegal), for four years, to avoid learning the one thing that can help them live and work anywhere in this country? Are they not now relegated to living in anti-American enclaves, continuing to split this country apart? Have the students not been relegated to low-income jobs, (if any jobs, at all), because they can’t speak the language of the United States and the preponderance of the business therein?
    Than, there are the great American citizens of Eugene, Oregon, who should just change the name of their America-hating town to something more fitting, like “New Moscow.”
    The Mayor and city councilpeople reached to the depths of hatred for their country, and decided the Pledge of Allegiance will not be said before council meetings, or will be limited to four times a year, (to appease the remaining few Americans, yet to be denounced and replaced with true Moscovites).
    Their reasoning? The pledge is analogous to the Communist Manifesto, claimed one great patriot! Another won’t say it because she is “a citizen of the world”, (I’m waiting for her to give up her American citizenship officially, and register as a foreign agent, like foreign lobbyists are required to do).
    Our public schools have done a splendid job, exactly what their communist overseers demand. Kruschev would be proud! He stood in the UN, pounded his shoe on the podium, and declared, “we will bury you!”
    He went on to say how they would do it. Through instigating our minorities against us, and through flooding America-hating Marxists into our school systems, and indoctrinating our children against America. Can anyone claim he lied? (BTW, this is only one video missing from years of tapes at the UN video vault).
    We have allowed traitorous men to stand as senators, from Soviet enablers and accomplices like Teddy Kennedy actively conspiring against America,
    to the disgracful liar John Kerry, whose unsanctioned meetings with the North Vietnamese earned their praise, and assisted their war against America.
    Illinois has proven, time and again, that we have no men of honor. Corruption at the highest levels has brought down four governors for the sleaziest of reasons, and left America at the hands of a terrorist friendly, Constitution hating and ignoring, criminal in the White House.
    Unfortunately, I could go on.
    America and Capitalism need men of Honor to survive. Progressive enemies of America are entrenched in our system.
    Is there time to save America?
  • Bill Keller, From Failed Biased Editor To Hack Biased Journalist, A Progressive Tale!

    Bill Keller really does stand alone! Anyone who thought that the “arrogance of ignorance” was a trait only encompassed in our current president, hasn’t been paying attention to the N.Y. Times over the last few years.

    Ever since Bill Keller took over as Editor, the paper has accelerated its anti-American left-wing trajectory. As a result, their circulation has plummeted, and advertisers have fled in droves. Once the people realized that the Times was nothing more than MSNBC in print, even the independents and moderates left the fold, and the value of the stock has collapsed. ($48.50 in ’03, $8.18 today)

    Recently, in an effort to save the paper, and while still denying the paper leans left, Bill Keller was replaced as Editor. Some thought his removal would end his continued damage to the paper.

    How wrong they were!

    Keller now fancies himself a “journalist”, yet has again proven his absolute misunderstanding of honest journalism.  Continuing the same, “Journolist” mentality behind the destruction of the paper as a whole, Kellers bias and self-aggrandizing narcissism is in full evidence with his latest diatribe against the greatest evil in the world…the person who, in his words, “… most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea.”…of this persons Presidency.

    Oh, and because of just that reaction from journalists alone, the rest of the country should shun that person, and ignore the evidence to the contrary, (which is increasingly abundant), and deny that person a voice in our political discourse.

    Because HE has decided journalists don’t like Sarah Palin!

    He really doesn’t like her, and she proved she deserves the hatred of the press, because, (according to Keller):

    A) She thinks Veterans deserve more credit for our freedom than “journalists”, (Palin said: “It is our vets who we owe our freedom — not the politician, not the reporter — it is our vets, so that’s why we’re here.” at the Memorial Day Ride with Veterans.) and,

    B) She does not like the press.

    As usual, Palin is 100% correct! While politicians can talk a good game, and might have got us close, if they were our only recourse we would still be in the British Empire, and they have never talked hostilities to an end. As to papers like the Times, who have been nothing more than communist manifesto-pushing rags for years, if they actually had any power at the time, our forefathers would have been found out and hanged before any Revolution came to pass.

    As to her disliking the press, they have savaged her and her family mercilessly, and attempted to destroy her at every turn. They just spent days asking for help going through 24,000 pages of this private citizens e-mails, and spent not one minute looking into the history of whoever it claims to be currently occupying the White House.

    Keller may have left the helm of the NY TIMES, but he is still guiding the progressive path of hatred and lies against successful Americans with whom he disagrees.








  • Corrupt Customs Agents Hurt American Economy, Image Abroad

    I’d like to tell you a story of our all important “image” in the world, and how condoned, ingrained Government corruption of the same sort as “Operation Gunrunner”, but by Customs agents instead of the ATF, has a detrimental effect on both our image and economy.

    During my years with my “better half”, many of her friends have become close  personal friends of mine. This is especially true about her two best friends, lets call them “Mary” and “Jane”.

    “Mary” and “Jane” came to America a couple of times a year, each bringing a few thousand dollars with them to buy clothes, visit family and friends, and return to Colombia. They cost us nothing to be here, but left money in our economy, and spread their personal praise of America wherever they went. Being law-abiding travelers, they were always cognizant of the restrictions on how much cash can be brought into the country.

    A couple of years ago, they were victimized by lying, corrupt American customs agents, who “confiscated”, (stole) their money, and through lies and perjured testimony, have kept one of these fine woman from being allowed to return to America to see family and friends. It was an easy “bust” for them. They just took “Mary’s” money, gave it to “Jane”, then arrested “Jane” because she had too much money! BONANZA! Confiscated money and another one of those pesky foreigners kept out!

    Way to go corrupt Customs agents, your mother’s must be sooo proud!

    Me, I think you’re a disgrace to the country, and should be stripped of your citizenship and expatriated to Venezuala or Iran.

    I can’t speak to the cause of their corruption, or why they decided to pick on a middle aged woman, who has never broken any laws in her many trips to America, who has always loved America and spoken of her in the most glowing of terms, and who has extended family and friends here in America to vouch for her.

    I can’t speak to why they violated their oath to uphold the law. Maybe to them it was just a case of padding their records to make them look like their doing something to justify their overpriced benefits and job for life.

    Whatever reason they had, they didn’t just pad their record. They “padded” the record against America, too.

    Around the world, tin-pot dictators like Chavez speak of America in less-then glowing terms, speaking of the evils of capitalism and how it kills and steals from the poor.

    “Operation Gunrunner” and other blatantly corrupt, un-American actions from our government agents and agencies, do not exist in a vaccuum. They prove Chavez can be right sometimes, and we really need to do something about that.


  • Main Stream Media NOT The Voice Of The GOP!

    So the Main Stream Media has decided an anti-gun, pro-choice politician, a  “comprehensive” border policy supporter who will not jail owners that hire illegals, a man that believes in Man-made global warming, practices what to some is a “strange” religion, wants gays in the Boy Scouts and the military, who thinks muslims can be convinced to change to democracy without the military, and wants the government to mandate citizens to purchase health care, is acceptable Presidential material.

    I’m not talking about the current President they love so much, barack hussein obama. No, I’m speaking about their newest crush, Mitt Romney.

    They are bending over backwards to keep Romney the front-runner, the “obvious” choice for the GOP, because he is almost obama. The media needs to ensure that whoever the GOP nominates be a pale comparison of what we have now, so they can claim, (after Romney gets the nod), “why vote for him, when obama is giving you all that and more!”

    Once again, the GOP is relegated to putting up the “next in line”. It didn’t work for Dole; they tried again with obamas mini-me, McCain, and it would’ve been an obama landslide had McCain not picked Palin for VP. The only reason the election was as close as it was, was because people, me included, held their noses and voted McCain, figuring, (never hoping, that is too much), he’d die before he did as much damage as obama, or he himself wanted, and a Conservative would become President.

    The only way the MSM can cover for the current embarrassment is to ensure that whoever the GOP puts up, there is little or no contrast with him.

    The scenario they fear the most, and are struggling to avoid, is someone like Cain, Bachmann, Palin, or their REAL fear, Rick Perry, standing on the stage with obama, contrasting their Pro-America ideals with his America-needs-to-apologize-for-existing-mentality.

    Neither obama, nor any of his advisors, know anything of the real world. They are theoreticians, academics who have never held a job, nor created a job, nor run a business. Herman Cain alone has more business experience than all of the obama administration officials put together! The stark contrast between a pro-business, pro-growth, America first candidate, and what we have now, would be striking. The MSM’s job is to keep that contrast from the public eye.

    obama wants abortion on demand, all unwanted children dead, and if they survive the first attempt to kill them in the womb, murder them in the hospital.

    Bachmann has 23 foster children, a fact I was ignorant of until just recently.

    Yeah, that’s a debate they want to see! (NOT!)

    I have been watching the continued attacks on Rick Perry, (GASP, he asked people to PRAY with him!), trying to ensure a discomfort level to keep him out of the race.

    I could see Perry running, Palin supporting him to the nomination, and Mark Rubio for VP.







  • Why They Hate Her So! Part 1



    Sarah Palin.
    Two words, seemingly harmless until recently. Palin had no meaning at all before 2008. Not so, today.
    Today, those same words strike fear and hatred into the hearts of the Main Stream Media, progressive liberals, and America’s enemies around the world.
    Why? What is it about Sarah Palin that makes them so crazy? How can they continue to attack when they themselves have been proven wrong by her, over and over, and the country as a whole recognizes the stupidity and inherent misogynistic unfairness of their desperate attacks against her and her family?
    It’s easy. It is the same virulent bias the left attacks any black person with, if they should become successful without government handouts, or, gasp, become a conservative.
    They hate her because she does not need them, period. They need her, and that offends them. They think it is up to them to direct the path of politicians and the country as a whole. They will decide the issues, and to whom we should listen and for whom we should vote .
    Until Sarah.
    Look at how the MSM cried when Sarah didn’t play their game, and actually practiced her God-given right to free travel and went on a bus trip. The complaints from the so-called media, because Sarah wouldn’t give them an itinerary, or tell them anything in advance about her plans, ruined their chance to shape the message as to just how stupid she was today. No, they were forced to actually do their jobs, and go get the story…the story from someone they think is an ignorant fool, with no redeeming value as a political speaker or candidate, other than to be a danger to America…but they have to follow her!
    Why? If she is as stupid as they say, why not ignore her? Why not go prop up the Rinos and pinkos they want, instead of following this woman, keeping her in their crosshairs, marked for destruction?
    Because Sarah Palin could completely redefine a campaign, and run and win, without ever talking to them. Ronald Reagan went right to the people when the media tried to define him. She could continue to run from wherever she is, using just her name. Without them biting at her heels, she can roll around the country, and every time she speaks on a subject, the other candidates will be forced to answer her issues.
    If the MSM fools really wanted to hurt her, they would just stop covering her at all…but they won’t, which proves Sarah Palin knows more about their business, and America’s need to have a clear voice this election, than they do.

  • obama’s Policy Working, Syrians Attacking Israel For Him

    obama’s Policy Working, Syrians Attacking Israel For Him

    In what may lead to Israel finally ridding itself of the human debris constantly threatening to push her into the sea, waves of terrorists, taking obamas recent remarks as permission, tried to overrun the Israeli border, and were thankfully pushed back.

    The only bad news is, they stopped before Israel was able to kill more than 20 or so of the terrorists. Where is the great muslim suicide mentality when you really need it? Israel was offering all takers 72 virgins, yet the muslim cowards turned tail to continue to survive to breath and terrorize another day.

    The head Iranian puppet in Syria, Basher al-Assad, sent the terrorists to get as many killed as possible, to see if Israel could reach his own numbers when it comes to killing his citizens. Knowing that obama is on his side, he was hoping that would get his own atrocious behavior out of the international spotlight.

    I’m hoping that this will lead to the death of any so-called “peace talks”. They are, and have been, nothing but a lie for 40 years.

    Netanyahu was absolutely correct in his lecture of the muslim appeaser obama. Israel has no intention, nor should there be any expectation on their part by others, of giving up their land, country, sovereignty or lives to the terrorists, either here in the White House, or surrounding her in the middle east.

    Our illegal attack on Libya with this new, unconstitutional, “obligation to protect,” was just the precurser to obama joining in an attack on Israel in the name of the Jordanians living in Gaza and the West Bank come September, when the UN tries to declare a terrorist state next door to them.

    What we are witnessing is an American President, using a position that once commanded respect and symbolized freedom and democracy, being turned into a presidential muslim rubber stamp.

    Fortunately, Netanyahu has more balls than obama has recently seen, or will ever possess.

    obamas world view, gleaned at the knee of his friends Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorhn, Louis Farrakhan, his father(s), and his beloved pedophile mentor Frank Marshall Davis, did not envision dealing with anyone like Netanyahu.

    obama  can keep signaling his friends the road is clear to Jerusalem, but Netanyahu will show them it is a toll road, a heavily tolled road!



  • Has A Crime Been Publicly Reported; Or, Is Weiners Weiner Still Mrs. Weiners?

    Has A Crime Been Publicly Reported; Or, Is Weiners Weiner Still Mrs. Weiners?

    I was wondering about something. Come along, this may be fun!

    If someone assaults, or takes a shot, or, God forbid, kills an elected official, we have special laws and rules to make sure they are not just caught and punished, but punished over and above the penalties levied against someone for doing the same against a non-elected person.
    While on the one hand, this is done as a deterrent to others, it is really done to keep people from using violence or intimidation to effect an election or our political system as a whole.

    The elected official in such a case has no say in whether or not to find and charge the perpetrator, nor how they are to be punished. The attack was not against them, it was against all of us, an attempt to disenfranchise voters and rob them of their elected voice.
    That being said, let us also consider all the damage that can be done with the various electronic devices. How many tweets, emails or texts to pages, girlfriends or boyfriends have ruined political careers to date?

    A technological attack can have precisely the same affect on the civil-rights of millions of voters. A scandal growing from a “hack” can destroy a career overnight, and silence the representative voice of many.

    Anthony Weiner has claimed he was “hacked”. That is a crime, and not his choice whether to prosecute. He then claimed it was a “hack prank”, not worthy of being made a “federal offense”.

    Hey, you over there in the grey underwear with the stiffy, pay attention:


    You reported it to the public, repeatedly. Or are you NixClintoning? (It means lying to the face of the American public).

    Somebody call the FBI and tell them to stop covering up for this:

    A) Lying Pervert, or

    B) Innocent Victim,

    and follow up on the publicly reported assault against our citizens voice and our Democratic system of Representative government.

    We need to know if other politicians are in danger, or if…

    Weiners Weiner is still MRS. Weiners!

    Gosh, that felt good, was it good for you?