• American Spirit Always A Winner!

    Recently, my faith and optimism in America and her greatness, and her innate ability to rise above what  nature and her enemies reign upon her, was restored. Not by some vainglorious political speech meant to portray the latest narcissist as the next coming, here to rescue us all. No, this humbling reminder came from friends, one of whom I’ve known for 22 some odd years, the other a mere 2 or three years. Most of America would consider these men “rednecks,” or “good ol Florida boys.” Neither of these men has ever had anything handed to them. They have worked, against the system that tries to destroy small businessmen, for everything they have, often being pummeled and bruised by the system.

    I keep a 30 old motorhome on my buddies property, for when I visit him or am in transit to our production studios in Alabama. I recently stopped in on the way back from an Alabama trip, and spent a few days working in the garage on my bike.

    While I was puttering around, I noticed my friends starting to collect a bunch of throwaway metal, waiting to be scrapped, and bringing it to the garage. They were especially interested in an old mobile home outside staircase railing. When they pulled out two 24 inch bicycle tires, I had to ask what they were up to.

    It seems there is a young man in this out-in-the-woods neighborhood, about 15 to 21 years old. He has a slight speech problem, and might have a learning problem, although he was very polite when I met him, and he knew tools apart. He must be homeless, or, at the least very needy. He is unwashed and goes barefoot.

    My friends noticed this young man struggling by on his bicycle, pulling an old “Red Ryder Wagon” behind him, and returning with it full of cans, struggling to keep them in the wagon. They decided this stranger needed their help. They explained to me that any man fighting to work deserves as much help as can be given.

    Life’s obstacles can be  overcome. Governments obstacles are forever.

    They spent the next two days cutting things up, and creating a lightweight 4×4 cart, perfectly balanced, with a tailgate! When I moved it, it rolled easily, with just my pinkie guiding it. They invited the young man over, and created a goose-neck hitch for mounting their creation to the back of his bike, and away he went. He was happy and appreciative.

    I have not named my friends because if the government knew, they might track down the kid and charge him a “GIFT TAX”, or some other absurdity, like we saw with the Derek Jeter baseball fiasco.  1) http://www.louisville.com/content/fan-who-caught-jeter%E2%80%99s-3000th-hit-gets-visit-irs-arena

    These Americans didn’t wait for the government to fill this need. They saw a problem they could help with, and they acted.

    That’s why I believe America will survive, regardless of how gloomy and horrific the news is on a daily basis.

    The American spirit will save America.

  • Nike And Subway, Like NFL, Support Animal Cruelty and Torture…

    …Let Them Eat Their Shoes And Sandwiches, And Boycott The NFL!
    The NFL, Nike and Subway, in an incredibly insulting slap in the face to the 86% of Americans that own and cherish their companion animals, has gone out of its way to hire the only person they feel appropriate to promote their products, Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick.
    I guess OJ Simpson wasn’t available.
    I figure they want everyone that handles their products to feel just like Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick felt when he had his hands around the throat of his dog, choking the life out of it for losing a fight. As they slide their feet into the shoe, they can think of “DOGKILLER” sliding his two innocent house pets into the pit to be terrorized and ripped apart alive.
    With every step of their feet hitting the ground, they can imagine feeling like “DOGKILLER” Vick did as he lifted another fight-losing dog high over his head, and slamming it into the ground repeatedly, until it was dead.
    The tingle of excitement they get from wearing new Nikes must make them feel just like “DOGKILLER” felt when he was electrocuting still other dogs that lost fights for him.
    As they wash their shoes, they can be just like “DOGKILLER” Vick was, as he drowned his other dog, laughing as it struggled to escape its cruel fate.
    Nike is missing a big new market, “DOGKILLER” Trading Cards! Every child under 12 should receive, FREE, a pack of explicit, beautifully embossed, autographed photographs, with hand written descriptions, detailing all of the wonderful, new ways “DOGKILLER” enjoyed, (the quote of one of his friends was that, “he got off” on finding new ways), to kill his animals.
    The depraved actions of this thug against animals is similar to the history of many serial killers, so of course the NFL, Subway and Nike, in a craven quest for the almighty dollar, have thrown their support behind this “DOGKILLER”.
    Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is an abomination, a piece of human excrement that deserves to be shunned. His actions are not deserving of a position of respect in the NFL, where children get to see and admire him.
    Anyone that would stand next to him on the playing field is an unethical, morally challenged coward. Their paycheck is more important than their being associated with this monster.
    I had one pair of Nike sandals. They are in the garbage. I will no longer eat at Subway. I will never again go to an NFL game. I hope the rest of the 86% of animal-loving Americans feel the same.
    If not, we are in more trouble as a nation than we think.
  • Terrorist Neighbors

    On 9/11/01, when terrorists killed almost 3,000 innocent Americans during an attack on our economic system, Americans were outraged.  We went halfway around the world to exact vengeance, and spent the next 9-plus years hunting down the leader responsible.

    Tough words were thrown around by politicians looking to be out front with their patriotism and desire to protect Americans, as only they know how.

    These same politicians have ignored a much more dangerous enemy, one that has killed many more Americans than the muslims ever did, and whose leaders are blatant and up front about their desire to destroy America. These leaders are even printing instructions for their terrorists accomplices, showing them how to break into America, and how to cause as much damage to the American economy as possible.


    When are we going to get an honest politician, a true leader, one who will tell the truth of the danger we face on a daily basis from these invaders?

    They have the same philosophy as the muslims. As their terrorist leader has stated publicly, wherever they are, it is their country. It matters not whose borders they have breached. As long as they are there, no one else has any rights.



    When the 9/11 commission released its report, they stated that the muslims had been at war with us for years, we just didn’t recognize it.


    Well, what’s the difference between the war the muslims waged, and the war the Mexicans have been waging for 60 years and more? Both are killers, but we only hold one responsible for their actions.

    We toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan, not because they attacked us, but because they harbored Al Queda. How is that different from a corrupt punk president of a backwater, primitive nation sending his drugs and killers to America to terrorize citizens? Helping them steal as much as they can from our government agencies, depriving American citizens of much needed resources?

    The only difference between Al Queda and Mexico, is Al Queda realizes they are never going to be accepted, that they are killers who pray to die as martyers. Mexicans, on the other hand, believe they deserve to be treated not just as equals to American citizens, but better, in that Americans can be killed with impunity, their property destroyed or taken over, and any attempt to stop them is racism. No American laws apply to them. No American laws can be passed to deal with them, or their corrupt president runs to fellow America-haters, the World Court, or obama and Holder.

    On a daily basis, Mexicans are a much greater threat in American than muslims are.




    It is time to declare war on Mexico.  Make it a state and take the oil it has, as payment for the years of stealing and death they have wrought. Either their government must immediately give all the rights Mexicans demand in America, to ANYONE in Mexico, like owning property and businesses, or we should invade.



  • Will Biden Be Benched For Hillary?

    Is Hillary about to be drafted?
    obama is spiraling into the inevitability of a one-term presidency.
    His policies of appeasement around the world have caused the overthrow of the only middle-east regimes that either recognized Israel, or leaned just far enough toward the west that they could be counted on in tough times. The middle-east doesn’t reward weakness, and consider “negotiations” a victory for them, because their demands can never be met, if their negotiating partner still has room to exist.
    His destructive economic policies have led to government-created or subsidized jobs, which, according to the Weekly Standard, cost the taxpayer $278,000 each.
    His energy policy, to shut  energy and coal companies and make costs, “necessarily skyrocket,” is the only thing working as he promised. Gas is 100% more expensive since he became president, and coal companies are under attack.
    His raping of the financial system of this country, his collusion with the corrupt Federal Reserve, the Billions he has stolen from the taxpayers for secret payments to foreign banks, have helped destroy and keep down a now-struggling economy.
    The Democrat party will be able to run on having the most “failed catastrophicly ignorant and dangerous policies.”  Not a category soon to be rewarded by the majority of the American populace.
    So, under the heading of,  “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull$hit,” are we about to see a reshuffling of the ticket?
    Face it, Joe Biden brings nothing, zip, zero, nada to this ticket. Unless you count ridicule. Biden is the only person in the White House that manages to say more ignorant things than obama. (I think Biden knows what year it is, and how many States are in the Union…I think…) Even after obama announces his amnesty position to get the hispanic vote, he can’t win with his current demographics.
    obama and the dems have nothing going for them, but…THE BILL and HILLARY Show!
    Hillary would energize a lot of women, who would figure with Hillary as VP now, she’s the next President after obama. Many independents that were ready to support her last time would conceivably come home. Bill and Hillary are respected, on a “Rock Star” basis, both here in America and abroad. I do not agree with anything she says, but she still has a loyal base that would run to support her.
    Remember, the muslims are in revolt all around the world because of the weakness in the White House. Hillary would bring two things to the White House that are currently “conspicuous in their absence”:
    1) Memories of an economic policy that wasn’t self-destructing, and
    2) Testosterone! She has more than anyone currently in the White House.
    There is no past or future policy that will get obama re-elected, now might be the time for the old “razzle dazzle.”
    We have a tough climb, they’re going to pull out all the stops, they won’t give up without a fight.