• Nike And Subway, Like NFL, Support Animal Cruelty and Torture…

    …Let Them Eat Their Shoes And Sandwiches, And Boycott The NFL!
    The NFL, Nike and Subway, in an incredibly insulting slap in the face to the 86% of Americans that own and cherish their companion animals, has gone out of its way to hire the only person they feel appropriate to promote their products, Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick.
    I guess OJ Simpson wasn’t available.
    I figure they want everyone that handles their products to feel just like Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick felt when he had his hands around the throat of his dog, choking the life out of it for losing a fight. As they slide their feet into the shoe, they can think of “DOGKILLER” sliding his two innocent house pets into the pit to be terrorized and ripped apart alive.
    With every step of their feet hitting the ground, they can imagine feeling like “DOGKILLER” Vick did as he lifted another fight-losing dog high over his head, and slamming it into the ground repeatedly, until it was dead.
    The tingle of excitement they get from wearing new Nikes must make them feel just like “DOGKILLER” felt when he was electrocuting still other dogs that lost fights for him.
    As they wash their shoes, they can be just like “DOGKILLER” Vick was, as he drowned his other dog, laughing as it struggled to escape its cruel fate.
    Nike is missing a big new market, “DOGKILLER” Trading Cards! Every child under 12 should receive, FREE, a pack of explicit, beautifully embossed, autographed photographs, with hand written descriptions, detailing all of the wonderful, new ways “DOGKILLER” enjoyed, (the quote of one of his friends was that, “he got off” on finding new ways), to kill his animals.
    The depraved actions of this thug against animals is similar to the history of many serial killers, so of course the NFL, Subway and Nike, in a craven quest for the almighty dollar, have thrown their support behind this “DOGKILLER”.
    Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is an abomination, a piece of human excrement that deserves to be shunned. His actions are not deserving of a position of respect in the NFL, where children get to see and admire him.
    Anyone that would stand next to him on the playing field is an unethical, morally challenged coward. Their paycheck is more important than their being associated with this monster.
    I had one pair of Nike sandals. They are in the garbage. I will no longer eat at Subway. I will never again go to an NFL game. I hope the rest of the 86% of animal-loving Americans feel the same.
    If not, we are in more trouble as a nation than we think.