• Dear Ann: Will Conservatives Vote For An Anti-gun, Global Warming Advocate, An Open Border, Abortion Flip-Flopper, OR, Where Is The Real Ann Coulter, And Why Is She Allowing Her Imposter To Back A RINO In Her Name?

    Will Conservatives Vote For An Anti-gun, Global Warming Advocate, An Open Border, Abortion Flip-Flopper, OR…Where Is The Real Ann Coulter, And Why Is She Allowing Her Impostor To Back A RINO In Her Name?

    Dear Ann, are you kidding?

    Christie is for gun control. (1)

    Christie says he is NOW anti-abortion, (check back tomorrow, who knows!), (2). After hearing HIS childs heartbeat, (or polling the kid), he changed his position. Never mind all the other peoples children he helped kill. That doesn’t count, in his mind.

    He believes Illegal Aliens are not a problem, or “illegal.” Supports obama against Arizona, or any other state trying to defend themselves against the illegal onslaught the Federal Government has reigned down upon them. (3)

    His position on Man-Made Global Warming rivals obama, Romney and Newt. Against all evidence, he just came out against Fracking, instead of leading the fight with the facts. (4)

    Since your arrival on the political scene, Ann, I have backed and fully supported every one of your positions. That fact alone convinced me you were brilliant! Imagine my surprise at hearing your doppelganger repeatedly call for this Northeast Liberal to be the savior of the Republican party.

    You must have some secret plan to get him into the race, just to out all his fellow Rino supporters in the Republican party, and somehow humiliate them and marginalize them in the next election. Is that it, Ann? Do you want to give the TEA Party patriots a clear view of his supporters, to make it easier to target, (yeah, I said target, I don’t care what Politically Correct imbeciles think it means), them for defeat?

    Please Ann, enlighten us. You must have heard the criticisms. You must know his past and current liberal progressive positions. Just because he fought with a few unions, doesn’t a conservative make.

    Or are you slipping over to the dark side?

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  • How To Save America: Shakespeare Had The Right Idea!

    While I’m not (yet) calling for their death, come next election, everyone should do all they can to remove, and never again vote for, any lawyers on the ballot.

    I propose a Constitutional Amendment banning Attorneys from holding public office, so that we never again see a 2000 page bill that no one understands.

    We need loyal Americans in office, those that actually have to live by the rules, not those willing to bastardize the Constitution, while bending and twisting common sense to enrich their party or friends at all others expense.


  • obama, Clinton & MoslemBrohd, Spreading Sharia Worldwide

    Americans deserve a hearty congratulatory pat on the back. We should all, collectively, be thrilled. Without our help, the Moslem Brotherhood would still be a disorganized terrorist group, struggling against laws in many countries to force sharia upon the populace.

    All it took was the long-time parishioner of the anti-semitic racist Reverend Wright, (1), Louis Farrakhans beloved “Messiah,” (2), the man Kafdaffy calls, “my son,” or, “the Black African Kenyan,” or simply, “a moslem,”  (3), to become president. That done, taxpayers have funded revolutions throwing out regimes keeping the islamic terrorists in check, to the tune of $900 million dollars (so far) in Libya, and  continued to funnel money to Egypt, regardless of the fact that we have no idea who is running the country, and the fact that the democracy groups have been usurped by the Moslem Brotherhood, who are determined to bring sharia to Egypt and the world, through any means necessary. (4)

    All obama and his moslem friends have to do is claim they are for democracy, we have to support them! Why? Democracy is mob rule, survival of the fittest, the last thing any free people should be supporting. America IS NOT a democracy, because our forefathers knew a democracy was repugnant to individual freedom. (5)

    Yet here we are. Without our help in Libya, and the AFL-CIO helping the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, (6), and obama and Hillary Clinton actively backing them in Syria, (7), the world would be a much safer place. Khadaffy and Assad would be killing their own terrorist supporting, dancing-in-the-streets-at-the-death-of-Americans, citizens, making us all sleep better at night, and Mubarak and Assad would still have the Moslem Brotherhood hiding in the shadows.

    All it took was for obama to go on a world-wide apology tour, (8), bowing and groveling at the feet of the worlds dictators, announcing to the world that America will no longer lead the world.

    Under the false pretense of an, “obligation to protect,” obama let his Moslem brothers know that he was on board with their spreading their barbaric sharia law anywhere in the world, and his corrupt union buddies would give whatever assistance they needed. Needless to say, they will use the same excuse, “obligation to protect,” to allow attacks on Israel soon. Just how many decades ago were the last government sanctioned attacks on Israel from Egypt, like we are seeing today? (9) Does anybody really think anyone in the new Egypt wants peace? Syria? The first thing the Moslem Brotherhood announced was the end of peace with Israel. (10)

    obamas weakness and degradation of America’s standing will bring the world to a precipice of darkness not easily escaped.

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  • Hewlett-Packard Motto “Selling Chinese Garbage To Americans, Paying Foreigners To Tell Them It’s OK”

    Just a note to anyone who is thinking of buying a Hewlett-Packard product.

    DON’T DO IT! You and your family will be much better of without the incredible amount of frustration and aggravation that will reign down upon you, should you buy a new Hewlett-Packard “Piece Of Excrement.”

    Do yourself a big favor, unless your idea of a good time is buying a product that will immediately cease to work, after the incredible workload of three, that’s 3, copies in 3 months! Having, of course, to uninstall and re-install it both times, after the initial installation.

    I realize it might be considered unreasonable for anyone to think such a workload could be handled by a new Hewlett-Packard machine, an Officejet 4500, which will be refered to for the rest of this article as what it is, a “PIECE OF Excrement”, or, “POE.”

    If  you have money and time to waste, by all means buy a new Hewlett-Packard “POE”. I can tell you what you can look forward to. Once you have made the biggest mistake of your life, putting you and your family’s peace of mind at terrible risk, you can immediately start making trips to your local Fed-ex Kinkos to make copies and pick up your re-directed faxes, the ones your new Hewlett-Packard “POE” at home won’t send or receive.

    Hewlett-Packard does try and make the world a smaller place, by introducing you to many fine people around the world, some of whom can actually be understood if you ask them to speak real slow. Somehow, they have managed to pay these people from anywhere in the world but America, to try and teach you, in your hours of interactions with them, how to build a (printer, computer, or whatever Hewlett-Packard “POE” you have been unfortunate enough to purchase).

    Somehow, after spending  hours of your time, and being driven to the limits of your patience, (your family really enjoys this part, watching you fight with a new Hewlett-Packard “POE,” trying to find ways to avoid contact with you, as you explode when the foreign tech asks incredibly stupid questions like, “Is it plugged in? Is it turned on?” Or, after it breaks down again, (it only works when the tech is on the phone, after a minimum of an hour. As soon as they are gone, the new Hewlett-Packard “POE” stops working, forcing another fun call, where you will be told, “It says here it worked after the last call, so it works.”

    Even the foreign techs realize how much fun it is to call them over and over, so they think they have to weed out the purely pleasure calls to find the ones that concern a repeated breakdown of the Hewlett-Packard “Piece of Excrement.”

    You get the idea. Hewlett-Packard is in business to steal your money selling sub-par Chinese “Pieces of Excrement,” so they can redistribute your hard earned money around the world to foreigners, for much less then they take in selling the new Hewlett-Packard “Pieces Of Excrement”, making a fortune on the difference.

    So, if you want to meet new people from around the world, and alienate and scare your friends and family once you have been driven to anger and frustration by a Hewlett-Packard “Piece of Ecrement,” then by all means purchase a Hewlett-Packard “Piece Of Excrement.”

    If you actually want to print or send documents, or any of the normal acts associated with computers, avoid them, (Hewlet-Packards “Pieces of Excrement”), at all costs.

    Pardon me,as I download this to a memory stick on my computer, right here next to my Hewlett-Packard “Piece of Excrement”, so I can go back to Fedex Kinkos, print copies to mail to friends without computers, and fax this to the Hewlett-Packard Headquarters, which happens to be in Palo Alto California.

    This has been a public service announcement.


  • Where Is The Black Outrage, or, If Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick Is Right, Today I Became A Proud Racist!

    So Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick has come out and blamed his “urban culture” for his propensity to enjoy his bare-handed torture, strangulation, electrocution, drowning, picking dogs up over his head and slamming them into the ground until dead, and laughing as he threw his tiny house pets into pits to be torn apart alive by killer dogs.


    Where is the outrage at this slander from the black community?

    Every time I have pointed out the disgusting behavior of Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick, I invariably get called a racist for attacking a black man gambling and running dogfighting rings. No one ever mentions the deviant sociopathic behavior or the dead dogs. No one mentions I have also attacked every person that helped him hide this behavior, and enabled him to escape the true reward he had coming.

    I have called out every disgusting member of the team he now plays for, lamenting the fact that between them collectively, they couldn’t come up with a pair of balls for their cowardice in not standing up to management and refusing to allow this thug on their field, where children can look up to him. I have berated the NFL, Nike, and Subway, none of whom will ever get a penny of my money again, nor that of any clear thinking American with any values, morals or ethics.

    But I am a racist for telling the truth about this low-life vermin.

    Now, Mr. low-life vermin himself, the disgracefully evil Michael “Dogkiller” Vick, actually wants people to feel sorry for the fact that he wants a dog, because what he did was not his fault, but the fault of the “urban,” (black), community, that his actions were just an extension of his neighborhood, and perfectly normal to all living there.

    If I had said that “urban,” (black), society condoned such savage behavior, and reveled in the torture of animals, and it was normal in “urban,” (black), communities for children to be taught to use their hands to strangle, drown, electrocute, pick animals up over my head and beat them into the ground until dead, and throw their house pets into pits to be ripped apart by killer dogs, and that that deviant behavior was part of the normal “urban,” (black), lifestyle, I would certainly be called a racist, and deservedly so, as no such thing is true.

    Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick has made just that allegation.

    Where is the outrage from the good people being slandered in such an unfair and totally unjustified manner? Where is the Reverend Al to stand up for his people against such lies? Where is Reverend Jackson going to appear to rail against such accusations?

    It is one thing to talk about dogfighting, which has been a part of southern culture, regardless of race. A horrible endeavor, worthy of scorn and prosecution.

    It is quite another to hide behind lies and smear your family and friends to cover your own atrocious behavior, and blame innocent, sane people for your depravity.

    I look forward to the denunciation of this accusation from black leaders, and, in the absence of said denunciations, I can only assume the “urban,” (black), communities accept that responsibility, and Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is not lying.

    If his accusations stands unanswered, I must proudly proclaim myself to be a racist.


  • Undecided GOP Field, IMHO

    Rudy Guiliani: Would make a great Attorney General, not a snowballs chance in hell of being president. I lived in New York under “Disasterous”  David Dinkins, his mayoral predecessor. The difference in the city was like night and day. Dinkins was an amoral buffoon, allowed petty criminals and  lowlife thugs and lawbreakers to vandalize and terrorize New Yorkers, and let property owners leave their buildings and properties to deteriorate, turning neighborhoods into slums and war zones. Rudy came in, went after every infraction, no matter how minor. Made owners clean up their properties, and do all repairs, fix windows and such. New Yorkers felt safe again, and the crime rate reduction was so great, it brought down the average crime rate, nationally! I wouldn’t mind if he was elected, I think he could do it, but he apparently has no idea how to run a national campaign…America’s loss.

    Chris Christie: If Michelle would leave obama’s diet alone, he would turn into Christie, and no one would notice a policy difference. Cap and trade, renewable energy fraud, sharia apologist, abortion activist until political flip-flop, no opinion on crime, death penalty, drugs, guns, free trade, immigration, Iraq, Afghanistan, privatizing Social Security, favors ending use of coal and oil, wasting more money on National Health Institute. What Ann Coulter bases her support of this progressive liberal on is beyond me.

    Paul Ryan: Has no executive experience, but would be a wiz running the budget. Had the only plans that would have satisfied Standard and Poor, avoiding the downgrade. Has great Conservative record voting on a wide range of issues. He and Palin would make an unbeatable team, with him in the VP seat.

    Sarah Palin: The total package, regardless of the incredible media attacks. One of the most competent politicians America has seen since Reagan. Scares the bejesus out of obama and progressives, because they know she will stop their degradation of America and American values, immediately. She would set progressivism back 100 years.

    Donald Trump: Politically uncouth, but he’s not a politician. Not as smooth as Herman Cain, but I like “The Donald’s” bluntness. I’d make him UN ambassador and let him tear the place down. America would benefit more from UN building if Trump cleaned it out and made it a casino.

    Mitch Daniels: Did well with his budget as Indiana Governor, but no one is paying any attention to him. Has the experience, but supports internet taxes, and renewable energy boondoggle. Some good policies, (guns, death penalty), but no position yet on immigration, free trade, Iraq, Afghanistan, Patriot act, drugs or social security. Phantom candidate, trying not to take positions yet, can’t really judge.

  • Iowa GOP Field, IMHO

    Thoughts on the recent GOP debate.

    Ron Paul: Love his wanting to stick it to the Federal Reserve. Everything else he says is enough to have him committed. He actually compared China, Russia, Pakistan and India, and, by extension, every nuclear nation, with Iran, pleading for Iran to be allowed to have a nuke. He studiously avoided the facts, like the fact that Iran is actively at war with the world, funding terrorists all over the world, (at the moment Iranian snipers are in Syria killing protesters. Not that they don’t deserve it, I have no sympathy for a single Syrian subject). He might make sense, if he could get every other country to bring their soldiers home, also. Pollyanna, will destroy America.

    Rick Santorum: I was raised a Catholic. Went to Catholic school up to the twelfth grade. I don’t want to live in Catholic school. Religious zealot.

    Tim Pawlenty: A joke, never wanted the job, obviously doesn’t understand Congressional politics, or wouldn’t have made a fool of himself demanding that one person sticking by their Conservative principles but not getting communists progressives on other side of the aisle to follow can’t be a leader. Claimed to be THE Leader, and drops out after a respectable third place finish, with the second place being “gamed” by Paul with his bused-in college crowds, who never actually vote in elections. If T-Paw, (the most infantile attempt to be hip I have EVER heard), who actually came in second, (Pauls votes just don’t count, not serious), can’t stay in and fight after the FIRST contest, he is NO LEADER, he is a coward, afraid to stand up and fight for what he believes.

    Newt Gingrich: Great ideas, but sitting on the couch with San Fran Nan removed him forever from any higher office, at least from the right. Attacking the media for repeating his words is ignorant. Either defend what you say, or apologize and admit mistakes. He went on to defend, but, after whining like a little girl, he looked anything but presidential. He had a good answer, but blew it.

    Mitt Romney: obama

    Michelle Bachman: courageous fighter, principled, America first outlook. America would benefit from her leadership.

    Herman Cain: not a political bone in his body, capitalist at his best. Exactly what America needs going forward against our financial problems. Not egocentric, knows how to seek out information from experts and put it to good use. America would benefit from his leadership.

    Jon Huntsman: WHO? He is obama’s candidate, in the race to split the vote at obama’s behest.


    All candidates positions listed can be found at, “ontheissues.org”



  • Multi-Culturalism, American Style, or, Second Amendment Success!

    As recently stated by German Chancellor Merkle, French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Cameron, “multiculturalism,” is an abject failure.



    Unless a country is allowed to maintain its own identity, history and culture while allowing people to integrate, it leads to ethnic strife and death. Insisting that those joining their community share the same language and accept the culture of their new homes, does not mean the emigrants may not maintain their own culture in their personal dealings. It does not, in any way, denigrate the emigrants culture.

    It does, however, mean the blatantly obvious:

    “You have left your home country, and you are free and welcome in ours. As long as you learn our language and respect our laws, and the rights of our citizens to continue to run our government and our lives as though you never arrived on our shores, you are welcome. If you feel you cannot join and live within the parameters of the free culture you have arrived in, you have the same freedom to leave our shores as you had to come here. You do not have the right to try to change this country into anything.”

    No country can survive the Balknization created when weak-kneed politicians allow emigrants to set up their own cultural enclaves, complete with foreign justice systems and “No-go zones” for the host countries law enforcement.




    Only our Second Amendment has kept our government from forcing the same lawlessness and chaos upon us.

    When the French and British governments announced to their subjects, (a free, armed populace are citizens, an unarmed populace are subjects), they were allowing muslims to set up their own private enclaves, courts and all the rest, did the French and British subjects have any recourse?

    When the muslims were burning French cities and the police were letting them do it, night after night, did the subjects have any recourse?

    When the muslims rioted and killed people in countries all around the world over the accurate portrayal of mohammed, (may he rest in ham), in some cartoons,  did the attacked countries subjects have any recourse?


    Is there any reason, other than our second amendment, to explain their not rioting in the US? The cartoons were also published here.


    We have Mexicans claiming our country is theirs, (the racist group, La Raza), ignoring our laws at will, and muslims proudly proclaiming their intention to force the barbaric, shamefully savage seventh-century sharia law upon America.


    Eventually, one of these, or some other coddled, specially treated, isolated community, will take to the streets for one reason or another. Their special, “Politically Correct” status will lead them to think the time is right, and they will, as their terrorist compatriots in Europe, (AFL-CIO), try to destroy our cities.
    Many will never leave the streets,  and it will be the fault of the  “Multi-Culturalists”.
  • The Death Of Bi-Partisanship!

    I hope, at this point, we can all agree that the greatest enemy to our Representative form of government is “Bi-partisanship.”  After this recent debate over the raising of the Debt Limit, and the successful screwing of the taxpayer yet again, it is clear that “Bi-partisanship” just leads to deals being made so egotistic politicians can say they made a deal.

    I, for one, do not want my Congressional Representative, the person I picked to speak for me in Washington due to their stated beliefs, to give up those beliefs for the Politically Correct label of “Bi-partisan.”

    I don’t want someone who claims to be for smaller government and less spending, to agree with a plan, in my name, that spends 5 times more, in one day, than the spread-over 10 years, never gonna happen anyway, proposed cuts.

    We have just handed obama and his America-hating progressive compatriots in the government, on both sides of the aisle, what they have wanted for the last hundred years. An automatic mechanism, attached to a bill designed to collapse the economic system, that will also decimate the military.

    All the progressives have to do is hold up this “Special Committee” in Congress, (read: committee set up to cover the asses of cowardly politicians who refuse to stand up and make the hard decisions they were elected too make). By refusing to cut anything from their sacred cow entitlements, they will ensure the completion of their grand plan.

    It is up to the voters to continue the fight we started last election cycle. At this point, many Independent voters are realizing these current economic policies have not worked, either here or anywhere in the world, at any time in history. Even many Democrat voters realize this country is on the way to financial disaster without radical changes in policy.

    This is why Senator John Kerry, D., MA, (who, I believe, served in Viet Nam), finds it necessary to call for the censorship of ideas HE thinks are so incorrect, no one should face the potential harm they cause…(like getting 87 new people into one House of Congress).

    We need to keep our principles, and elect those that do the same. Better no deal, on ideological lines of principle, than an ethically challenged, morally bankrupt bastardization of the principles of both sides, resulting in deals no principled person of either side believes in, and further eroding our faith in our own citizen-government’s ability to exist within the parameters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, created by and for “We The People,” and not, “We The Rulers.”





















  • 87 Was A Good Start, But Not Good Enough!

    The only thing we won in the Debt Debate is a clear list of those we need to replace in Congress, as soon as possible.

    Face it, our country has been working with a fraudulent credit rating for years.  All of the rating companies ignored the unrelenting growth of our government, and even helped perpetrate the fraud by keeping the rating up while they knew we were packaging worthless bank loans into “derivitives,” giving their stamp of approval to Barney Frank and Chris Dodds  expediting the collapse of the real estate market.

    We came close to starting to solve our problem, but certain Republicans have got to be removed to make further progress. As soon as we can, Tom Coburn must be removed. He was ready to violate our promises to veterans, claiming billions could be saved by taking away their promised health care benefits. For that suggestion alone, he should be immediately recalled.  1) http://news.yahoo.com/american-legion-slams-veteran-unfriendly-coburn-proposal-cut-202104518.html



    Mitch McConell, he of the “give my responsibility to anyone else but me” form of government, suggested giving all responsibility to a new, unconstitutional “super congress,” rather than stand his ground for what is right.



    John McCain, the biggest fraud and liar in the Republican party, and the largest obstacle in the way of the Tea Party, proved once again he deserved to lose the Presidential election. It would be a close call as to who would actually have done more damage to the US, obama on his course now, or McCain and his lies. Of course, McCain supported McConnells attempts to screw Americans.


    At least obama didn’t know how to keep his outrageous mendacities covered up as well as McCain, which allowed us to see how terrible he is for the country, leading to these public fights. McCain would have already given us open borders and more criminals invading America.

    Every republican, every politician, who voted for this debt deal, which is another big government fraud and will cost us another 2.4 trillion dollars with nothing to show for it but the gutting of the defense department when the dems refuse to cut anything and the “trigger” is pulled, should be “primaried” and voted out. They need to be called out for the con they just pulled on the American people. They are like a roving “three-card monte” street game on a table in NYC. They just suckered us again, and now they have folded up their table and are moving on to the next suckers down the block. Unfortunately, every block they contaminate with their liberalism and theft hurts more Americans.

    87  House republicans was a good start. Did they all vote “no?” If not, add them to the unemployment lines next election.

    While we’re at it, we need to fire anyone claiming a problem with, “political purity.” Our government has been purely progressive for many years. We don’t want “bi-partisanship” from our representatives. We want them to stand on our American principles, and get the government out of our way.