• Undecided GOP Field, IMHO

    Rudy Guiliani: Would make a great Attorney General, not a snowballs chance in hell of being president. I lived in New York under “Disasterous”  David Dinkins, his mayoral predecessor. The difference in the city was like night and day. Dinkins was an amoral buffoon, allowed petty criminals and  lowlife thugs and lawbreakers to vandalize and terrorize New Yorkers, and let property owners leave their buildings and properties to deteriorate, turning neighborhoods into slums and war zones. Rudy came in, went after every infraction, no matter how minor. Made owners clean up their properties, and do all repairs, fix windows and such. New Yorkers felt safe again, and the crime rate reduction was so great, it brought down the average crime rate, nationally! I wouldn’t mind if he was elected, I think he could do it, but he apparently has no idea how to run a national campaign…America’s loss.

    Chris Christie: If Michelle would leave obama’s diet alone, he would turn into Christie, and no one would notice a policy difference. Cap and trade, renewable energy fraud, sharia apologist, abortion activist until political flip-flop, no opinion on crime, death penalty, drugs, guns, free trade, immigration, Iraq, Afghanistan, privatizing Social Security, favors ending use of coal and oil, wasting more money on National Health Institute. What Ann Coulter bases her support of this progressive liberal on is beyond me.

    Paul Ryan: Has no executive experience, but would be a wiz running the budget. Had the only plans that would have satisfied Standard and Poor, avoiding the downgrade. Has great Conservative record voting on a wide range of issues. He and Palin would make an unbeatable team, with him in the VP seat.

    Sarah Palin: The total package, regardless of the incredible media attacks. One of the most competent politicians America has seen since Reagan. Scares the bejesus out of obama and progressives, because they know she will stop their degradation of America and American values, immediately. She would set progressivism back 100 years.

    Donald Trump: Politically uncouth, but he’s not a politician. Not as smooth as Herman Cain, but I like “The Donald’s” bluntness. I’d make him UN ambassador and let him tear the place down. America would benefit more from UN building if Trump cleaned it out and made it a casino.

    Mitch Daniels: Did well with his budget as Indiana Governor, but no one is paying any attention to him. Has the experience, but supports internet taxes, and renewable energy boondoggle. Some good policies, (guns, death penalty), but no position yet on immigration, free trade, Iraq, Afghanistan, Patriot act, drugs or social security. Phantom candidate, trying not to take positions yet, can’t really judge.