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    Truly American Policy.
    “WE THE PEOPLE,” in our founding documents means “CITIZENS of the United States.”   American CITIZENS decided all, like-minded American citizens are equal. No foreign subject is equal to an AMERICAN CITIZEN, nor deserving of, nor entitled too, under any circumstances, the benefits or protections of our FOUNDING DOCUMENTS, unless and until they renounce their allegiance to all other countries, jurisdictions and belief systems, and become American CITIZENS. At that point, they are EQUAL CITIZENS, and afforded all the protections of the founding documents.
    The mere presence on American soil does not an American Citizen make, nor does presence in the United States automatically transfer any rights or privileges of American CITIZENSHIP onto anyone.
    AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP is purely voluntary on the part of Foreigners, and a gift from AMERICAN CITIZENS to any persons born on AMERICAN SOIL to AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP can be renounced voluntarily by free persons, or stripped from any AMERICAN CITIZEN should they use other than the legal avenues for REDRESS CONSTITUTIONALLY available to ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Our Constitution was CREATED to be AMENDED by LAWFUL CITIZENS through LEGAL MEANS. Revolution is unnecessary to FREE CITIZENS WITH A VOTE.
    TERRORISTS are INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS no matter where they were born, and will HAVE NO RIGHTS.
    TERRORISTS CAUGHT IN AMERICA shall receive no EMBASSY REPRESENTATION from any COUNTRY, nor be legally entitled to representation where VIDEO and AUDIO of the PLOTS or CALLS FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST AMERICA AND HER CITIZENS exists in the voice and image of the TERRORISTS, nor if the TERRORIST ADMITS THEIR ACTIONS PUBLICLY.
    AMERICAN CITIZENS may also be stripped of their rights, TEMPORARILY, should they commit such CRIMES against fellow citizens as to necessitate their INCARCERATION. No PRISONERS on FELONY convictions have any civil rights, other than the right to not be abused while incarcerated. Prisoners shall have no VOTING RIGHTS, FREEDOM OF SPEECH NOR RELIGION, NOR ANY OTHER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, OTHER THAN TO BE SECURE IN THEIR PERSON.
    American foreign policy should be easy. One run-on sentence should cover it all:
    The United States will do no business with, nor trade with, nor accept any immigrants from, nor give foreign aid or support of any type to, any country, or group, that does not accept any other peaceful country, or peaceful peoples, right to exist, or calls for the destruction of any peaceful country, or peaceful people, or has in it’s “constitution” or “founding documents” such declarations, or whose leaders make public declarations to that effect; nor any country that gives aid to, or supports in any way, any country, or group, fitting that description.
    Period, no exceptions.
    A real American leader would insist on nothing less, and the free countries and peoples of the world would rally around the United States under such a leader, and build mutual defense alliances against those that disagree.
    A trusted adviser of mine has convinced me of the best weapons policy concerning the rest of the world, and, combined with my long-held belief in personal responsibility concerning self-defense, I have arrived at the only sensible weapons policy this country could support:
    We lead the world in weapons advancement. We always will. The only difference is, we will no longer allow any of our advanced weaponry to leave the control of the United States nor let anyone know what comprises our abilities, both defensive and offensive. We will not be the worlds armory. We will, however, make ourselves the best defended, most destructive force on the planet.
    All our military weapons and advancements will be available only to America.
    Once we decide on the best, most defensive or most deadly weapon we need, we will gratefully compensate the creator, to guarantee it will never be produced by anyone but citizens of the United States. Every weapon produced will be kept track of. No weapons will be available for duplication. All weapons will have a disabling system of some sort, embedded or built into it. The United States will be in control of, responsible, and answer for, any of its weapons.
    The United States is a capitalist nation. We are enemy to no one. Our military exists to:
    Protect American citizens,
    Protect America’s borders,
    Protect American Interests deemed necessary to our safety and security,
    Protect the business of America, which is BUSINESS. The world will know that this is the safest, most stable, BUSINESS climate in the world.
    Swiftly destroy any threat to any of the above. Our Military will train for two purposes only;
    To kill the enemy,
    To blow things up.
    The Military is not a meals-on-wheels program. When the world thinks of a United States Military Soldier, they will see a highly trained protector of a Free Nation.
    Military deployments and actions will be swift and as destructive as WE DEEM IN OUR BEST INTERESTS. The only negotiations involved will be the acceptance of surrender from the enemy. Commanders only duty is to stop the enemy at all costs, in as punishing and destructive a manner, as will show others they never want to try the same against the defense of the United States.
    The United States shall withdraw from the organized corruption called the United Nations.
    The UN will be removed from American Soil.
    Future meetings and deliberations of any Alliances between The Free Peoples of the world will take place on a rotating basis amongst those Free Countries.
    America will be the friend of the World of Business.
    Government intrusion into business activities will be ceased, unless demonstrable proof can be offered as to an actual danger to humans. Theories will not be accepted, nor considered in the policies of this Nation. The energy industry will run, unfettered, under the same basis. Oil spills have never destroyed anything long-term. The Santa Barbara beaches are just fine. Within 10 years, the United States will take its rightful place in the world as a leading energy producer.
    In the interim, our energy investments should be made in America and Canada, and slowed and stopped in the Middle East and Venezuela.
    All States will be Right-to-work states.
    No union shall be formed without a secret ballot, nor continued more than two years without a re-certification vote.
    No Public Beach, Park, Lake, Forest Trail, Monument, or anything American Citizens count on for their Personal Recreational or Educational purposes, shall be run by government employees, and thus, shall never be closed or held hostage from the people.
    All Government Business shall be conducted in English, Foreign Embassies can supply translators for their subjects, should they desire.
    All government offices shall be open 3 PM to 10 AM, to keep the streets clear for the Private Sector Bill-payers, and allow them the opportunity to use them when necessary.
    All contracted government workers shall, when appropriate, type, copy, fax, and otherwise shuffle papers electronically, from their homes, using the telephone for dictation, to keep the streets clear for the Private Sector Bill-payers.
    Public Education shall consist of:
    Teaching English Comprehension and Proficiency, which shall be accomplished before advancing to any other class,
    American History based on the Constitution and Capitalism,
    The workings of our Representative government, and its role protecting the ability for business growth, BASED ON THE FOUNDING DOCUMENTS,
    How to start a business,
    Business Math.
    Students will learn at their pace, and leave school immediately upon completion of those classes.
    No student shall be required to take any subject matter not designed to further a capitalist system.
    No cultural or social programs will be funded by the taxpayers, nor forced upon student should they not wish to attend.
    There will be NO VICTIMLESS CRIMES.
    The Federal Government shall have no say about anything not specified in the Constitution.
    The Tenth Amendment shall be sacrosanct.
    The tax system will be restructured for maximum growth of Private, Personal Wealth, Business Growth and American jobs:
    15% Flat Sales Tax. Americans are equal, and shall be taxed accordingly. That 15% is broken down as such: 10% for the Federal Government, 5% divided equally amongst every American citizen, on a Quarterly basis..
    10% Flat Tax on Foreign Capital Gains and Investment funds. Americans created and protect this Business sanctuary, and, accordingly, we shall charge a small fee on the profits for that protection and infrastructure, on foreign companies or entities operating in America.
    No deductions, business or personal.
    No Payroll Tax
    No Corporate Taxes.
    10% Capital Gains Tax
    NO Investment Taxes
    All Government “research” monies, for anything or reason, will cease. We are a Capitalist country. We do not pay for failure, year after year. We will pay an exorbitantly generous fee to anyone, (and their heirs, if it is important enough a discovery), for successful cures or discoveries.
    All “base-line” spending will cease.
    All departments of all agencies will have to justify any requests for funds.
    All agencies not keeping within their budget will be disbanded.
    All agencies that, after a period of 10 years, have not accomplished their original mission statement, will be immediately deemed the failures they are and closed. This will include, but not be limited to, The Department of Energy, The Department of Education, and The Environmental Protection Agency.
    Enforce the Interstate Commerce Clause as it was intended, which means gut 90% of the overreaching in the past.
    All government jobs with private sector counterparts shall be contracted to the private sector. No one should receive a government pension or paycheck except military members or elected officials. Temp agencies can fill all secretary positions, with no need for government unions, which will shrink and disappear, unless they use thuggery to oppose this measure, at which time they will be immediately de-certified.
    No more Government jobs competing with the private sector.
    No lifetime protection of anyone’s job. If we can throw out the people we elect, we can throw out the people we hire to do what the people we elect legislate.
    A case could be made that certain similar-minded counties might need our well deserved help due to long binding, or brand new, agreements, upon those agreements being deemed, first and foremost, IN OUR BEST INTERESTS. and should be allowed the benefit of the protection of our military superiority. In those cases, select military personnel, hands-on experts in the field with the weapons the United States deems necessary to be deployed, IN OUR BEST INTERESTS, to fulfill our agreements, shall be transferred and train with the Control and Command Center of our partner. All decisions regarding orders for deployment of these weapons will be shared, real time with American Military High Command.
    The firing of the weapons will be denied, should The American Military High Command decide:
    If the weapons are being fired in an unjustified offensive manner,
    If the firing of the weapons is not IN OUR BEST INTERESTS.
    American Military High Command will have the ability, through a code, to destroy the weapon should anyone try to override their decision. All ammunition for use with our weapons shall also have a disarm or abort capability.
    Within the first two years, all Foreign Countries with American Troops stationed within their borders, shall be informed that they have the opportunity to start building their own force to take the place of the departing American soldiers. If WE deem it IN OUR BEST INTEREST, they can be offered our equipment and or weapons, under the policy laid out above. America will be fully compensated for any expenses incurred for these deployments.
    Within 5 years, all American soldiers should be on American soil, sealing our borders or working on keeping our military the best in the world.
    Personally, I am for treating every illegal under the same laws and punishments that an American caught breaking the same laws in the Illegals home country could expect.
    The Federal Government shall be in charge of our borders and immigration policy.
    When the Federal Government fails at their job, and illegals enter the United States, leaving the border area, any and all law-enforcement personnel still working, and any and all patriotic citizens may, in defense of the country, do whatever is necessary to see that the law-breaker is removed from American Jurisdiction, including immediate detention until the Federal Government pays the detainment fees caused by their failure and takes custody of the illegal immigrant, or their home Foreign Embassy pays their confinement bills and takes them home.
    If that requires bringing Europeans to their continent and dumping them at the airport, that is the extent of the taxpayer money that may be spent.
    As good neighbors, Mexicans and Canadians will be given the choice to leave immediately upon capture, rather than incarceration. As they were caught here illegally, they will never be allowed into America again, and will be incarcerated immediately should they be caught again.
    Walls shall be built on both North and South borders, with crossings at 30 mile internals.
    Foreign workers with the appropriate proof of ID from their country, which can be checked by American Border agents, upon completion of a security check, will be eligible for an American BIOMETRIC ID, and a Guest Worker Drivers Insurance  and License.
    The Biometric Id for guest workers is attached to a bank account. All companies must direct deposit payments to Guest Workers into this account.  Biometric ID MUST be used to open any bank accounts or get money out of country, with a 25% tax on all Guest Worker funds:
    12.5% for a pool-type auto insurance to cover illegal aliens, or Guest Workers.
    12.5% for a pool-type medical insurance to cover medical costs of illegal aliens, or Guest Workers.
    Neither Biometric IDs nor Guest Worker Licenses will ever be accepted to apply for any Board Of Elections Documents, not infer or imply any right to vote.
    The Automatic Citizenship portion of the 14th Amendment shall be strictly interpreted as it is written, giving citizenship to any child born of parents subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Illegal aliens are by definition citizens of other jurisdictions, that is why their Embassy Staff represents them and lobby on their behalf. That is why their President has called wherever a Mexican is, Mexico. They are not supposed to be here, and therefore, are not legally subject to United States Jurisdiction, other than to remove them immediately.
    Illegals in the United States will not be hunted, but, should they come in contact with officials who determine they are illegal immigrants, they will be driven to the border, or transported to the border, and immediately sent back to their country, as they are not subject to United States Jurisdiction.
    Illegals living otherwise-lawful lives in this country,  that voluntarily register, learn English, and pay fines after turning themselves in, will be eligible for Guest Worker Permits. Never Citizenship!
    Illegals discovered through other means will be immediately transported to the border, deported and never eligible for legal entry, of any type, into the United States.
    All able bodied citizens have not only a right to bare arms, but also a moral and ethical obligation and a duty to arm themselves in the protection of themselves, neighbors and government. It has been proven that hiring “Super citizens” as an occupying force does not safe streets make. Their failures, in the face of enormous expenditures, have led to domestic “No-Go” zones, so heavily crime-ridden one takes their life into their hand simply passing through.
    An armed citizenry, regardless of race creed or color, would never have allowed drug markets to spring up and ruin neighborhoods while poisoning our children. These markets didn’t spring up overnight. The citizens inability to get the local PD to remove the first dealer, led to the others. Had the citizen the capability of safely confronting the disease in their neighborhood, as a matter of self-defense, no drug market would ever get to flourish.
    Feds will push for control of 2nd amendment, enforce at all costs. Federal Nationwide open-carry for all lawful citizens, should they wish. Allow American citizens to control their environment, rather than some stranger driving through once a day, and our streets will get a lot a safer. Let the few police that are left stay in the precinct until we need them to come fill out a report and take away the body.
    Self defense accepted and encouraged,
    No magazine restrictions,
    No restrictions on private ownership of fully automatic weapons,
    If you unholster or show a weapon during a crime, 10 years mandatory,
    Automatic Death Penalty for anyone firing a weapon during the commission of a crime.
    No State may deny a lawful citizen from another State, the tools of self-defense while said citizen in is that State,
    The mere possession of a gun by a lawful citizen shall in no case be deemed illegal.
    Minor offenses may not be used (cooked up) to deny an otherwise lawful citizen their Second Amendment rights.
    It’s a start!
    Realetybytes For President, 2012
  • Paul Krugman Jumps The Shark! Claims Nation In “Shame” Over 9/11!

    In a disgustingly candid look at the America-sucks-at-all-costs liberal psyche, Paul Krugman has opened his heart to his truth, and, unfortunately, similtaniously opened his column for us to share in his vile fantasies. (1)

    I hate to spread his outrageous insults to America, but, this time, his column bears close examination. Remember, this is one of the men our president respects, and actually thinks has the best interests of America at heart.

    Lets start with the name of the column: “The Years Of Shame.” In Krugmans world, he thinks Americans are as ashamed of America, (because of 9/11), as he an his ilk have been, (because of Americas freedom and success), all their lives.

    He questions: “Is it just me, or are the 9/11 commemorations oddly subdued?”

    Of course they are subdued. We have been denied the right to see what was done to us on 9/11/01 by the islamist terrorists. The media and the government decreed we could not handle viewing the attacks. This has given Krugman and his ilk the thought that we, as they, do not care anymore.

    He goes on, incredibly making the assumption that real Americans agree with his hatred of America: “What happened after 9/11 — and I think even people on the right know this, whether they admit it or not — was deeply shameful.”

    He is speaking of the unification of America against the obvious enemy, and our rallying against them. He is speaking of our going to war against the supporters of our enemies, and our standing together with Rudy Guiliani and President Bush as they did what Americans do when wronged: help our neighbors recover, and seek justice.

    Krugman still has blinders on, and still is fighting George Bush, a man who may have turned from conservatism to try and save the economy from the destruction wrought by policies of pinheads like Krugman, joining them in their spending spree, instead of cutting off all their funds, but a man who succeeded in keeping America from being hit again for the rest of his two terms.

    How many terrorist attacks and soldiers have been killed on American soil since Krugmans type of muslim appeasement began, under obama? The political correctness that won’t name the enemy, “ISLAMIST TERRORISM,” from the Fort Hood shootings that left 14 dead, that is shameful!

    Krugmans absurd, insulting diatribe ends with:

    “The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it.”

    No, Mr. Krugman. Our memory of 9/11/2001 is perfect. It is the medias, yours, and obamas forced rewriting of what our memories should be, how on 9/11, we should remember terrorist victims all over the world, instead of focusing on our own victims, and how the government controls the “accepted” way we should remember this atrocity, making us ashamed. Of THEM!

    It is people like you and the MSM, along with all elitist politicians, from obama to NYC Mayor Bloomingidiot, to every politician that refuses to use the term “islamist terrorist” that we are ashamed of.

    (1)     http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/11/the-years-of-shame/?smid=tw-NytimesKrugman&seid=auto

  • An Open Letter To The Tyrant, NYC Mayor Bloomingidiot…

    An Open Letter To The Tyrant, NYC Mayor Bloomingidiot…

    Dear Mr. Mayor,

    How did you become such a despicable human being? Was it your illegally running for a third term that convinced you you are an all powerful king?

    I have seen you making the most ignorant of comments to a slavish, anti-American media, who, of course, make no attempt to point out your purposefully ignorant and misleading statements.

    Lets take one of your recent pronouncements: After you decided to keep all religious figures, Police and Fireman and First Responders from the ceremonies memorializing the attacks on NY on 9/11/2001, you were asked why no religious figures. Like all elitist progressives, you reached out to the Constitution, which you only call upon on when planning to bastardize it and spit upon it’s true meaning, to claim the separation of church and state requires you omit them.

    Question: Who was attacked on 9/11/2001 in New York City, sir? Was it Government buildings, or American citizens? Why do you think you have the right to open your mouth about it at all? It has nothing to do with you, sir!

    9/11/2001 belongs to the people that were attacked, not the government. No one went into the buildings and removed all the religious people before the attack. No one stopped Religious Policemen, Firemen or our heroic First Responders from putting their lives on the line that day, and your diminishing their role, their religion and any actions by the actual heros of America is an insult to New Yorkers and Americans everywhere.

    When asked why you denied any religious face to the memorial, you asked the reporter something along the line of, “whose religion should we invite?”

    Hey, asswipe, any religion on the face of the earth that wants to memorialize the sacrifices of the day, and the innocent deaths of the day, that’s whose religion. OUR religions, whatever they are, should be free to do so.

    What made attacks on citizens and the memorial of those attack a Politically Correct government affair? You and every other politician on the dais or platform or soapbox or whatever you are using to stand and insult Americans today, are a disgrace. Anyone that accepted your invitation to bastardize this solemn day into your own political affair should be ashamed, and held accountable at the ballot box as the slimy toadies of dhimmitude they, and you, are.

    You are nothing, you represent nothing, (except the mosque at ground zero, you represent that whenever you can). You do not speak for the New Yorkers who were attacked, instead, you are adding to the attack and the insults suffered, at the hands of your muslim friends that day.


  • Why No Dead Terrorists At Attack On The Port Of Longview In Seattle, Washington?

    In Seattle, Washington, the Port of Longview experienced a violent, armed attack Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011, from 500 terrorists. (1)
    With the security detail overrun and held captive, private property was vandalized, and trains were sabotaged, with no shots fired in defense of the Port or the men themselves.
    There were no arrests, nor public response from Homeland Security.
    Why not?
    There is Doug Averett, the Director of Operations for the port, who also serves as the Facility Security Officer of the Port, whose duties include carrying out the responsibilities for Homeland Security. Half a million dollars have been spent in security upgrades since 2001, 80% of it from Homeland Security grants. (2)
    You would think those responsibilities would include keeping the facility secure, and protecting the cargo and equipment. You would think.
    I don’t know what type of training Janet Napolitano had this fellow attend, nor how much it cost the American taxpayer. Whatever it is, it was all wasted, as evidenced by the lack of a pile of terrorist bodies at the gate of the facility, and strewn throughout the grounds.
    Why wasn’t he fired first thing this morning?
    The fact that hundreds of violent saboteurs made their way safely into the facility, and the entire security staff was cowed and surrendered without firing a shot, shows just how protected Homeland Security has made us, under the guidance of an ignorant, lying, inexperienced “security” expert, “Big Sis” Napolitano.
    Is CAIR paying attention?
    Are they currently organizing their terrorists to mimic the unions terrorist tactics? Are they, at this very moment, getting their Muslim Brotherhood sponsors prepared to make a similar attack against a wide open Port of entry to America?
    They don’t even need bombs or guns, just proud American Union signs, like, “Workers of the World, Unite,”  (3), and, “Take Out the Sons Of Bitches,” (4), and the so-called security team will immediately surrender.
    These violent, criminal union thugs, unopposed, took over a United States Port in minutes.
    The surrender, in the face of threats by men armed with baseball bats, of at least one law enforcement officer, presumably armed with a weapon capable of taking out at least 6 people, (which would have immediately scattered the rest of the cowards), must make all his law enforcement brothers feel warm and tingly inside. (5)
    We know these terrorists committed sabotage, cutting the brakes on boxcars and dumping over 70 freight cars of grain along the tracks.
    That is what we know they did, but what else did they do while in control of the port? Did they assist in getting weapons on or off a ship in the riot? Did they use the chaos to move drugs in or out of the port?
    Does anyone doubt that today’s union members wouldn’t destroy everything any American has, if it meant an extra dollar in their bloated pension?
    Is this the security offered and accepted by the obama-Napolitano Department of Homeland Security?
    I don’t know about you, but I’m not impressed.
  • NASCAR Drivers “Too Busy” To Visit With Auto Industry Destroying President. (DUH!)

    There is an article, (1), today, (Sept. 2, 2011), in something called the SB Nation, about a Presidential invitation extended to a group of NASCAR drivers, and bemoaning the fact that 5 of the group have declined the invitations, citing scheduling conflicts.

    The writer, a Mr. Jeff Gluck, is beside himself, stating in a snarky manner that these drivers must be very busy, not to want to meet with the leader of the “Free World”, and implying they should do so regardless of political affiliation.

    He states that any sponsors or other appointments they may have should be rescheduled, because, (and he uses italics because he is SOOO right), we’re talking about the president of the United States.

    Mr. Gluck goes so far as to throw the Patriotism of NASCAR as a whole into the mix, claiming a reaction like this from American citizens is, in his word, “strange.”

    Lets address some of this. Pay attention now, Mr. Gluck:

    You think any Americans, regardless of how they feel about a president that is the antithesis of what they feel, should allow themselves to be used as puppets to help the president that is the antithesis of how they feel, get elected.

    You think, as this Royal president thinks, that his mere initiating a meeting with Americans, whether they be unelected citizens, like NASCAR drivers, or elected representatives, like Congress, should immediately be met with total acquiescence, or you cast aspersions on their patriotism.

    Mr. Gluck, no President has the authority, (as we have just seen with this presidents attempt to bully a co-equal branch of Government into a meeting when they had other plans), (2), to order any citizen to appear, or should have the expectation that any citizen has an obligation to appear, because he has invited them, or planned a meeting without consulting them.

    Certainly, no citizen has an obligation to stand next to someone who over the last 2 years, has done everything he can to destroy the industry they depend on for their livelihood.

    You see, Mr. Gluck, NASCAR represents success, not failure. GM is a failed union retirement industry, making cars on the side, cars that no one wants,  leading them to the brink of a (deserved) bankruptcy.

    No winner wants to be seen with a person that rewards failure.

    Now, I’m not saying that any of this is why they turned down the invitation of president obama. This is all conjecture on my part.

    Maybe they just don’t want to be used in campaign photo ops as “token southerners.” That wasn’t right when blacks were used that way in the past, and shouldn’t be expected of NASCAR drivers, today.

    As to your observation that seems to say that they should accept because this is from The Office Of The Presidency, well, I bet if they wait for this president to go on the road, they would be happy to visit the Presidencial Office, for which I’m sure they have an abundance of respect.

    (1)     http://www.sbnation.com/nascar/2011/9/1/2399376/nascar-drivers-decline-president-barack-obama-white-house-invitation-jimmie-johnson-2011#add-comment

    (2)     http://www.akronnewsnow.com/news/politics/item/2704-boehner-rejects-obama%E2%80%99s-request-for-joint-session-president-reschedules