• NASCAR Drivers “Too Busy” To Visit With Auto Industry Destroying President. (DUH!)

    There is an article, (1), today, (Sept. 2, 2011), in something called the SB Nation, about a Presidential invitation extended to a group of NASCAR drivers, and bemoaning the fact that 5 of the group have declined the invitations, citing scheduling conflicts.

    The writer, a Mr. Jeff Gluck, is beside himself, stating in a snarky manner that these drivers must be very busy, not to want to meet with the leader of the “Free World”, and implying they should do so regardless of political affiliation.

    He states that any sponsors or other appointments they may have should be rescheduled, because, (and he uses italics because he is SOOO right), we’re talking about the president of the United States.

    Mr. Gluck goes so far as to throw the Patriotism of NASCAR as a whole into the mix, claiming a reaction like this from American citizens is, in his word, “strange.”

    Lets address some of this. Pay attention now, Mr. Gluck:

    You think any Americans, regardless of how they feel about a president that is the antithesis of what they feel, should allow themselves to be used as puppets to help the president that is the antithesis of how they feel, get elected.

    You think, as this Royal president thinks, that his mere initiating a meeting with Americans, whether they be unelected citizens, like NASCAR drivers, or elected representatives, like Congress, should immediately be met with total acquiescence, or you cast aspersions on their patriotism.

    Mr. Gluck, no President has the authority, (as we have just seen with this presidents attempt to bully a co-equal branch of Government into a meeting when they had other plans), (2), to order any citizen to appear, or should have the expectation that any citizen has an obligation to appear, because he has invited them, or planned a meeting without consulting them.

    Certainly, no citizen has an obligation to stand next to someone who over the last 2 years, has done everything he can to destroy the industry they depend on for their livelihood.

    You see, Mr. Gluck, NASCAR represents success, not failure. GM is a failed union retirement industry, making cars on the side, cars that no one wants,  leading them to the brink of a (deserved) bankruptcy.

    No winner wants to be seen with a person that rewards failure.

    Now, I’m not saying that any of this is why they turned down the invitation of president obama. This is all conjecture on my part.

    Maybe they just don’t want to be used in campaign photo ops as “token southerners.” That wasn’t right when blacks were used that way in the past, and shouldn’t be expected of NASCAR drivers, today.

    As to your observation that seems to say that they should accept because this is from The Office Of The Presidency, well, I bet if they wait for this president to go on the road, they would be happy to visit the Presidencial Office, for which I’m sure they have an abundance of respect.

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