• Cain Raising,…well,…CAIN!

    raise Cain  (old-fashioned)

    to complain angrily about something and to cause a lot of trouble for the people who are responsible for it. (1)
    Even when the media invents a “scandal” to destroy him through unproven innuendo concerning a decade old incident, Herman Cain throws it right back at them, and makes them all look like the agenda-driven character assassins they are. Perfect example of Cain “raising Cain.”
    When Herman Cain complains about something, he offers a solution. That is causing trouble for the people, (RINOs and libs), who are responsible.
    Mr. Cain is making believers out of a lot of people. His manner and actions are so un-political as to make one laugh.
    More people support him since the attacks!
    He does not think he is perfect, or always right, nor does he expect others to think he is.
    That is why he stands apart from journalists and politicians.
    There are three basic segments of American Society. They are Government, Media and Business.
    Two of them claim never to be responsible for their own failures, blaming their citizens, viewers or readers for being too stupid to understand their failed or failing decisions or programs, and the other one survives being wholly responsible for correcting mistakes and satisfying it’s consumers.
    Personally, I think Cain’s personal and business successes were probably sprinkled with occasional mistakes along the way, and his ability to overcome and or resolve these mistakes or setbacks are what now define the man we see.
    We have seen him recover from an admittedly uninformed position regarding the so-called “Palestineans,” and their, “right of return.” (2)
    He admitted his ignorance on the matter, but promised to get back to the interviewer.
    Which he did, the next week.
    His willingness to admit a shortcoming and correct it if necessary is what makes a great businessman and administrator.
    In a time when Mitt, “DOLEMcCAIN” Romney won’t admit he took a line out of his book, (in the face of a citizenry in which not a small number of people can actually read and see that he did), and Newt Gingrich can cross the aisle to sit on a couch with the San Francisco Socialist, the Progressive enemy of all free people, Nancy Pelosi, while lecturing Americans on the evils of Global Warming, and still expect to be taken seriously, Cain is refreshingly candid on his past and possible future shortcomings.
    In a time when the current president, while presiding over a collapsing economy and society, is claiming in a sycophantic Main Stream Media interview, that he has made no wrong choices, (3), (in the face of a citizenry in which not a small number of people can actually read and see that he did), Cain stands in stark contrast to the “professional politicians.”
    Recently, Mr. Cain said he would “make mistakes.” (4)
    Of course he will!
    Obviously, he uses those experiences to better himself and his message, unlike our current crop of  perpetually wrong politicians.
  • Cain’s An Able Capitalist

    They just don’t get it!
    Herman Cain is different.
    Herman Cain knows the value of a dollar, whether his or a contributors!
    I have to laugh at all these Main Stream Media yokels and establishment political dinosaurs, working from an outdated script, claiming Herman Cain can’t win because as his opponents are doing, he hasn’t desperately wasted millions of dollars in upcoming Republican primary states.
    Cain is leading in the National polls by more than a two to one margin with his system, but, according to the pinhead political gurus, that doesn’t count!
    How stupid are these people?
    Don’t they realize that his efficiency with a dollar in his campaign spending, and the success being generated with his fiscal prudence, is exactly what he has to offer us as President Cain?
    He is spending a tenth of the money of these other ingrained, throw-other-peoples-money-around-like-water politicians.
    They have no conception of the value of our money. They have no conception of Capitalism, and getting the most for your money.
    Cain is already showing us his superiority in the most basic of ways. He has streamlined his message and appearances, refused to waste money in states not germane to present circumstances, and is kicking butt doing so.
    Cain is approaching this like a sensible businessman should. Like any CEO running an advertising campaign, he is not spending money on ads in areas where his product isn’t yet available.
    In today’s electronic world, no one in the states he isn’t yet campaigning in is unaware of the message he is bringing.
    The Main Stream Media and the establishment RINOs running the other campaigns can continue to look down their collective noses at this “unelectable” interloper. They can continue to mock and sneer at his methods, because they know, or think they know, nothing but what has always been done will work.
    Like Mr. Cain said when it was pointed out that he is a businessman, and up to now, Washington has been run by professional politicians:
    “How’s that working out for you?”
  • GOP Debate Vs “A Fish Called Wanda: Not Apples and Oranges

    So I’m streaming the debate on my laptop last night, one ear listening through a headset, while watching a great old movie with my better half, (in a loving10 year relationship between a woman who despises anything political, and a man that lives and breathes it every day, this is called, “compromise”). “A Fish Called Wanda,” with John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis was on, and is always worth watching. A group of personable miscreants scheming, seemingly together, for the same goal, while planning to screw all the other participants any way possible to attain that goal themselves…but enough about the debate, back to the movie. (Bah-da-bum)
    Perry made a fool of himself. It was embarrassing to watch him try to stay on the script he obviously had been studying. He seemed stiff and stilted, like reading lines that don’t fit in his mouth. He may believe every word, I just don’t feel it from him.
    Cain never faltered in his defense of 9-9-9, but he should have had a few simple answers to go with his admonitions, (which the others certainly deserved for their misrepresentations), other than to tell people to go look it up. A quick explanation of how he avoids the step-by-step taxation on materials in production, would have helped.
    Cain still stands head and shoulders above them all.
    Romney needs to admit he took a damn line out of his book, and put it behind him. He screwed up. I don’t think his hair will let him admit to not being perfect. His verbal contortions belie his smoothness.
    Santorum seems a solid guy, a guy you can count on, and be proud to call friend. His heartfelt message of family leaves a palpable feeling in the room. I don’t know why, but just doesn’t seem to have the depth of a President to me.
    Ron Paul said some perfectly correct things.
    Was Huntsman there? Why is it possible to ask that same question after each debate?
    Professor Gingrich came out looking the best, over all, IMHO. His policy and historical knowledge can’t be denied, but his couch-sitting Climate-Change commercial with San Fran Nan left a deeply disturbing image I’ve yet to mentally purge successfully. He has work to do, but not an impossibility.
    Bachmann didn’t claim any more worldwide deadly natural disasters were warnings from God, and this time didn’t call for Cains 9-9-9 to be condemned because it might be turned upside down bringing out the devil in the details, so I guess she did ok.
    Cain is the winner, mainly because the “professional prostitutes” can’t destroy him for offering solutions, something they stopped doing years ago.
  • What Did Hillary Know, And When Did She Know It?

    How is it that in the midst of all the uproar concerning Eric Holder’s Justice Departments murderous assault on the Second Amendment, “Operation Fast and Furious,” we have not heard the name HILLARY CLINTON?
    Our Secretary of State was certainly used as an important cog in the wheel of destruction aimed at our Constitutional rights. When she stood in Mexico City with her Mexican counterpart and accused Americans of being behind all of the escalating gun violence, what did she really know? (1)
    Was she actually ignorant of the facts of the ongoing obama/Holder attack on American citizens and their Second Amendment Rights? Was she used by obama/Holder to make what everyone now knows were extraordinarily misleading statements to the Main Stream Media, the Mexican Government, and the American people?
    Or was she an active, willing participant in this outrageous scheme, and the deaths or injuries of countless Mexican citizens and the death of American Agent Brian Terry?
    I am grateful to Representative Issa for his search for the truth in this matter at the ATF and the Justice Department, but I feel he needs to widen his scope. What information was disseminated from the ATF and Justice Department to the State Department concerning weapons crossing the border?
    I disagree with most of what Hillary Clinton represents, and am diametrically opposed to her political philosophy. That said, I do not think she is a stupid woman!
    What information was sent to her from the ATF and Justice Department to make her go to Mexico and climb out on the America-Is-Reponsible-For-Mexican-Violence Bandwagon? What possessed her to join New York Nanny-Mayor Bloom(ingidiot)berg’s chorus, claiming America’s rights are the problems for Mexicans woes? (2)
    We need to know whether she was an unwitting participant in this program, pulled in without knowledge of its truly insidious aims, or if she was a willing enabler and participant, eager to fundamentally change the rights of Americans to protect themselves from the tyranny of any out-of-control government, similar to the one she is now part of.
    Should this, or any of the scandals currently threatening to bring down the most anti-American president this country has ever seen, reach the White House and cause the collapse of the obama regime, or force obama to reconsider a run for a second term, we need to know the depths of the involvement of the logical Democrat replacement, before she is carried on high to what many socialist liberal dems think is her stolen, rightful position in the White House.
  • Random Thoughts…

    Random Thoughts…
    The recent uproar from America haters like the ACLU, and America-is-the-evil-of-the-world advocate Ron Paul made me shake my head in confusion.
    American citizenship is one of the easiest thing in the world for a free person to receive. You sign up, get on the list, and, unless you’re a mass murderer or criminal, after a while, you get your citizenship. All you are asked to do is renounce any allegiance to any other country, or documents, and live by our founding documents. If you are born here, you are automatically a citizen, but there is nothing in the law stating that you must remain a citizen as long as you live.
    Like our borders, no one is forced to stay here, or stay a citizen. You want to leave the country? LEAVE! You want to renounce your citizenship, DO IT!
    It would seem to make sense that if all one must do to come here and be a citizen is apply for it, and observe, preserve and protect our constitution, that if one leaves the country and renounces America, her values and founding documents as evil, and states a desire to destroy America and her citizens, and actively takes part in plots to kill Americans and harm or destroy America, one surrenders their American citizenship of their own volition, automatically. Their pursuit of happiness does not give them the freedom to end all others similar pursuits, nor protect their attempts to do so in an American court of law, with Constitutional protections.
    Just as our Declaration of Independence was written for Americans, as a statement from Americans defining their new country, and not a declaration that all peoples of the world were free men with equal rights, our citizenship is not sacrosanct and all encompassing.
    Those that wish to destroy our lives, our constitution and the freedoms associated with it, are not protected by our constitution because of their disbelief in it! The instant they take action against the interests of America, and publicly state a desire to kill free Americans because they are free Americans, they obviously should be stripped of our legal protections.
    Herman Cain is going to make a great President, because he does not believe he knows everything, but he knows how to accumulate knowledge from others, assimilate that knowledge, and use it to his advantage. His business sense and lack of obligation to any political base will serve to make America first in the world, the leader in all fields, once again. A true CEO accepts nothing less.
    Chris Christie is not a Republican, and, according to reports today, (Tuesday, 10/4/2011), he will not pollute the republican primary system with his duplicity and lies, thank God.
    Why has there been no push back against Al Queada from Ron Paul and the “Truthers?” They know America caused 9/11. Are they going to allow Al Queada to publicly take credit for what they know George Bush did?
    Just wonderin’…