• Cain’s An Able Capitalist

    They just don’t get it!
    Herman Cain is different.
    Herman Cain knows the value of a dollar, whether his or a contributors!
    I have to laugh at all these Main Stream Media yokels and establishment political dinosaurs, working from an outdated script, claiming Herman Cain can’t win because as his opponents are doing, he hasn’t desperately wasted millions of dollars in upcoming Republican primary states.
    Cain is leading in the National polls by more than a two to one margin with his system, but, according to the pinhead political gurus, that doesn’t count!
    How stupid are these people?
    Don’t they realize that his efficiency with a dollar in his campaign spending, and the success being generated with his fiscal prudence, is exactly what he has to offer us as President Cain?
    He is spending a tenth of the money of these other ingrained, throw-other-peoples-money-around-like-water politicians.
    They have no conception of the value of our money. They have no conception of Capitalism, and getting the most for your money.
    Cain is already showing us his superiority in the most basic of ways. He has streamlined his message and appearances, refused to waste money in states not germane to present circumstances, and is kicking butt doing so.
    Cain is approaching this like a sensible businessman should. Like any CEO running an advertising campaign, he is not spending money on ads in areas where his product isn’t yet available.
    In today’s electronic world, no one in the states he isn’t yet campaigning in is unaware of the message he is bringing.
    The Main Stream Media and the establishment RINOs running the other campaigns can continue to look down their collective noses at this “unelectable” interloper. They can continue to mock and sneer at his methods, because they know, or think they know, nothing but what has always been done will work.
    Like Mr. Cain said when it was pointed out that he is a businessman, and up to now, Washington has been run by professional politicians:
    “How’s that working out for you?”