• Cookie and Princess, A Wall Street Story

    DSCN0796Princess running security check

    We didn’t realize it until recently, but we have had Cookie, an Occupy Wall Street participant, protesting in our home for over a year now, and we just don’t see it ever coming to an end during her lifetime! The funny thing is, a year before the little OCCUPIER came to live with us, her younger half sister, Princess, a stone “work-and-reward” Capitalist, moved in.
    They couldn’t be more different!
    I grew up with mid-sized to large animals, mostly Labs and German Shepard mixes. I never gave much thought to little dogs, and Yorkshire Terrriers are slightly smaller than them, but with the same enthusiasm!
    Cookie, the 3 1/2 to 4 lb’er, grew up in a group home, one of five mouths, untrained for 14 months, living by how loud and often they had to complain to get results.
    Princess, who weighs in at about 6 lbs now, was a sickly five weeks old when we, (my girlfriend, actually), were offered the opportunity to rescue her from a well-intentioned, but incapable, first-time home breeder. The other pups from her litter hadn’t survived.
    With careful attention and care, Princess survived and grew healthy.
    She is very smart, and learned, as do most children of responsible parents whether foster or natural, the basics of life. These included toilet etiquette, sitting, standing, coming when called, putting away their toys, and sharing sleeping quarters without being a nuisance.
    She learned through love, reinforcement and reward. Tiny tasty bits and an encouraging word can do wonders. Soon, she was playing and retrieving items. Now, without reward, she sits in front of me and growls to go out in back when necessary. In the morning, she walks up the length of my body, stands on my chest or back, and pokes me in the nose with her nose, for the same purpose.
    We made demands, and paid for them, she wanted the pay and carried out the demands. She learned the basics of capitalism. She gets paid to perform a service.

    Happily, it seems.

    Alittle help with my hair, here!Princess, left, and Cookie

    Her half-sister Cookie, on the other hand, learned to protest for everything until she met us in her 14th month of life. Two months older than Princess, she hadn’t the basic knowledge of bathroom etiquette or protocol. She had learned that five loud yammering voices would eventually be fed the basics so they go away. Or, I learned, one smart enough to run a con! She unfortunately had never had anyone teach her to play! No playing, no rewards in her life.
    Over time, she learned the reward system, and the basic bathroom protocol. She relieves herself outdoors, she gets a cookie. Due to the difference in effort required, both get a “better” cookie for #2! Princess will not lie to me. If I offer her a #1 cookie, if that is what she did, she takes it. If not, she politely turns her head, and I give her the #2 cookie. Over time, investigation has proven she never lies!  Cookie, on the other hand, being a little entitlement liberal, has no problem trying to con me into thinking see deserves more than she does!  She tries to refuse the #1 cookie, and tries to act like she did #2! (She doesn’t realize her own natural excitement screws her every time! When she really does #2, she is just about flying of the ground she is so happy! When she is lying, she just acts a little excited, not the same at all!) Sometimes, When she thinks I’m not looking, she goes into the yard, and runs back in, “telling” me she went #1, and demands a cookie! In a 5 minute running and pacing dialogue of growls, toe pokes and barks!

    When Princess gets rewarded for fetching her ball, Cookie demands a treat, also. Never runs, moves or works for it, just demands it because we, the 1%,  have it.

    No, I don't need help with this, thank you!Cookie wants free stuff for staying in bed!

    Apparently, Cookie is the 99%! (Except that, as I said, she has learned appropriate bathroom etiquette, something that escapes her nationwide street brethren).
    12/11/14 EDITORS UPDATE! I’m happy to say, even though Cookie has no idea why she is running, she runs alongside as Princess is retrieving the ball, and comes back for her cookie! CAPITALISM WORKS! EVEN FOR A DIE HARD OCCUPIER!