• Fox Republican Debate, IMHO

    I watched the debate Thursday night, and you can see my immediate, as it happened remarks in my post, “The Debate In As “Real-Time,” A Wife, Visiting Relatives, And Two Dogs Allows,” at:


    Here is my condensed version and observations:

    If life were fair, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann would be doing much better than they are. I understand the reluctance to back Bachmann, I stopped backing her because she claimed, among other things, that God was sending recent natural disasters killing people all around the world as a warning.

    Santorum, to my knowledge, hasn’t made any such self destructive statements, and believes with a passion what he says, he just doesn’t seem to project any passion himself. It’s shame, he would probably do well, and is undeniable for a strong America.

    Gingrich, as usual, was the smartest person in the room, but, as obama, has an arrogance befitting a know-it-all professor, and, like obama, is an admitted progressive. He goes so far as to call himelf “Wilsonian” in his beliefs. That, in and of itself, should scare the bejesus out of anyone. Gingrich loves big government, because he belives, like obama, that he is special enough to make it work.

    Perry proved much more appealing, throwing a Tebow-style Hail Mary pass. He seemed more relaxed, even enjoying himself. He defended his policies, state, and tenth-amendment state-of-mind, well. He did himself the most good of any of the others, who did as expected in their own box.

    Romney was Romney. Slick, polished, bending with the wind and justifying his being all over both sides of all issues. Expected nothing less, received nothing more.

    Paul was his Constitutional self. He makes a great deal of sense on many issues, and then becomes the most dangerous man around when he claims he expects the Iranians to react in the same way to Mutually Assured Destruction as the Russians decades ago. ┬áHe can’t see, apparently with the same type of blind spot as obamas government, that Islamist terrorists don’t play by the rules. They live to die, taking others with them. Threatening them with Mutually Assured Destruction is absurd, they would die in a second taking us with them. Paul is scarily sophomoric. He makes a moral and ethical comparison to the Israelis having nukes, “Israel has 300 of ’em,” to Iran being able to have them! He may be a Constitutional Patriot, but on some issues, he is truly delusional.

    Huntsman is only there to help obama by splitting the vote, speaks in obama style platitudes and says nothing. Looks good doing it.