• Thank you, Mitt.

    I don’t like Mitt Romney. At all. I don’t trust Mitt Romney. That said, I have to thank Mitt Romney.
    Because of his Capitalist connections with Bain Capital, we are able to watch (and identify) the anti-American socialists as they come apart at the seams.¬†Through the attacks on Romney and his building and dismantling business’s for profit, we are watching the attempted rise of the Socialist European workers model. This is obama’s vision of America, this is the message his “occupier” groups have been created to spread.
    These people have somehow come to believe that once you are hired, you cannot be fired. Years and years of Government and Union corruption and influence have turned them into worker trolls, ignorant of the workings or freedoms afforded by Capitalism.
    Is there any Capitalist or free American citizen that understands the Constitution that actually believes that what anyone else earns is any of their business? I don’t think so.
    They bring up the intellectually vapid argument of wage disparity between the worker and the bosses.
    DUH! No (excrement), Sherlock!
    People invest their money into the freedom of a capitalist venture to make themselves money, not as a public duty to support people for the rest of their lives.
    How many millionaires did Bill Gates create? Even now, do you think any of his workers should have anything to say about what he, Gates, makes?
    When you go to work for someone following their dream:
    A) no one is forcing you to work for them,
    B) you can take the money and experience you gain from the fine people that trusted you enough to give you what you accepted as a fair wage when you took the job for your completing certain agreed upon tasks, and use it to open your own business under our Capitalist system,
    C) you learn that no one should aspire to work for anyone. Working for others gives you the incentive, seeing the owners of businesses flourish is the best advertisement for American Capitalism.
    Any business can go broke. Unions can bring any business to its knees. Presidents can over-regulate people out of their jobs. That is America. It takes Capitalism to make the necessary corrections to keep businesses growing, against the odds in the face of corrupt unions set on putting them out of business, (Eastern Airlines, anyone? How many airlines have the Machinist Union put out of business?)
    When companies can’t stay afloat on their own, others may decide to risk their money investing in that business, or the parts thereof, to create other business.
    Just as Corporations are people, the business they run are lives. Some business may live for years, others may die too soon, and others may be used as “organ doners” to support other ventures.
    Those that do not understand the basics of business, or understand and are trying to destroy the Capitalist system, cannot and should not be trusted.
    Knowing who they are is a good thing.
    Thank you, Mitt.
  • End the Discrimination against the Police and Firefighters!

    I have a suggestion that deals with problems a little closer to home than the Washington, DC, National or International stories of which I usually blather. Although, because all that will read this live in a community, somewhere, which has something in common with the community everyone else lives in, it could be considered a national, small “n”, issue.
    How many of us have heard our local officials complain that without tax increases, or some other new form of revenue wrung out of the citizens, they would be forced, (FORCED!) to lay off Police and Firefighters?
    These fear tactics have been used over the years to extort more and more money from the private sector, to benefit overpaid, redundant, mostly union Supercitizens called “Public Sector Workers.”
    I, for one, am tired of it. I have put my mind to this problem, and, my mind being what it is, have come up with a way we can level this unfair burden the Police and Firefighters carry.
    I think it is only right that, on a grassroots level a la the T.E.A. party movement, we should all get behind my new proposed Bill.
    I haven’t settled on the name yet, because, as we know, the name of a Bill is usually the opposite of what the Bill truly represents, and I’m a lousy liar, so I’m kind of stuck.
    How does the “Public Workers Equal Rights Bill” sound?
    The purpose of the bill would be to see that if any Police or Fireman lose their government jobs, than an equal percentage of workers in every other department of that government must also be shed. No exceptions.
    This is not a matter covered by union contracts regarding seniority. As a matter of fact, this is such a serious matter of fiscal emergency that all government contracts should be cancelled until the budget problems are alleviated. Unfortunately, that would never happen. This, however, is doable, because it is fair, on an obama, occupier and socialist level.
    If the monetary situation in any district, county, city or state is such that first responder emergency workers and protectors of the citizenry are being fired, you can be sure that the disarray and incompetence that led to this dire outcome is spread throughout the entire structure of the government involved. The public must be protected from their budgetary incompetence.
    It is plainly discriminatory for the Police and Firefighters to be continually singled out for termination. No other government worker is any better than them, and none should enjoy the protection not afforded the Police and Firefighters. If 3 out of 30 police are fired, than the rest of the workforce should shrink 10%, Department by Department. End the Discrimination against the Police and Firefighters!
    Start pushing this idea on all your local officials and conservative friends. Push it in City Councils and Statehouses where the Republicans have control.
    I would think the Police and Firefighters unions would probably like it, also.
    The “Public Workers Equal Rights Bill.”
    It’s only fair.