• Headlines We Will Never See:

    obama, Citing Constitutional Freedoms, Declares “America Greatest Country”
    Mitt Romney Admits Mistake
    Newt Gingrich Out Of Ideas
    New York Times Supports Conservative Candidate
    Planned Parenthood Admits Millions From Taxpayers Covers Abortions
    Planned Parenthood Admits Extermination Of Minorities Was And Is Goal
    obama Declares American Military “Greatest Force For Good In History”
    Limbaugh Time Mag’s “Man Of The Year”
    Iraqis Grateful To U.S. For Freedom
    Saudi Arabians Stop Exporting Wahhabism
    Israelis Lay Down Arms, Middle East Peace Reigns
    Muslims Lay Down Arms, World Peace Reigns
    Muslim World Allows For Different Religious Views
    Muslims Give Up Violent Quest For World-Wide Caliphate
    CAIR Admits Terrorist Beginnings, Connections
    Progressive Dems Admit Communist Manifesto Their Goal For America
    obama Admits His Policies Direct Cause Of 86% Rise In Gas Prices
    Liberals Admit Reagan Right About Taxes
    Liberals Credit Reagan, Thatcher, Pope With Winning Cold War
    Progressives Admit FDR Policies Prolonged Depression
    Progressives Admit Failure Or Financial Collapse Of Every One Of Their Policies Since 1900
    Media Declares Their Own Failures, Admits Liberal Bias
    obama Policies Lower Inflation
    obama Policies Lower Consumer Prices
    MSM Admits Farrakhan An Unreliable, Unbelievable, Racist, UFO Nut
    Muslims Admit Islam Incompatible With, Subservient To, American Constitution
    GM Profitable, Pays Off American Taxpayer Loans
    Iran Announces Support For Israeli Right to Exist
    Joe Wilson Right, obama IS a Liar
    Peta Kills 95% of Animals It Takes In    (Wait, that one is a real headline!)
    Blacks Fare Better OFF Dem Plantation
    Progressive Dem Policies Demean, Enslave Blacks
    MSM Declares Conservatism Better For America
    U.S. Pulls out Of U.N., Stops Dealing With Enemies
    obama: “U.S. Policy Not Dictated By Unproven Theories,” Disavows Climate Change and Radical Environmentalists
    obama: “Drill Here, Drill Now!”
    obama: “No Dealing With Muslim Countries Until They Allow Christian Churches and Recognize Israel”
    MSM  Declares Global Warming A Hoax, Admits Failure Of Journalism
    and the one we all HOPE we never see:
    obama Re-Elected!