• obama, Holder Silence Spreads Like Gasoline, Panthers Words Strike The Spark

    Do we really want to see how much money other people think removing someone from society is worth? President obama and his fellow racist at the Dept. of Justice, Eric Holder, have nothing to say about the hate group the “New Black Panther Party,” (or any group), putting a $10,000 “Dead Or Alive” bounty on any American citizen?
    The Panthers claim they only want to “capture” him, but in the same breath, say the violence their actions may cause are justified because their “muslim beliefs” demand an “eye for an eye”. (1)
    Obviously, the Panthers motive is entirely racist, because you never hear a word of protest or concern from these great paragons of “justice” about the massive black-on-black death toll in our “inner cities” (Democrat Liberal plantation war zones), like Chicago’s Cabrini Green Projects.
    No “bounties” for those killers…I wonder why?
    What would they say if the KKK, or any other group, (say a new group called the “National Association for the Advancement of White People”), offer a similar “Dead or Alive” $20,000 bounty for anyone harming George Zimmerman?
    What if the same group of people offered the same reward for anyone, of any color, convicted of an interracial rape? I will not give you the Dept. of Justice figures on interracial rape, because you would not believe me, nor the incredible disparity in numbers.  (2) (3)
    Let’s just say there would be a great reduction in the prison population and recidivism rates. Look up the numbers yourself. They should make us all incredibly angry that:
    A) this has been allowed to continue, and
    B) the media has been a willing participant in covering up this scandal.
    Jesse Jackson says blacks are under attack? (4)
    No, “reverend” Jackson, white woman are under attack.
    If the “New Black Panther Party” wants to start killing other races based upon unproven allegations, before investigations have been completed, they might be setting a precedent they cannot survive.
    Whatever occurred between Zimmerman and Martin will be debated and investigated endlessly. One man is dead, and that is a tragedy. Whether Zimmerman caused the circumstances leading to his alleged beating by Martin, necessitating, in Zimmerman’n mind at least, the use of deadly force to save his life, will be uncovered. Responsibility will be determined, punishment will be meted out.
    There is no winner here, both lives are shattered, both families are forever changed.
    Justice will come from the truth, not the “New Black Panther Party.”
    2)     http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0302.pdf       and, “under victims and offenders”,

  • Newt’s Drive To White House (On $2.50 Gas?)

    Newt’s Drive To White House (On $2.50 Gas?)
    It is now more obvious than ever that Newt Gingrich should stay in this race. For no other reason than to keep repeating his answers on fuel. To get others over the coming months to repeat and spread the truth about our oil capacities. To keep the debacle that is the current administrations oil policy, and the effects in unemployment and the rest of the economy, front and center in the MSM and debates.
    Newt need do nothing else. He could get elected on this one issue.
    The more he repeats the facts, and points out the ripple effect of the unleashing of America’s energy industry, and the jobs created, the more he diminishes obama. The more obama has to go out of his way to once again mis-direct the American people with lies and distortions.
    The White House cannot let Gingrich convince America of the facts. obama must attempt to “Alinsky” Gingrich, he must mock him, isolate him. In doing so, he brings attention on his own failure, and the fact that telling half the truth to the American people isn’t going to make it in today’s information world.
    Gingrich has his hand on an issue that every American is feeling, and every American wants addressed. obama’s lies aren’t going to hold up to scrutiny in the face of Gingrich and Sarah Palin keeping his failure and the true solution in the news every day.
    Gingrich need pay no attention to slights from other candidates. He should help spread their ideas when they agree. He needs to keep himself as the face of the Energy debate. The facts are on his side, and far more relevent to the American people than a morally bereft, pseudo-catholic, liberal activist’s entitlement to our money for her sex life, or who makes more money than whom, or what religion anyone is.
    People may have reasons for disliking Gingrich. Hell, read some of my past stuff. But even with all the things he has done to make me turn away, he still can bring me back speaking the plain truth on an issue so important, where the facts are undeniable, and show that current administration policies have caused the problem for which they claim to so desperately be seeking a solution.
    We all know gas prices are going to keep going up over the next few months…who is going to get the most attention? Health care and the Supreme Court are coming up, but no one is feeling that in their pockets a couple of times a week.
    Newt should fill his tank and set his cruise control on “GAS POLICY.” Whether he is the eventual nominee or not, his keeping the attention focused on that one issue is enough to throw obama of his billion dollar script of anti-GOP lies, and forcing the eventual Convention nominee into addressing his point of view on the issue in return for his support.
  • Lie To Me Once Shame On You, Lie To Me 21 Times…

    Lie To Me Once Shame On You, Lie To Me 21 Times…
    So, the man that lied when he promised to accept public funding of his campaign, (1)
    the man that lied when he said no abortions would be covered by his health care scheme, (2)
    the man that lies every time he speaks about the amount of oil at this countries disposal, (3)
    the man that lies when he says a President can’t do anything to reduce the price of gas, and then plans an October Surprise release of our emergency oil to temporarily do just that, (4)
    the man who proves his own lies when a temporary release of oil has a diminutive, symbolic reduction in the price, but he insists a daily flow of our own oil from our numerous sites, (which he now has off-limits), would have no effect on oil prices, (no link, just common sense economics)
    the man who lied when claiming unemployment would never go above 8%, and who now lies every day about the real unemployment numbers, (5)
    the man who lied when he claimed to barely know the unrepentant, racist, anti-American terrorist that helped start his political career, (6)
    the man who lied when he claimed no one would lose their doctors or health plan under his healthcare bill, (7)
    the man who lied about “shovel ready” jobs, (8)
    the man who lied, along with many others, about his supposed birth certificate, (9)
    the man who lied when he claimed he did not vote three times to let abortion surviving babies die of neglect, forbidding their treatment, (10)
    the man who lied when he swore to uphold the Constitution, and has belittled it, complained of it’s “constraints”, (11) and failure to bestow upon him the powers of the Communist Chinese Premier over Americans, (12), and who has ignored it by taking private property and giving it to his union thug friends, (GM), (13), or using recess appointments when the Congress is not in recess, (14), or deciding he has the right to kill Americans at will, (15), or start wars with an OK from the UN, but no Congressional approval, (16)
    The man who lied when he swore to uphold our laws, and then appointed a racist black supremacist who is intent on ignoring any civil rights violations against whites, (17), who is intent on protecting every national border but America’s from harm, who has been a willing accomplice in the scheme to defraud Americans into giving up their borders and second Amendment gun rights, but has succeeded in getting American agents killed instead, and their underhanded roles have been discovered, (18)
    the man who lied about not taking money from lobbyists, (19), and a more transparent government, (20)
    THIS is the man we are supposed to believe, the man whose Secretary of Energy owns no car, (21), and has expressed a desire to see our fuel prices to rise to the level of Europe’s, (22), this is the man whose finger we are supposed to accept being wagged in our faces, as he claims he wants to do, or would ever do, anything to lower oil or fuel prices in any realistic, long term way? (23)
  • Is The Obvious THAT Hard Too See?

    Is The Obvious THAT Hard Too See?
    What is it about the pundits that they can’t seem to get that WE, the American People, have no problem with a “brokered” Convention for the GOP?
    Why are they so afraid of allowing this process? I just heard Dick Morris declare that we NEED a candidate, asking principled people to  just “vote for Romney!” Not because he is the best person, but because he, Dick Morris, believes we need to short circuit the process, and, in the process, disenfranchise the very people we will need to vote for our eventual candidate.
    Way to get out the vote, Dick!
    We like this process. The only reason it has gotten so ugly is because of the candidates themselves. Newt claimed he was going to have a positive campaign, but millions of dollars in negative attacks were the response.
    I still wish Newt had resisted being dragged into the sewer, and had remained positive in the face of the withering attacks. In the long run, he would have come out above the negative fray. He would have stood out as the true elder statesman he really is.
    Regardless, the rest of the country has a right to have their voices heard. We are not the Democrat party, working diligently to disenfranchise Independent and
    GOP votes.
    No, we are the party unafraid of ideas, the party that thrives on looking into the future together, as optimistic of the future as Ronald Reagan ever was, given we arrive together at the best solutions through a thorough vetting and hearing of all involved. When the men or women we chose reach the end of this primary season, we look forward to them taking the delegates we have entrusted them with, into the meetings of the future of the party, and coming to the best decision they can to represent their voters. When they have finished with the attacks and have to sit in a room and advocate for their ideas on their merits alone, we are strengthened.
    When that is accomplished, the strength of the party is greatly enhanced.
    The feeling of the people that they really are involved is enhanced.
    More people might consider voting, if we consider giving them a shot at it now!
    We have been short circuiting the system for a long time.
    Does anybody doubt we can do better?