• obama, Holder Silence Spreads Like Gasoline, Panthers Words Strike The Spark

    Do we really want to see how much money other people think removing someone from society is worth? President obama and his fellow racist at the Dept. of Justice, Eric Holder, have nothing to say about the hate group the “New Black Panther Party,” (or any group), putting a $10,000 “Dead Or Alive” bounty on any American citizen?
    The Panthers claim they only want to “capture” him, but in the same breath, say the violence their actions may cause are justified because their “muslim beliefs” demand an “eye for an eye”. (1)
    Obviously, the Panthers motive is entirely racist, because you never hear a word of protest or concern from these great paragons of “justice” about the massive black-on-black death toll in our “inner cities” (Democrat Liberal plantation war zones), like Chicago’s Cabrini Green Projects.
    No “bounties” for those killers…I wonder why?
    What would they say if the KKK, or any other group, (say a new group called the “National Association for the Advancement of White People”), offer a similar “Dead or Alive” $20,000 bounty for anyone harming George Zimmerman?
    What if the same group of people offered the same reward for anyone, of any color, convicted of an interracial rape? I will not give you the Dept. of Justice figures on interracial rape, because you would not believe me, nor the incredible disparity in numbers.  (2) (3)
    Let’s just say there would be a great reduction in the prison population and recidivism rates. Look up the numbers yourself. They should make us all incredibly angry that:
    A) this has been allowed to continue, and
    B) the media has been a willing participant in covering up this scandal.
    Jesse Jackson says blacks are under attack? (4)
    No, “reverend” Jackson, white woman are under attack.
    If the “New Black Panther Party” wants to start killing other races based upon unproven allegations, before investigations have been completed, they might be setting a precedent they cannot survive.
    Whatever occurred between Zimmerman and Martin will be debated and investigated endlessly. One man is dead, and that is a tragedy. Whether Zimmerman caused the circumstances leading to his alleged beating by Martin, necessitating, in Zimmerman’n mind at least, the use of deadly force to save his life, will be uncovered. Responsibility will be determined, punishment will be meted out.
    There is no winner here, both lives are shattered, both families are forever changed.
    Justice will come from the truth, not the “New Black Panther Party.”
    2)     http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0302.pdf       and, “under victims and offenders”,