• Obviously, obama and Hillary Hate Women!

    On April 29, 2012, In OPINIONPolitics, By Ron Reale
    While liberals are up in arms about Rush Limbaugh and his comment, (for which he immediately apologized), about an admittedly “loose woman” and her need to have us all pay for her sexcapades, our “formerly” muslim President, barack obama, bypassed Congress to give the Palestinian Authority, those paragons of virtue and womens rights, (1), $192 million dollars.
    The President’s muslim friends in Egypt, the ones we all were in such a hurry to support in their drive for “Democracy,” are still receiving over two billion of American taxpayer dollars, (as they have each year since 1979, and as their muslim brotherhood leaders have recently threatened us, must be continued), (2), (3), and they have made it illegal for woman to get an education or work.
    They can’t even escape their tormentors in death, as the filthy islamists claim the right to continue to have sex with them for 6 months after they are dead, (4).
    I find it interesting that the communists in the Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West spoke of recently, (5),  will fight tooth and nail to keep a country from getting any aid from America if their unions are not receiving the same treatment as our corrupt union thugs in America, (6), but will throw money at any country doing it’s best to destroy woman’s rights, and women themselves.
    Hillary Clinton, our obscenity of a Secretary of State, has fully supported the so called, “Arab Spring”, (7), (8). She should be ashamed of herself, but we know the Clintons have no shame.
    She should have resigned rather than ever speak to a leader of one of these muslim misogynist countries. She should be denouncing them at every interview, doing everything she can to bring an end to American support.
    We hear from these communists in the Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West spoke of recently that there is a Republican “war on woman!” (9)
    The truth is, the Commander-in-Chief of the, “Worldwide War on Woman,” is President barack hussein obama, the “former” muslim, and his muslim compatriots throughout the world. The American taxpayer funds his venal actions against innocent women.
    Hillary Clinton is his battlefield general.
    The Progressive Caucus in Congress that Republican Representative Alan West recently spoke of are his field troops, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is his “Tokyo Rose”.

  • NBC Should Go Dark, GE, Comcast Should Be Liable For Billions

    I don’t know why George Zimmerman is trying to raise money for his defense. His lawyer should be filing a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against NBC and it’s parent company’s, GE and Comcast, designed to cripple them and remove the network from the airways.
    Their actions in the editing of the 911 tape were malicious, designed to start race wars and get George Zimmerman killed. There is no other answer for their lies. They managed to get a “wanted dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman’s head by those that believed their purposeful, hate driven, race-baiting, money grubbing lies.
    They cannot get away with such a blatant violation of George Zimmerman’s rights, and the letter of the license to use the airways. They used their considerable authority, granted by the FCC, to deceive the public on a scale heretofor unheard of, for the purpose of ratings and money.
    Instead of serving the public and bettering the community, they got in the gutter with racist, divisive lies, designed to foment outrage and anger and violence against George Zimmerman.
    Were I Zimmerman’s attorney, I would have the fired NBC producer personally, and GE and Comcast, the parent companies of NBC, immediately served for slander and libel.
    George Zimmerman was not a “public figure”. He deserves to demand satisfaction for the cruel and manipulative way he has been treated, and the public ridicule, scorn and hatred he now faces.
    I would also file charges with the FCC designed to strip NBC of its license, in the public good. The have lost the right to continue to speak down to the American public, to make billions from a public they are so eager to deceive, mislead and harm.
    This is not the first time they have mislead the public with fixed video or audio, but by far this is the most egregious and dangerous to the community at large, and a specific American and his family.
    Make their actions fill the headlines and airways. Make sure that over time, the good people that were used, that went out and marched and called for violence because of the lies of these racists at NBC, realize they were played to fulfill obama’s pet network’s anti-American racist agenda.
    Make them pay.
    (Editors note, this article was edited after publication in that Comcast was not recognized in the immediate publication as the majority stockholder in NBC, 51% to GE’s 49%. )
  • Trayvon, Zimmerman Victims Of Black Leadership!

    Through their actions,Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have become forever entwined in the history of race relations of America.
    Both had cell phones.
    One saw what they thought was suspicious activity, (someone walking on others property, between houses, late at night), and called the police. Because they were not in the street but between houses, Zimmerman apparently continued to follow Martin, (against the advice of the 911 officers), supposedly to get an address.
    Allegedly, at this point, he was attacked and beaten, leading to his shooting his attacker.
    The other, Trayvon, upon believing he was being followed, (he was), and possibly in danger of attack, (he was not attacked, the mortician said there was no evidence of any physical violence upon Trayvon Martin’s body, nor any defensive scratches or bruises), did not call anyone, did not report his fear, did not report what he felt was suspicious activity or something possibly illegal.
    Apparently and allegedly, without any physical provocation, he attacked Zimmerman, breaking his nose and beating his head repeatedly into the ground. At this time, he was shot and killed by Zimmerman.
    Did Zimmerman’s actions, (before the physical altercation), constitute stalking? Yes.
    Is he partially responsible for triggering the events that followed? Yes.
    Did any of his actions constitute a physical threat to anyone? No.
    Did Zimmerman attempt to call for assistance in what he thought was a security breach in his community? Yes.
    Did Martin’s actions, (before the physical altercation), constitute trespassing or anything a reasonable person would consider suspicious? Yes.
    Is he partially responsible for triggering the events that followed? Yes.
    Did his actions, (before the physical altercation), constitute a physical threat to anyone? No.
    Did he attempt to call for assistance, or ask the person on the phone to call for assistance, when he thought he was being followed or threatened?  No.
    Did he physically attack the person who had been following him? Apparently and allegedly.
    Trayvon Martin would be alive today had he called the police when he thought he was being followed or threatened.
    Jesse “Rainbow Coalition shakedown” Jackson, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Louie “I’ve been on a UFO” Farrakhan, Eric “screw civil rights for white’s” Holder and President “the cops acted stupidly” obama are all responsible for Trayvons death. Their continual racist positions poison the minds of our black youths against the police.
    Their collective acceptance and support of the lack of cooperation and wall of silence surrounding the open drug sales and lawlessness in the black community, their failure to lead or even speak out on the crisis of black-on black-murder and violence, proves they’re not fit to lead. They care not about these issues, other than to keep them inflamed for their own race-driven ends.
    Their continual grandstanding and denigrating those trying to protect Americans in the street on a daily basis has led to a lack of confidence and outright hostility towards those one would turn to in times of trouble.
    Martin and Zimmerman are both victims of race-baiting leaders and their policies.
    Who has the courage to call out the real perpetrators?