• Facebook/Twitter Amusing The Masses On Our Road To Destruction

    FACEBOOK and TWITTER are technological slums swirling along in a sea of narcissism, designed to take the thought out of living, and slice life into in 30 second increments through the views of others; designed to distract people into believing they’re living the lives they’re designing on-line, designed to keep Oprah type petty trash information flowing and controlling the news cycle, keeping only the most mindless of thoughtless drivel in the news, while opening the private lives of users to rapists, pedophiles, identity theft and more. (1) (2) (3)
    A more perfect vehicle could not have been invented in the fight for the “undecided” 20% of the people.
    The concerned American citizens involved, whether on the Left or Right, have made up their minds, based on the facts they choose to follow, concerning the seriousness of the situations this country faces.
    Too ignorant to use their own minds, or too selfish and inconsiderate of both their civic duties and fellow citizens, there are those that, with an air of feigned indifference and superiority, call themselves “moderates” and “independents.” They think of themselves smugly, Jon Stewart or Bill Mahers latest gag still in their mind.
    These people should be ignored. They abrogate their decisions to the Daily Show news cycle, either too cowardly to stand up to their responsibilities as a citizen and actually make a decision, or too ignorant to understand how, due to the purposeful mis-education the government has forced upon them.
    They are no more capable of making a serious decision about the future of this country than the so-called high school grad down at McDonalds is capable of making change of a dollar without a machine to tell them the amount.
    Which is why the left loves FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
    They are the final step in our assimilation, and many of us did not resist. We welcomed it. Look at our children. They are not individuals any longer. They are tied to the computer in their hand, forever linked to the collective, believing only what the collective deems true, accepting only what the collective offers, demonizing that which the collective wants destroyed.
    Now imagine how THEIR children will be wired. Eyepieces worn 24 hours? Implants?
    No individual thought now, children, just type your life out and read about others ideas, no thought necessary, tomorrow is another mindless day on which others will be making your decisions.
    We are BORG.
    Never thinking for themselves, the independents and moderates are always the first voices to give in to any idea paving the way for a complete societal breakdown, because they are so willing to give their minds to whoever or whatever they think everyone else likes…today.
  • You Didn’t Do That Alone…

    …somewhere along the way, a teacher helped.

    Yes, with a contract guaranteeing her a job for life, short of actually killing a student. (1)
    I believe every day they taught my NYC Public School classes, all my teachers were paid through the taxes collected from my parents and others. Just as my Catholic School teachers were paid by my parents when I transferred. Except the Pubic School teachers were paid to fulfill a contract of which my parents were never a negotiating party. (2) They certainly never received the kickbacks the Democrats received for rubber stamping those contracts, contracts paid not with their money, but with tax dollars forcibly extorted by a never thankful, corrupt government. (3)
    A road was built in front of my business?
    Yes, and I’ll give 10 to 1 odds in any big city it was the result of a corrupt union deal that overcharged the taxpayers and lined the pockets of the union thugs and Democrat party. (4)
    I owe the roadworker and builders a great big attaboy for doing their jobs, paid for with taxpayer monies, that they were overpaid to do. Not a damn thing more from a successful business I may have run.
    I owe my teachers a great big attaboy for going into teaching. Not a damn thing more from a successful business I may have run.
    Where were all those helpers while my attempts to start a business failed? Why aren’t they responsible for the bankruptcies throughout the economy, because, if they had been doing their jobs, we would all be successful.
    Or, better yet, Comrade obama, if the secrets of success lie not inside the personal enthusiasm of ownership and rugged individualism that makes an American risk all, but outside in the streets and government buildings put there out of the pure compassion for us by you and your ilk, I ask you a question: Why don’t all businesses succeed?
    You denigrate those that say they worked hard, because you say there a a lot of hard working people out there…why aren’t they successful? Is there no road in front of their house? Had they no teachers?
    You think you have been a successful agitator. You think you built a successful reputation?
    You didn’t build that…Frank Marshall Davis built that!
    You didn’t build that…Saul Allinsky built that!
    You didn’t build that…Reverend Wright built that!
    President obama, your Government Control mentality is showing, and it is nothing new to us. We have seen your “progressive” policies entrap eastern Europe, Red China, Cuba, the Middle East and more.
    Your anti-Americanism is coming to the surface. Even those Americans not usually interested in politics, (because they are out working hard to make a success of themselves), are noticing.
    Go ahead, keep telling the 70% of the economic sector, the small businessmen, that they didn’t earn that for which they have risked all.
    See how that works out for you.

    (2)     http://teachersunionexposed.com/dues.cfm

  • Romney and His Affirmitive Action Campaign

    On July 16, 2012, In OPINION, By Ron Reale
    If Romney believed President obama his equal, he would fight him from every possible legitimate avenue of attack, just as President obama is proving there is nothing he won’t do as he clings to lies and gutter tactics.
    Instead, because his adversary is a black man, he refuses to use the only sure-fire way to shut President obama  up, and drive him from the Presidency in disgrace and possibly handcuffs, in defense of America. Romney has the same progressive streak as John McCain, a willingness to suspend reality at the detriment of the country, for a “go along to get along” fantasy where he is accepted by the left.  He is hung up on being called a racist if he, (God forbid!), treats President obama as an equal, forgetting that no matter what he does, leftists and the media believe if you are a Republican or Conservative, you are a racist to them, anyway. (1)
    It’s a warped version of political affirmative-action. President obama is spared the truth being used against him by the “racist white man,” while President obama can throw proven lies around, and because he is black, they are accepted without question.
    Were Romney man enough to show America he will fight proudly with the truth, that he deserves to be Commander-in-Chief, the next time some obama toady in the press asked Romney to show his tax records, or more documents on Bain Capital, he’d be prepared.
    He would make a speech about America’s greatness, and the honor to be in a position to represent her all over the world, to follow our founding fathers blueprint, our Constitution, into glory once again. He would declare pride at growing up and learning about capitalism, because it has been the greatest force for life, freedom and prosperity on the face of the earth.
    He should open a briefcase and pull out two documents.
    He should slap down his birth certificate and his selective service card.
    In the name of “Fairness,” he should promise to release other documents, as soon as President obama matches with his birth certificate and selective service card.
    He should challenge the media to examine who they are talking to before demanding any American citizen open up his life to someone they know nothing about. He should refuse to ever again entertain any questions about anything in his past until his unknown opponent identifies himself.
    Romney will have proved that he is a rugged American, willing to stand up for the Constitution and use truth to fight lies.
    Willing to stand up for himself and, by extention, America, with the same tenacity and vehemence with which the attacks on him are launched.
    Nothing else is necessary to put him over the line, without an opponent that can do the same.
    (1)     It’s called “projection,” accusing others of what you yourself are. See  ”CROOKS, THUGS & BIGOTS: The Lost, Hidden and Changed
               History of the Democrat Party,” by Kevin “Coach” Collins).

  • My Realety IS Black and White!

    Were George Zimmerman black, nobody would know Travon Martin’s name.
    obama wouldn’t be claiming either one looked like his son, (1), just as he hasn’t previously claimed any of the thousands of anonymous black youths killed by their peers. Black on black crime doesn’t get to obama or Eric Holder. Actually, black crime, or crimes committed by blacks, don’t seem to warrant anything less than their scorn.
    New Black Panthers threatening and menacing whites at a polling place during an election is ignored. (2) Victims and perps wrong colors. You’re a racist for caring.
    barack obama using a fraudulent Social Security number for years, being elected under false pretenses, has no true, provable history. (3) barack obama extending “executive privilege” into the “Fast and Furious” case, (4), protecting exactly whom? Himself? Holder? Regardless, perp(s) wrong color. You’re a racist for caring.
    Hundreds of Mexicans and at least 2 American agents killed to date, (5), no reason to think the numbers will not continue to rise. Their deaths lie at the feet of a man who was already responsible for well over a hundred deaths in the Oklahoma City Bombing, (6), having apparently let explosives “walk” to terrorists in the same manner as his weapons “walked” to known drug dealers and criminals in Mexico. Can we all just close our eyes for a moment and imagine the conduct of the media and each and every politician if Eric Holder were white, and all his victims had been black? Would there be room on any network telecast, in any Main Stream Media newspaper for anything but the calls for his removal and prosecution? Wouldn’t the New Black Panthers have a bounty on him, as they did in the Zimmerman case? (7) But, alas, once again, the perp is the wrong color, and you, sir or madam, are a racist for caring.
    I want John Roberts impeached for overstepping his authority and impersonating a legislator, a felony. Roberts is white, am I still a racist?
    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty damn tired of being called a racist for wanting frauds and murderers to be punished.
  • Have We No Patriots In DC? Are All Of Our Representatives Cowards?

    I do not understand the mindset of a United States Congressman or Senator, of either party, who would so publicly and readily not only abdicate their responsibility to follow the Constitution, but sit back and without a fight or so much as a show of false indignation, allow another branch of Government to usurp their powers and render them meaningless.
    Out of 535 so-called representatives, the people that are supposed to hold up our founding documents to protect the citizenry they represent, not one of them had the stones, was enough of a Patriot, to stand up and proclaim that, “not having received any decision from the Supreme Court on the law the Congress sent them, no action would be taken on the bill until the next Court session, when the court will have a chance to further deliberate on the Bill, possibly rendering a decision. In the meantime, if any Representatives in the house wish to take up the theoretical posturing of Chief Justice John Roberts, and actually pass a Health-care bill funded by new taxes, I’m sure it will be given the attention it deserves. Happy Fourth of July, and God Bless America.”
    I’ve been railing about judicial activism for years.
    The last time I put it in writing was in 2008. (1)
    Basic Constitution. Legislators Legislate. Judges Judge.
    If the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader of Congress were to decide that Jerry Sandusky was innocent, because he wasn’t having sex, he was teaching Sex-ed, could they force their opinion on any Court? Would he be let free?
    Conversly, we should not be enslaved by the deranged hallucinogenic meanderings of a wannabeloved politician, a judicial activist rewriting legislation to correct it’s inherent deficiencies, who is more worried about his legacy than the Constitution he swore to protect.
    I don’t have to obey someone publicly and obviously impersonating a Police officer. He is committing a crime and should be punished.
    America should not obey someone publicly and obviously impersonating a member of Congress. He is committing a crime and should be impeached.