• Plan B…

    Now that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has turned down obama’s offer to replace Vice President Biden, obama is left with but one move to remain President, and it will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.
    Had Hillary switched with Biden, obama would have had a chance to win the election. A hell of a lot more of a chance than as it now stands. He has done everything he thought “the people” wanted, but he has been forced to realize that his “people” are the occupiers, the true 1%. If that.
    obama is watching the Presidency slip away from him.
    His fellow Constitution-hating marxists and socialists, along with his union communist thugs, are a noisy minority that bullied it’s way to the front of the class, only to be discovered in the light of day and identified as the enemy within. A noisy, inconsiderate, vile, crude, bought-and-paid-for by the White House, enemy within.
    We see them, we know what they are, and we are leading them to a Reaganesque-type slaughter.  A slaughter sponsored by a love we have of Capitalism and Freedom, a love that can only exist unrestrained in the brilliant creation of our forefathers, protected by their Constitution. You know, the one obama found so distateful in his quest for a Chavez-style dictatorship in a stripped down, collapsing America.
    No, the only avenue to victory left him is to start a war. He won’t want it to end too quickly, as it has to last at least until the election, and seem like it can last longer.
    I can see him waiting until about a month before the election, and then attacking Iran. More than likely, he will do it by attacking Israel and creating a high death toll, leaving Iran’s fingerprints on the attack. That will officially draw us into a conflict, during which obama will allow for as much death and destruction to reign on Israel as he can possibly allow, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.
    All the while sending unarmed American observers, or soldiers without ammunition or permission to engage the enemy to the area to be killed and kidnapped, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.
    Of course, the media will play him up as a daring war President, sensitive to other cultures, and rally for his retention “during a time of war!”