• Barry and Moe, Different Countries, Same Ideals

    While President obama has been shown to have refused to publicly develop a personal relationships with any of the Middle East leaders, (1), at least there is one of them that thinks exactly as he does concerning the role of America in the world.
    Our current President, in what some say is the result of his immersion in anti-colonialism, (2), by his father’s writings and other mentor’s feelings concerning American and her ill-gotten position in the world, has set about to remove America from her leadership role in the world.
    His advisers have described this new role as “leading from behind.” (3)
    The President has denigrated American exceptionalism, (4), ignoring our progressing to lead the free world in 200 years where other countries could only stand in awe of our lifestyles, untold millions of their countrymen flocking to our shores.
    He has disdain for the Constitution, (5), and constantly attacked American’s right to free speech if it offended himself or any non-Christian. He should be attacking the barbarity and insanity of anyone attacking anyone for something said or written about anyone or anything, period. Standing up for freedom of speech for all at all times, as it is only through an open exchange of ideas that progress is made. Instead, our President attacks Americans living freely under their Constitution, enjoying their God-given rights. (6)
    Meanwhile, his philosophical mirror image stood before the United Nations and called for a reorganization of the world order, one without American ideals anywhere to be seen. Calling for America’s role in the world to be scaled back, her influence to be reduced to the same stature as the savage sharia-ruled insults to civilization he and his American-paid Muslim Brotherhood death agents run.  (7)
    He and other “leaders” in that part of the world are all for censoring what Americans may say or do.  (8)
    Our President runs a government where muslims control the training of Law Enforcement agents, scrubbing all techniques used to find islamist terrorists, or even the very mention of their existence. A government that called a fanatical islamist terrorist attack at Fort Hood by self-proclaimed “Soldier of God,” Col. Hassan, as “workplace violence.” (9)
    Our President is a coward or an accomplice.
    He is either afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is trying to buy our security by delivering to the Muslim Brotherhood whole countries and billions of American taxpayer dollars, (even while their still determined to destroy America); or, he is a willing accomplice to feeding the Muslim Brotherhood whole countries and billions of American taxpayer dollars, hoping for their complete takeover of the region and destruction of Israel and her ties to America.
    In any event, our President has very much in common with the Iranian President.
    The only visible difference is that the Iranian madman has no compunction about telling the truth of his plans, while our madman lies every time he opens his mouth,and utilizing a wall of lawyers, hides everything about himself and his radical anti-American beliefs from the American citizens.
  • President obama, Hillary More Responsible Than Any Video!

    No video, no matter how accurate or insulting to the delusional pedophile prophet, was responsible for the recent American Embassy riots.
    On the anniversary of 9/11 we had no hardening of the protection of our foreign embassies? Our disgracefully unarmed Marines, men who would willingly give up their lives to keep American territory from being violated, to keep any foreign flag from flying over America, might as well have been replaced by Boy Scouts? (1) WHY?
    When obama and Hillary’s bought and paid for assistants, (2), realized they could breach the Embassy walls in Cairo without any resistance, the world got to see the results of obama’s foreign policy love affair with the muslim brotherhood.
    When no islamist bodies piled up as a result of their act of war because the American Embassy in Cairo had been purposely left disarmed by Hillary and obama, the world got to see the results of obama’s foreign policy love affair with the muslim brotherhood.
    When, hours later, the premeditated attacks on the American Embassy in Benghazi got underway, (3), and the Libyan “protection” collapsed, leading to the death of our Ambassador, (4), the world got to see the results of obama’s foreign policy love affair with the muslim brotherhood.
    Since then, with the help of a subservient media in full campaign mode for obama, a video clip or some (accurate) Romney statement are used to deflect criticism of the Weakness-in-Chief, (5), and feed the attacks throughout the rest of the muslim world.
    There is an easy way for obama to really prove his love affair for the muslim brotherhood.
    Now that the Israeli Prime Minister has been rebuffed in his latest attempt to rein in Iran’s nuclear quest, (6), and finds himself with no choice but to go it alone, I believe it will be obama who attacks Israel to keep them from attacking Iran, claiming their not waiting for his (ineffective) policies, (7), and those of the UN, to bear fruit, necessitates his action.
    He will claim the UN has to attack to keep the muslim world from reacting.
    America will not lead where American values are the goal. (8)
    Not under obama, ever.
    obama’s America will do the bidding of the UN.
    He will supply his muslim brotherhood governments with all the logistical support needed to defeat Israel. (9)
    None of this should come as any surprise to anyone but the media and politicians, who never seem to believe a terrorist when they say they are going to do what they are going to do!
    The muslim brotherhood wants to take over the world and destroy America. (10) It is their stated goal, and President obama gives them billions in our American taxpayer dollars to get it done.
    Iran wants the same goals, and it’s mad dog leader states so repeatedly, (11), calling for a muslim caliphate and sharia law to rule America and the world. President obama waits for years as they get stronger and arm for their coming 12th imam to get out of his sewer and engulf the world in fire, from which they think they will emerge victorious.
    Another powerful madman world leader states he will “stand with the muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    It is the one time Barack Hussein obama spoke the truth. (12)
  • We’ve All Seen This Movie, Now We’re The Stars

    Is there any actor alive today that epitomizes the American ideals more than Clint Eastwood? Can anyone think of a show or movie he was in where they disagreed with his character in the end, rather than cheering his actions as those we would all like to think ourselves capable of in similar circumstances? If so, name one…go ahead, make my day…(I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist)!
    At the Republican National Convention, Clint just walked onstage and wrote a screenplay worthy of any of his movies.
    Whatever the history of his character, he always found himself making decisions to come to the aid of foreigners being persecuted, (JOE KIDD, GRAN TORINO), Religion or women being threatened, (Two Mules for Sister Sarah), or the average guy or gal being wronged by criminals or the entrenched, corrupt powers that be, (the DIRTY HARRY series, PALE RIDER, UNFORGIVEN).
    It was so easy for him to play himself again.
    In this story, America is the small rancher, scraping out her existence on the plains, living the free life according to the rules.
    This President plays the corrupt sheriff, or the corrupt lawyer or the anything corrupt, who covets the land and earning of the smaller, less protected rancher. Using his access to the laws, he undertakes to bastardize the laws to obtain what he cannot outright steal or destroy. He puts his slavishly obedient followers in positions of power, (Holder, he who has never seen a white person wronged by a person of color, or Sebelious, she who, like obama, has never met a baby she wouldn’t have rather seen aborted), so he can circumvent the laws or regulate them into non-existence.
    In rides Clint. In a matter of minutes, he makes his case against the Big Dawgs. As he did in real life at the RNC, it is hard to argue with his straightforward analysis of the situation. It is always right, and always swings the tide of opinion of the viewer to his side. Generally, he is shot, pummeled, hanged or otherwise abused for a few scenes for his defiance, kind of like the character assassination and insults the media and envious no-talent Hollywood hacks are throwing at him now.
    Usually, with the audience cheering him on, he wipes out the problem dirtbags with a few well placed shots, explosions or a train. The audience, bouyed by his blows for freedom, leave feeling that right will overcome wrong because, well, just because he made us see that evil can be defeated by the righteous, one man can make a difference, and there are more people that will stand up for it than not, which makes us feel secure.
    In this script, the hero has pointed out the problem, identified the leader of the corruption, and handed the townspeople a choice. He has done his part, (everything but bring the red paint to the convention!). We have been complicit in this scene, and we must act individually, according to our conscience, to free ourselves.
    Now, we the American townspeople, have to weigh his truths and act upon them. We don’t need anyone defending us in the coming battle on election day. We, the American townspeople are armed to the teeth with the most deadly weapon there is against a corrupt, power hungry, failed politician. Our ballots will be our bullets, and when the movie ends, Americans are going to leave the theater cheering.