• UN, World Win US Election, Americans Big Losers

    I have been accosted by numerous friends and acquaintances recently, obama acolytes all, with a smug attitude of superiority concerning the re-election of the President. As though the election was a personal contest between myself and them, and they won.

    No American citizen is the winner of this election.

    I have pointed out, especially to my fellow workers, that their choice will bring about a reduced work week for all of us, to 29 hours, due to the onerous regulations of the obamacare law. We will have less money in our pocket. (1)

    I have pointed out that we will now most surely be facing electric rates that under obama’s plan, in his words, will “necessarily skyrocket.” We will have to pay these rates with less money in our pocket.(2)

    I mention how there will be future assaults on our liberties and the Constitution, even as obama runs to the UN to force an anti-second amendment UN weapons treaty on free Americans (3). In obama’s anti-Constitutional world, foreign treaties can and will be used to abrogate our rights, the Constitution be damned.(4)

    I bring up the fact that obama will continue to support the scientific fraud that is Climate Change, even in the face of all the proof that it is not happening. He will allow the UN to tax Americans, supposedly to combat the (proven non-existent) (5) climate change, but really to redistribute American monies to foreign dictators and rulers whose policies in their countries are an unmitigated disaster, keeping their people from any progress on their own. Nothing will change in these countries, except that you and I will be paying the tyrants to suppress their people.

    Speaking of tyrants suppressing and killing their subjects, I mention that obama will continue to funnel billions of American monies to the Muslim Brotherhood to support their attempt to bring a muslim caliphate and Sharia law to America and the world.(6)

    I point out that obama will gut the military, and give up our ability to protect ourselves on the world stage through disarmament treaties with our mortal enemy, Vladimr Putin.(7)

    Under the obama backed UN “Law of the Sea Treaty”, ownership of the oceans and waterways of America and the world would be given to the UN, giving foreign bureaucrats a veto over American Naval operations, inside and outside the United States.(8)

    For these, and many other reasons too numerous to list, I point out that while the President won the election, America and freedom were big losers.


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