• obama’s Coming American Caliphate

    The smokescreen of telling Americans that we have prisons that will hold the terrorists currently incarcerated at GITMO is classic obfuscation from this failed administration. It presents a straw man argument that no one has raised, and claims to answer the (unasked) question of whether they can be held.

    Of course they can be held, in almost any cage or dog pound handy. They are not magicians or superhuman beings. They are dirtbag terrorists and killers with no respect for anyone’s lives, including their own.

    No, that is not the question.

    The real question is this:

    “Mr. President once we bring this scum into a prison near one of our cities or towns, how do we protect those communities surrounding the prison from the terrorists you support and pay?”

    CAIR and other terrorist organizations will start flooding that town with public and sleeper agents. Guards will start being followed, their families threatened, kidnapped and killed. The guards will be killed in the streets, as the islamists are now doing in other countries. (NOTE THE LACK OF CONDEMNATION FROM ANY MUSLIM ORGANIZATION!)

    The first prison used to house these religious fanatics will be the flash point of the coming wars. It is exactly what Ahmadinejad and obama want. The Iranian murderer wants it so it sparks the war for his 12th imam to return. obama wants it so when Americans object and try and fight back, he can continue to protect his brethren while calling Americans racist, and continue his goal of disarming us.

    The “right” of his islamist supporters to kill Americans because of their savage religion will continue to be granted.

    The muslim heading up the CIA, (John Brennan) will continue to change talking points and hide any information that might stop his brethrens war in America’s streets. The muslim sympathizer in the White House will continue to lie about the deadly “religion of peace” as it attacks and kills Americans, and will jail or otherwise attack and destroy with any means possible all those trying to warn us of, or stop the coming carnage.

    The terrorist we face has a name. It is not single, separate cells. It is one entity with a billion arms.

    It is islam.

  • Dr. Gosnell Couldn’t Have Said It Better!

    Progressive Liberal Democrat Representative Elija Cummings had a truly “Have you no shame, sir” moment during the Benghazi hearings (1). Rep. Cummings, a significant roadblock to common sense, was speaking at, (certainly not with), one of the whistleblowers, Gregory Hicks. Mr. Hicks had just spoken eloquently on the events surrounding the unwarranted, unnecessary deaths of his friends.

    Cummings insulted our intelligence and downplayed and dismissed the memory of those abandoned by this government to die, telling an emotional Hicks, “Death is a part of life.”

    Cummings claimed to have used this fallacy at a relatives funeral in the near past. If that relative was an pro-abortion progressive liberal like himself, that statement may have been right. Because abortion is the only aspect of  death that is “a part of life,” and only to Cummings, his like minded associates, and the murdering Dr. Kermit Gosnell (2). You live, you get an abortion, you go on living. That is the ONLY time “death is a part of life.”

    Chocolate is a “part of life.” You live, you eat it, and go on living. Marriage is a “part of life.” You live, you marry, you go on living. Babies are a “part of life.” You live, you create a baby, and go on living. These and millions of other experiences are a legitimate “part of life.”

    Death is an absence of life, never a part. It is the end, occurring at the instant life departs. They share nothing. There is no life in death, nor death in life.

    Except, of course to Progressive Liberal Democrats. Death is a mainstay of their lives, it gives them their power and drive. That is why it was so easy for Cummings to slice through Mr. Hicks pain with an unfeeling platitude, and Dr. Gosnell to slice through living babies spines with an unfeeling scissor.


  • IRS Admission Forces Benghazi From Front Page, Forces…

     …Main Stream Media To (maybe) Do It’s Job!

    I would love to say that this is my new article, gleaned from all the formerly hidden facts that I could only find due to the high integrity and hard work of American journalists…I really would love to say it, but I would be lying.

    Being the humble person I am, I realize I have no special talents for or aptitude that makes me an above average sleuth or journalist. With just a little effort, I was able to write this article within a week of the Benghazi attacks (1). Over the next few weeks, the American press is going to try and convince you that they are uncovering something, like who Hillary hired to protect our people in Benghazi (2), that any non-low information voter, any fully aware sentient American, has known since the attacks.

    The same groups of people have known, and been trying to educate the rest of the populace, of the breadth of the lies and corruption of this Administration. Since the election of this Anti-Constitutionalist in Chief, we have had Government attacks on free speech (3)  and gun ownership (4).

    The corruption in “Green” grants and Global Warming scams (5).

    These and other scams and failures of transparency as promised have raised the ire and awareness of Americans who care deeply for their country. As these people have tried to coalesce around the answers, they have found each other and formed associations and groups to find the truth and help spread it far and wide, proud of  their views of a strong, honest America.

    Of course, obama would have none of it, and brought out every failed, corrupt presidents favorite weapon, the IRS (6).

    We didn’t know for sure who these people were, but, because of the corruption of  a Nixonian/Clintonian style IRS (7), we now have a pretty good list of these Patriots.

    If anyone wants to know where to donate their hard-earned money for the furtherance of truth, any of the groups on obama’s IRS enemies list would be a good place to start.



  • Isn’t Murder a “High Crime or Misdemeanor?” Part Two…OR…

    “How Many Murders And Other High Crimes Can An American President Commit Before The MSM Pays Attention?”




    False Arrest and Imprisonment.

    While there are many Questions and accusations surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack cover-up by the White House, some High Crimes, already obvious and true as documented by the willing accomplices in the Main Stream Media, are being ignored.

    They are possibly the most dangerous crimes any American President and Government can make against their people.

    Our Government, made up by and for a free people specifically to protect their rights and ensure their freedom, created and coalesced behind an outrageous lie to frame an innocent American citizen in the eyes of the world, strip him of his rights and wrongly incarcerate him.

    The world saw him do it. They heard his lies from the UN pulpit, from his very lying lips.

    They world now knows the American President and his administration will frame their own citizens to keep from prosecuting islamist terrorists.

    They know he lied to them.

    They know he is but one of them, a tin pot dictator, craven in his desire to accumulate and hold onto power. Barack Chavez.

    Perjury and lies by one citizen in an effort to imprison an innocent fellow citizen strike at the very heart of the justice system, and are punished as such.

    Perjury and lies by a President and the Administration he runs in an effort to imprison an innocent citizen strikes at the very core of our foundation as a nation. It defiles the Constitution to have had it sworn to by such trash, such non believers.

    If the power of the Presidency was used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to impede the necessary available relief from attempting requested and advised help for Americans in Benghazi, is that not a premeditated refusal to carry out his oath of office?

    If the power of the Presidency was used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to divert any investigative or media figures with knowingly false accounts, allowing the terrorist Al Qaeda fighters to get away unpunished, is that not aiding and abetting the enemy and a premeditated refusal to carry out his oath of office?

    If the power of the Presidency was willfully used, at any level of the administration, from any of his representatives, to spread the lies about an innocent man and his video causing the Benghazi riots; lies which then themselves caused riots and chaos across a world who had never seen the video in question; lies used to kidnap and trump up charges on an otherwise innocent man, stripping him of all of his basic civil rights and robbing him of his freedom, then I suggest to you we have seen the most glaring High Crime a President can commit.

    Maybe his getting away with his administrations wanton murders of Mexicans, which continue to this day courtesy of obama and Holder’s “Fast and Furious” second amendment false-flag attack, convinced him he was unaccountable.

    Hillary Clinton, disgraced former Secretary of State, while she delivered her perjured testimony, asked pointedly, “What Difference Does It Make…” who killed the embassy employees. Perhaps had she actually laid out the complete thought, the question would be easier for Americans to answer:

    “What difference does it make if the American citizens were killed by so-called protesters angered about a video they had not seen, or if they were killed because the President and I decided we didn’t want to fight Al Qaeda on the anniversary of 9/11 because it wouldn’t look good in the press after we told them we had decimated the terrorist organization? What difference does it make if the President helps the guilty terrorists escape and jails an innocent man?”

    I think it makes a big difference.

  • General Purpose American Consumers Rights Form

    Knowing that some companies are terribly afraid of any public response, if you see or hear anything you consider beyond mere advertising and more of an attack on America and her supporters, don’t call for censorship. Spread the information about the companies or individuals behind the offensive materials. Feel free to send assorted companies this all-purpose generic form letter:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    There are many people in this country who continue to believe in the Constitution and American values.

    These people find themselves under attack from not only their normal political rivals, but from a coordinated attack from the Education system, which can’t seem to pass up any opportunity to hire socialist murderers and anti-American terrorists; Hollywood, which can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to lose money on the latest anti-American screed; and foreign countries, which can’t pass up any opportunity to denounce America, (with the help of American companies and their advertising dollars), for her attempts to protect herself, while prosecuting harshly anyone violating similar laws in their own territories. Purely out of a sense of self preservation, Americans must now be fully aware of the companies that promote the destruction of the freedoms and way of life guaranteed by our Constitution, and go out of their way to publicize the lies and anti-American associations of these companies.

    The only way a company could continue to do business with someone that expresses such outrageous lies and venom at more than 50% of the companies potential advertisers, is if the company willfully agrees, and hates and denigrates the people being targeted. As you have proven how little regard you have for your fellow Americans, I will not be spending my dollars, nor allow anyone I know to spend their dollars without informing them accurately of your positions. You have every right to spend your advertising dollars with a hate filled bigot to promote your product. I hope there are enough of your fellow hate-filled bigots in the country to support your narrow view of American citizens. I do not believe in censorship. You have the capitalist freedom to succeed or fail, based on your publicized actions. I want companies to proudly and publicly stand behind their true belief, so Americans know who is receiving their hard earned dollars.

    I will support none of you.