• White African President’s Attempt To Destroy White Hispanic’s Life Fails, (This Time)!

    White Hispanic George Zimmerman should immediately bring suit against the Justice Dept and Eric Holder and White African President Obama, claiming that their actions violated due process and used the Justice Department and court system in a manner that violated the 14th amendments equal protection clause.

    Taxpayer dollars where paid by the Justice Department to “harass and intimidate”, my words, the nation into some act against a man that, at the time, had not been accused, and rightly so.

    White African President Obama had his good buddy at GE use his fellow travelers at NBC to blatantly edit a 911 tape of a call by Zimmerman, making it appear he had racist motives for following the suspicious person he saw, and calling the police to report it.

    By the time the lies of White African President Obama and his friends became apparent, and people knew the truth of the child that apparently could be the kind of son the Chicago-thug racist White African President would have, Eric Holder had followed his personally inspired false public outrage and spent taxpayer dollars inciting marches and protests demanding that  someone indict White Hispanic George Zimmerman, (even if some calling for his arrest knew he would be acquitted later).

    Former Sanford Sheriff Bill Lee is already speaking of the pressure to illegally destroy White Hispanic George Zimmerman.

    White Hispanic George Zimmerman should act quickly, and get in front of the continuing attempts by the minions of White African President Obama to “harass and intimidate” him until he is broke, destitute and unable to physically defend himself from the friends of Eric Holder in the New Black Panther Party.

    Aside from the tragedy of a young life cut short, we have a racist White African President that injected himself personally into a citizens life, before knowing all the facts. We have a theme, a so called constitutional scholar lawyer that once again, as in the case of his fellow racist Professor Gates, admittedly speaks before he knows all the facts.

    The real tragedy is that the Chicago thug mentality, that cares not one whit about the massacres of blacks on a daily basis within it’s borders, reached out it’s filthy tentacles to contaminate the nation’s justice system, which was doing fine without it. The tragedy is now the world knows the racist depths our White African President will reach to in his attempts to remake America in his disgusting Chicago image.


    Editors note: I had mistakenly claimed Eric Holder appointed Angela Corey to Prosecute White Hispanic George Zimmerman. She was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott, a month and a half after the justified shooting of Trayvon Martin, because of ginned up public outrage funded, probably illegally, by Eric Holder and White African President Obama.