• Can The Supreme Court Cut The First Amendment In Half?

    The First Amendment of the United States Constitution reads:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    On March 2, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions have the same free speech rights under the first amendment as individuals.
    Why is it necessary to prove they also have the protections of the rest of the first amendment? Has anyone ever been granted half of the protections of an amendment, and then redefined as an entity and denied the rest of the rights under said amendment?
    The Hobby Lobby case before the Supremes is a farce, and never should have reached this level. Religious freedom comes before free speech in the first amendment for a reason.


  • Calender Driven Foreign Policy

    For many years,  our progressive law schools have ignored the reality of the Constitution, teaching instead case law. In a similar break with sanity, our State Department now ignores the reality of the worldwide use of force by tyrants, dictators or thugs. They choose instead to rely on the “Calender Objection Defense” or “Tempest Fugit”. That is where the President and Secretary of Defense, in high dudgeon both, point to the calender and proclaim in their whiniest voices that the actions being undertaken aren’t legal this year! (It apparently would have been fine in 1999, but not this year!) “This is the 21st century, you can’t do that…”  Even when said before holding their breath and stomping their feet with great determination, it is still stunningly ineffective, unless you’re looking for a quick laugh…(which Putin and the world shared, at our expense). The ignorance and sophistry of these repeated statements by our President are cringeworthy, designed to make America look foolish and incompetent. Americans know it is only our President and his eager progressive minions that are foolish and incompetent,  but that is enough to embolden the world to actions not considered since the last great failed American President, Jimmy Carter.

    HE believes HE has evolved to such a superior intellectual and moral level that the world must naturally follow suit. Mr. obama is absurdly ignorant of reality and dangerously narcissistic. His willingness to disarm our country and others in the face of growing military threats is unrealistic. His feel-good fantasy of how HE thinks the world acts because of HIS presence is read by real men to be what it is…appeasement, acquiescence, willing subservience and weakness.

    Military power means nothing without the will to use it. Putin has that will, the world does not. Game, set match to Putin. disapproving platitudes or reminding him of the year will not change the facts, or alter the course of an army on the march.

    People everywhere expected major calamities New Years Eve 1999. They did not materialize. Apparently, obama and his followers expected the year 2000 to bring forced Peace and Understanding amongst all men, and an end to all military aggression.

    That didn’t materialize, either.

    It is embarrassing for Americans to see their President come to that realization in such a publicly belittling manner.

    This is what happens when a coddled, adored, communist-raised community organizer gets it in his head he is “Special”. He actually proclaimed himself to be “the one we have been waiting for!” The only thing “special” about President obama is that he is the first American President to turn his back on the Constitution and openly war on America’s citizens, traditions, morals and freedoms.


  • America’s Elected Enemies Celebrate The New World Order

    What we are witnessing on the world stage is the American Progressive rubber hitting the road. The President is fulfilling the role he was raised for. Bowing and groveling at the feet of the world’s dictators by this President was no accident. It was the normal reaction to someone overwhelmed by meeting their heros.

    Every Progressive Liberal Democrat has done all they can to diminish America’s military might. Constant lopsided treaties. Giving up missile defense programs. Backing out of agreements with allies to provide missile defense in Europe. Making public pronouncements forswearing a nuclear first strike. Acting out theoretical policies that only work in the real world with another 21st century theoretician.

    Military might and the will to use it have always shaped the world, and will always shape the world, diplomats and agreements be damned. I beg the embarrassment we call Secretary of States pardon, but the age old military policies of the 1st thru 20th centuries will always trump the so called civilized diplomats 21st century claptrap.  Just because you decide to tell the world you’re sitting out of reality, disarming and cutting back the military, choosing instead to depend on the fantasies of that great philosopher, Rodney King, doesn’t mean the world will stand frozen in acceptance of your fantasy.

    No, Mr. President, we can’t “just get along”. Progressive Democrats refusal to accept American exceptionalism, their belief in some great worldwide moral equivalency between all men and their chosen governments, leaves us foundering amidst the real word facts. Fairness and doing what’s right mean nothing to one willing to die, or order others to die, for their cause.

    You recently derided Mitt Romney for pointing out that Russia is our greatest enemy. The cold war is over, you claimed. No, President obama, the cold war is only over in the mind of the ignorant. The Russian government, and I will go further and state most governments of the world, are our enemies. Any government based in socialism and communism is our enemy.  We may be able to work with some countries, but if their socialist government fails, we have no business giving them a dime to survive, unless they give up their socialist ways. Greece should not get a dime from anyone. If the Greeks strike, let them. Let them destroy themselves, and when they and their government is in ruins, help a free, democrat capitalist society rebuild. Not a dime for any other system, or any other non-democrat free country.

    But I digress. Mr. Putin is not going to be stopped by this community organizer, or anyone else in the world. Stop wringing your hands about it, Mr.President. You failed again. You helped disarm Ukraine with empty promises of American protection. You reaffirmed that commitment in 2009.

    You are a liar, sir. We in America get hurt by that fact every day as we deal with our healthcare, and the world will be forced to reorganize to deal with your lies. Mr. Putin is not alone, sir. China will be taking Taiwan soon, knowing you will also turn your back on them. None of the leaders of countries we are obligated to protect through treaties will be sleeping well. They realize the promises made by America are only as strong as the American ideals encompassed in the current President. The world knows you care nothing for America or her worldwide reputation, and the tinpot dictators you are so fond of glorifying and bowing to have their long knives out for you.

    Jimmy Carter is the only American sleeping better tonight.

    Keep pointing out how the world condemns what Mr. Putin has done, Mr. President. You have him laughing at your weakness so heartily, he may not take back Alaska.