• The 2015 “Karan”, Buy Our Car, Or We Kill You!

    I am going to open a new kind of auto┬ácompany in America. I will advertise my vehicles, the “Karan,” by demanding everyone buy one. You may instead choose to pay me a monthly tax, in lieu of buying the car. Should you decide not to buy my Karan, nor pay me for the right to not buy my Karan, then my employees and others that do buy one of them are rewarded for cutting your head off. The reward is 72 gallons of gas for their Karan.

    Would my company be legal? Why not?

    Recent events make it more than necessary to revisit a past proposal of mine.

    I believe We The People must act to keep our Precious Constitution, which strives to Protect and Promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all, from being turned into a suicide pact by a death cult.

    Is there any other group in America using their free speech and religious rights to proudly advocate for the removal of all rights and life itself from those that disagree with them?

    Our Forefathers were reasonable, rational, intelligent and, for their time, civilized men. One can imagine the impossibility of their wrapping their heads around the idea of the savagery being called for and inflicted on free people, under the protections of their cherished experiment of free men expressing free will.

    There is a glaring loophole in our First Amendment, which could not possibly have been foreseen. We need to amend the First Amendment to read, “…Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers…”

    I would at least love to see it come up for a vote, just to see which enemies of America would vote against it.