• The Truth About Eric Garner Death!


  • Commonality of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Suicides by Cop

    In view of the recent unnecessary deaths in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York, and all of the calls for retraining our Law Enforcement Officers, (as though they are singularly responsible for the violently resistant reactions of citizens), it seems something very important is going unsaid. It appears the basic common sense rules of society have been overlooked. Here is a simple primer to pass onto your loved ones, and make sure they understand it. Their lives may depend on it:
    Dear parents of all colors:
    In our society, we have laws we agree to live within. It is a sort of societal compact, designed to keep our exercise of freedoms from interfering with other citizens freedoms. To that end, we have given over authority to enforce our laws to a specially trained, armed section of our society called “Law Enforcement.” These often heavily armed men and women are not social workers, lawyers or judges. Those are all distinctly different unique positions, often necessary after interactions with the LEO”s, (Law Enforcement Officers of any sort. City, State, Federal, County police, etc.).
    As all of our citizens have the same rights, when one citizen makes a complaint about the actions of another citizen, or reports of citizens breaking the law are brought to their attention, LEO’s are obligated by their oath to protect society to investigate and/or secure an arrest, dependent on the circumstances and immediacy required.
    With the exception of on-going violent crimes, the police will generally approach, request some information and, when necessary, will inform the person they are going to be arrested. 
    At that unfortunate point, ALL AMERICANS of ANY COLORS must understand one basic fact: NOTHING IS GOING TO KEEP YOU OUT OF THE CUFFS! 
    The police might well be wrong! Take the ride, give no violent response, let others sort it out later and maybe retire on the false arrest monies won later in court!
    If you resist a request to present your hands for cuffs from an officer affecting what he, at the time, believes he has reason to do, YOU WILL BE BEATEN, TASED or possibly SHOT and KILLED, depending on how bad you think you are!
    Your mindset and that of the Officer are diametrically opposed. You are thinking something might not be fair, or you don’t deserve this treatment, and you might be right. 
    No one will ever know if you were right if you get yourself killed fighting the arresting officers.
    You cannot fight yourself out of an arrest. More LEO’s will be called to match any escalation you cause. YOU LOSE!
    It is unfortunate that some people might be targeted, but if they take the ride peacefully and challenge the arrest legally, they and their families and communities will grow to be much safer. That is what lawsuits are for. Publicize the unfair arrests from the defendants side. Live to make your case, the system will simmer down from both sides learning.
    Saying only the LEO’s actions should be studied and changed will not keep people who violently resist a lawful order alive. 
    Sure, we can always tweak police policies. 
    As responsible citizens, we should be tweaking our training of our children if we want them to live safely in our society. Teach them that taking a bad arrest keeps them alive to tell you about it, that you will fight with them in court to fix the injustice. Most of all, teach them that arguing with you about anything is different from arguing with a LEO. While you are both authority figures, they might be able to win an argument with you, because you have the right to make a decision and change your mind.
    A LEO sent out to enforce the law, affect an arrest on a warrant or due to a crime in progress, HAS NO SUCH RIGHT!
    The LEO is going to make the arrest, period. If you are innocent, laugh about your good fortune, go along peacefully, the officer will make note of your cooperation and your case for your innocence will be taken far more seriously.
    Violently resisting LEO’s adds fuel to their expectation that the arrest is obviously deserved, and will be met with escalating force, unto death, if necessary.
    As Crosby, Stills and Nash once so eloquently sang:
    “You, you along the road,
    must have a code
    that you can live by…
    teach your children well”…