• WE the PEOPLE…

    Upon Careful Consideration of ALL available evidence of islam and it’s Beliefs, which remain the same since first explained by the Ambassador of Tripoli  to our Minister Thomas Jefferson in 1784,(1) that it is their Holy duty, as recorded in their koran, to Tax, Enslave, War upon any Country of Free People, or KILL anyone not submitting, (islam means SUBMIT) to their demands, WE THE PEOPLE do hereby Declare:

    Because islam refuses free speech,

    because islam refuses freedom of Religion or Worship,

    because islam takes lives without the most basic due process,

    because islam demeans and denies basic laws of GOD, Nature and the United States Constitution re: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,


    The Free Citizens of The United States Of America do Amend our Constitution such that we SHALL NOT accept islam, sharia, or any organization, group or religion calling for Subjugation, Forced Conversion or Injury or Death of those NOT Associated with it, or attempting to LEAVE it, as Legal under OUR Laws, or welcome Amongst the Citizenry.


    (1) http://captainjamesdavis.net/2015/02/05/thomas-jefferson-and-john-adams-explain-why-muslims-turn-to-terrorism/


  • My Years As A Slave…

    unwillingly dragged into a strange world, unable to fend for myself. Immediately physically attacked and cut, given to strangers. Completely controlled for years, injected with who knows what, records of height & weight scrupulously kept. Complete and total supervision…I mean EVERY DAMN MOMENT! (no playing with the guns! Blocked, when no one else is, from the big bathtub out back). Forced to wear embarrassing outfits, (THEY EVEN TOOK DEMEANING PICTURES! ENSURED A LIFETIME OF BELITTLEMENT!). Forced into strange rituals, dressed up and dragged to stranger’s events…where there where always similarly enslaved people like me being shown off for some sick reasons… and forced “education”.

    Only thing good about the experience was that it taught me, (as soon as I realized even a slave could “work” to open a “business”) to never allow anyone to have that power over myself again. That in this country, with libraries and “the google,” anyone, even a former slave, can learn to do something they like, and do it so well, others will pay them to do it for them.