Random Thoughts…

Random Thoughts…
The recent uproar from America haters like the ACLU, and America-is-the-evil-of-the-world advocate Ron Paul made me shake my head in confusion.
American citizenship is one of the easiest thing in the world for a free person to receive. You sign up, get on the list, and, unless you’re a mass murderer or criminal, after a while, you get your citizenship. All you are asked to do is renounce any allegiance to any other country, or documents, and live by our founding documents. If you are born here, you are automatically a citizen, but there is nothing in the law stating that you must remain a citizen as long as you live.
Like our borders, no one is forced to stay here, or stay a citizen. You want to leave the country? LEAVE! You want to renounce your citizenship, DO IT!
It would seem to make sense that if all one must do to come here and be a citizen is apply for it, and observe, preserve and protect our constitution, that if one leaves the country and renounces America, her values and founding documents as evil, and states a desire to destroy America and her citizens, and actively takes part in plots to kill Americans and harm or destroy America, one surrenders their American citizenship of their own volition, automatically. Their pursuit of happiness does not give them the freedom to end all others similar pursuits, nor protect their attempts to do so in an American court of law, with Constitutional protections.
Just as our Declaration of Independence was written for Americans, as a statement from Americans defining their new country, and not a declaration that all peoples of the world were free men with equal rights, our citizenship is not sacrosanct and all encompassing.
Those that wish to destroy our lives, our constitution and the freedoms associated with it, are not protected by our constitution because of their disbelief in it! The instant they take action against the interests of America, and publicly state a desire to kill free Americans because they are free Americans, they obviously should be stripped of our legal protections.
Herman Cain is going to make a great President, because he does not believe he knows everything, but he knows how to accumulate knowledge from others, assimilate that knowledge, and use it to his advantage. His business sense and lack of obligation to any political base will serve to make America first in the world, the leader in all fields, once again. A true CEO accepts nothing less.
Chris Christie is not a Republican, and, according to reports today, (Tuesday, 10/4/2011), he will not pollute the republican primary system with his duplicity and lies, thank God.
Why has there been no push back against Al Queada from Ron Paul and the “Truthers?” They know America caused 9/11. Are they going to allow Al Queada to publicly take credit for what they know George Bush did?
Just wonderin’…

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