What Did Hillary Know, And When Did She Know It?

How is it that in the midst of all the uproar concerning Eric Holder’s Justice Departments murderous assault on the Second Amendment, “Operation Fast and Furious,” we have not heard the name HILLARY CLINTON?
Our Secretary of State was certainly used as an important cog in the wheel of destruction aimed at our Constitutional rights. When she stood in Mexico City with her Mexican counterpart and accused Americans of being behind all of the escalating gun violence, what did she really know? (1)
Was she actually ignorant of the facts of the ongoing obama/Holder attack on American citizens and their Second Amendment Rights? Was she used by obama/Holder to make what everyone now knows were extraordinarily misleading statements to the Main Stream Media, the Mexican Government, and the American people?
Or was she an active, willing participant in this outrageous scheme, and the deaths or injuries of countless Mexican citizens and the death of American Agent Brian Terry?
I am grateful to Representative Issa for his search for the truth in this matter at the ATF and the Justice Department, but I feel he needs to widen his scope. What information was disseminated from the ATF and Justice Department to the State Department concerning weapons crossing the border?
I disagree with most of what Hillary Clinton represents, and am diametrically opposed to her political philosophy. That said, I do not think she is a stupid woman!
What information was sent to her from the ATF and Justice Department to make her go to Mexico and climb out on the America-Is-Reponsible-For-Mexican-Violence Bandwagon? What possessed her to join New York Nanny-Mayor Bloom(ingidiot)berg’s chorus, claiming America’s rights are the problems for Mexicans woes? (2)
We need to know whether she was an unwitting participant in this program, pulled in without knowledge of its truly insidious aims, or if she was a willing enabler and participant, eager to fundamentally change the rights of Americans to protect themselves from the tyranny of any out-of-control government, similar to the one she is now part of.
Should this, or any of the scandals currently threatening to bring down the most anti-American president this country has ever seen, reach the White House and cause the collapse of the obama regime, or force obama to reconsider a run for a second term, we need to know the depths of the involvement of the logical Democrat replacement, before she is carried on high to what many socialist liberal dems think is her stolen, rightful position in the White House.

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