Cain Raising,…well,…CAIN!

raise Cain  (old-fashioned)

to complain angrily about something and to cause a lot of trouble for the people who are responsible for it. (1)
Even when the media invents a “scandal” to destroy him through unproven innuendo concerning a decade old incident, Herman Cain throws it right back at them, and makes them all look like the agenda-driven character assassins they are. Perfect example of Cain “raising Cain.”
When Herman Cain complains about something, he offers a solution. That is causing trouble for the people, (RINOs and libs), who are responsible.
Mr. Cain is making believers out of a lot of people. His manner and actions are so un-political as to make one laugh.
More people support him since the attacks!
He does not think he is perfect, or always right, nor does he expect others to think he is.
That is why he stands apart from journalists and politicians.
There are three basic segments of American Society. They are Government, Media and Business.
Two of them claim never to be responsible for their own failures, blaming their citizens, viewers or readers for being too stupid to understand their failed or failing decisions or programs, and the other one survives being wholly responsible for correcting mistakes and satisfying it’s consumers.
Personally, I think Cain’s personal and business successes were probably sprinkled with occasional mistakes along the way, and his ability to overcome and or resolve these mistakes or setbacks are what now define the man we see.
We have seen him recover from an admittedly uninformed position regarding the so-called “Palestineans,” and their, “right of return.” (2)
He admitted his ignorance on the matter, but promised to get back to the interviewer.
Which he did, the next week.
His willingness to admit a shortcoming and correct it if necessary is what makes a great businessman and administrator.
In a time when Mitt, “DOLEMcCAIN” Romney won’t admit he took a line out of his book, (in the face of a citizenry in which not a small number of people can actually read and see that he did), and Newt Gingrich can cross the aisle to sit on a couch with the San Francisco Socialist, the Progressive enemy of all free people, Nancy Pelosi, while lecturing Americans on the evils of Global Warming, and still expect to be taken seriously, Cain is refreshingly candid on his past and possible future shortcomings.
In a time when the current president, while presiding over a collapsing economy and society, is claiming in a sycophantic Main Stream Media interview, that he has made no wrong choices, (3), (in the face of a citizenry in which not a small number of people can actually read and see that he did), Cain stands in stark contrast to the “professional politicians.”
Recently, Mr. Cain said he would “make mistakes.” (4)
Of course he will!
Obviously, he uses those experiences to better himself and his message, unlike our current crop of  perpetually wrong politicians.

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