It’s Not ALL Their Fault!

Are Americans going to remember all the Republicans that helped craft a debt-ceiling policy that purposely gave the obama administration and the progressive liberals the power to destroy our military?

When will we  hold accountable all the liars and cowards on the right?

Why do we allow any politician to abrogate their responsibility to other individuals, or an unanswerable, at times unelected, “committee’ or “commission?”

We elect representatives to do the job of making decisions. When these chickenshit, powerhungry turds decide making the right decision might be tough, or even cost them (what they think is their lifetime appointment) their job, they run out and give their authority, which we bestowed upon them through virtue of our sacred vote, to a corrupt panel of highly paid insiders.

When the left wanted to decimate the military and close bases, they knew they would have trouble, so they turned to “base closing commissions”, (1) so they could claim their hands were clean while communities and our military were damaged.

In the run-up to the Iraq war, the Congress, in which sole authority to declare war resides constitutionally, knowing the problems we faced, and having voted unanimously under Clinton to remove Saddam Hussein, instead of voting for war, they voted for HJR 114, (2) in what seems to be an outrageously unconstitutional act, a resolution giving the President the right to go to war, AT HIS DISCRETION.

Of course, as soon as Bush used his newly created power, he was attacked from all sides by the cowards that gave him their authority. Hillary Clinton had the stones to claim that she should not be held accountable for her vote, because it didn’t mean what it said. Even though her husbands administration had called for war with Iraq years before Bush did, and she gave strong support to HJR114. (3)

Now we’ve had a debt raising showdown, replete with conservative cowards, like John Boehner, who had no problem giving up Americas defense for the sake of looking bi-partisan. Instead of standing up for what Americans know was right, Boehner made a deal that was guaranteed to fail, because failure gave the progressive enemies what they have always wanted, the gutting of the military. (4)

Thankfully, being the liars and cheats they are, they left a 14 month period of time between the failure and the implementation of the trigger. During this time, we will hear the soon-to-be-removed president rail against Republicans for causing this problem. Never mind that his party has not passed a constitutionally required budget for over two years.

With the awakening of the TEA party, whose long, apathetic nap led to these problems, we should be able to elect adults with more realistic solutions.

It won’t happen if we keep re-electing the cowards that put us here. While you’re drinking your TEA, look at the past record of your representative, not just what he did this last year to make you feel good. Look at the totality of their votes, the ones they took right after being elected, the ones they figure you forgot.

And try not to fall asleep again.
























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  1. o-nill /

    Rr. I mean to try again, so you can comment. Congress declared war and we need people with knowledge of the law, and voted for Mr. Clinton to overthrow Saddam Hussein, but not to vote, fight, because it concludes that the most important decisions under the Act constitutional. Your choice of interest free, her husband, one year war with Iraq, full, President Bush said dust.

  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    “In fact, the so called this sentence means: “If you do not use many words, but I need to use this system, in any case.””
    It still makes no sense.
    I am heartened by your ability to write one or two actual, understandable sentences, (“My letter is in order.”, “Once again, I string together words that are related to each other to make sense.”, “Show your problems, I tried, but you have to understand the past, I know.”), so I know you know how to write. That, and our past exchanges. You still, for some reason, have not formed a cogent thought or written anything that I can understand or comment on.
    B well, and keep trying,

  3. o-nill /

    In fact, the so called this sentence means: “If you do not use many words, but I need to use this system, in any case.” Once again, I string together words that are related to each other to make sense. You’re writing nonsense, because it is a gem! My letter is in order. A credible, understandable, I can write proposals. Show your problems, I tried, but you have to understand the past, I know.

  4. Ron Reale / Post Author

    What does this so-called sentence mean?
    “I know that if you do not use many words, but the system should use, is by no means.”
    Once again, you string together words that are not related ot one another in any way as to make sense. Your writing is gibberish. I can’t comment on it because it is beyond incomprehensible!
    Please be informed that until you can write a cogent, understandable sentence, I will not approve your comments. I tried to show your problem, no one can say I didn’t give you a chance, but, while I know you were in the past, you are no longer intelligible.
    Be well,

  5. o-nill /

    RR: I know that if you do not use many words, but the system should use, is by no means. Is irrelevant. Take a stroke, doctors. I think I completed and sent to appropriate all, your mind is a problem. Others are writing in saying show me.

  6. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Again, I must say, I recognize many of the words you are using, but in the order you use them, they make no sense. They are incoherent. Bring this to your doctor, because you may have had a stroke. If you think anything you have sent makes sense, or are complete sentences, you have a problem with your brain. Show your writings to others and see what they say. Get help quickly.

  7. o-nill /

    Congress declared war and the need for legal knowledge of our people, and they voted for Mr. Clinton to topple Saddam Hussein, but to fight not to vote, because it seems that war is the most important constitutional decisions of the Act. Their choice are free to worry about? Management of her husband a year’s war with Iraq, President Bush is said, strongly supported.

  8. Ron Reale / Post Author

    At least this time, three words you strung together make sense…Happy Turkey Day to you, too!
    And I hope you get better.

  9. o-nill /

    If a sentence appeal. Notice to the publication of the sentence or the whole and understand, and my pain. Organize yourself in a place, or as an idea and image in mind, exaggerated action and get valuable information. Happy turkey day

  10. Ron Reale / Post Author

    onill, all I can say, and I mean this from the bottom of my heat, this is not a joke, is that you need to see your doctor right away. You may have had a stroke. If you think there is one cogent sentence, or one complete, understandable sentence in what you posted, you are ill. If you think there is even a semblance of an idea of whether you agree with my post or not, your mind is not working correctly, and you need to seek medical help.
    Good Luck

  11. onill /

    Dutch anticipation of the war in Iraq, Congress has power only to declare war is constitutionally resides in the knowledge in our faces, and they voted for Clinton unaniment to overthrow Saddam Hussein, rather than voting for the war voted for it appears blatant act of a constitutional resolution to the president’s right to wage war. Your choice. Of course, when George W. Bush used his power, the creation of new, were attacked on all sides of the band is loose to take care of Hillary Clinton claims that the stones should not be responsible for voting does not mean what he said? Although the administration of her husband was called to war with Iraq was the Bush years, it gave him great support.

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