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Random Thoughts:
It is nice to see people finally coming to realize that “Fast and Furious was nothing but an assault on the Second Amendment. Today Rush, (who opened my eyes in 1991), was bragging about mentioning that possibility in July. I posted “Isn’t Murder A High Crime Or Misdemeanor?” in March.
A Breitbart contributer, AWR Hawkins, addressed the issue of Hillary Clintons involvement in “Fast and Furious” yesterday. I posted “What Did Hillary Know, And When Did She Know It?” On Coach is Right and my blog in October.
I was a big fan of Newt Gingrich in the 80’s and 90’s. His advisers at the time included the brilliantly prescient Alvin Toffler, author of “Future Shock”, written in the 60’s and published in 1970. I only lost interest in him with his acceptance of Americans having to pay a health-care mandate and his believing in the now-more-than-ever debunked Global Warming canard.
Should he change those positions I would have no problem supporting him over the RINO Romney…Gingrich has shown himself to be the only candidate that will actually attack obama, rather than tear down all the other republicans to get the support of the RINO faction.
Should he pick another fighter, like Palin, Cain or Trump as a VP, we would see a hell of an election cycle, and a bigger landslide than Reagan/Mondale.
Does anyone believe a word coming out of the mouth of the Black Separatist Racist Attorney General, Eric Holder?
There has not been a word published that would keep me from supporting Herman Cain. I have seen accusations based on allegations that have been investigated, and an “Invisible Woman” who claims a 13 year affair based on her word only. She doesn’t have a picture? A blue dress? After the Clinton-Lewinsky debacle, the thought of acquiring proof for such a claim escaped her? Really?
There has not been a word published that would keep me from supporting Sarah Palin. I have only heard left-wing slander and lies, and I hope the dismal field shaking out now has her considering her options.
I love Alec Baldwin! He shows what (male genitalia) progressive liberals are, on a daily basis, and their belief that they are sooo much better than the rest of us.
What happened to all the lying media and their glorification of what they called “Democracy movements” in the Middle East? Now that the evil muslim brotherhood has taken over everywhere, why are they not fawning over their victory against humanity?
Merry Christmas one and all, and if that term bothers you, well then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I want you to know I really appreciate your time and effort to get your point across. I want to address them. I understand your going “through your points one at a time.” I got that!
    The rest of the first paragraph is incomprehensible.
    You said you have a friend that understands your writing. Please give this to them, and ask them to do us both a favor and contact me as you did, and act as an intermediary, who can explain your points. I want to be respectful of your time and effort, at this point it is impossible. I can’t tell if you agree or disagree, or even understand my writing.
    I do appreciate your last sentence. I think you agree, but had a problem with Merry Christmas…welll, in that case, Merry Christmas, enjoy the day whether you believe or not. I won’t tell anyone.
    I look forward to hearing from your friend, until then,
    be well

  2. o-nill /

    RR, allow that I will go through your points one at a time. It comes too late for people to achieve good thing “and the rate of attack of the second amendment and the rush of today’s angry,” shareholder value and Hillary Clinton, and related documents at breakneck speed. First question: “He’s just like if you know Hillary, I can know how? ” Bus station a month, your blog, RR.

    I have been consulting, including guns and nine thousand fans of Gingrich, but I pay no higher than the world, his interest, exposure to heat diffusion. Americans lost health insurance in the future, he thought.
    This attitude, I support these issues, Romney, and Reynolds … no need to change. Gingrich B. He is, in fact, Obama actually, all the other Republicans is the only candidate to support against the dismantling of the Renault group.

    Playing or selection of S. Palin, vice president of aircraft design, we are Cain, turns out to be a hell of a soil election cycle
    Attorney General Eric Holder to remove the black racism, it does not believe a word of mouth?

    Cain does not have anything to say. Please do not forget to support the implementation of Herman’s research contract that the price is based on one word, it is based on the discussion, please refer to the invisible woman. This picture is not it?

    Please do not forget to support the release of Palin did not say anything. I hope was a terrible shock.

    Reputation in the Middle East is what happens in the media, to describe what they are. Now the Social Club in the wrong place, or why is the triumph of the human flagorneur?

    People celebrate the birthdays of all, his youth, and Happy Holidays!

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