Debate in as “Real-time” a wife, visiting relatives, and two dogs allows

Gingrich, self described “Wilsonian” progressive, starts with Reagan and Kemp comparisons. I don’t remember their mandated charges for Health-care or Global Warming scam.
Ron Paul ducks question about supporting Republican nominee.
Santorum is hopefully eloquent in Ohio coming to his side.
Romney runs Staples by us again, same old same old, I’m in the private sector, yada, yada.
Bachman, blowing out the screen in white, confident and well spoken.
Perry joking, comfortable, wants more debates, throws Tim Tebow long, Ohio should love that comparison.
Huntsman throws cheap shot at Trump, maybe that will get someone to notice his irrelevance in this election.
Santorum defends free trade, hard work, well said. Heartfelt sentiment as usual.
Perry answers.
Romney jumps to leadership, strong call for his.
Gingrich agrees with “leadership” call, (not Romney’s).
Paul calls for cutting spending, and seeking agreements.
Bachman points out how right she was with her stance on Debt-ceiling debacle.
Huntsman stands on his Governorship in Utah
First Commercial Break—————————————————————————————————————–
Romney defends his destruction of businesses, as a natural part of business. It is.
Gingrich called on “Freddie.” Defends Government Sponsored Enterprise.
Paul calls him on GSA, they’re not free enterprise, he got taxpayer money.
Gingrich defends.
Bachman claims any money from Freddie is corrupt, goes after Gingrich for still defending Freddie and Fannie.
Gingrich claims she is “not true,” states other facts, Bachman comes back and stands on her charge of lobbying against Gingrich.
Gingrich will “break up” Freddie and Fannie, believes in people buying houses, (why with our money?)
Gingrich asked about Romney’s claims of his inconsistancy due to comments on Ryan plan. Seems to say getting compromise on anything is better than nothing. Says Romney was right on health-care.
Romney says thanks.
Paul asked about taking his districts earmarks. He explains while he never voted for one, not to take them similar to not taking deductions on taxes.
Defends well, speaks of Constitution and spending.
Perry asked about something, comes back with part-time congress call.
Cavuto asks Huntsman about China and import taxes and Huntsman speaks of sticking fingers in China’s eyes to get results and Human rights in China, and Religious tolerance…in CHINA?
Santorum asked about bringing overseas earned money back into the country at 5 1/2 % tax rate, zero if the business invests the money in business. Cut corporate tax. He actually has made more sense with each answer than anyone.
Romney gets silly Twitter question about what sector will next explode successfully, points out no one knows, capitalism will decide, calls for restart of energy industry, good line about American decline, maybe under obama, but not if he’s, (Romneys), president.
Gingrich called on about calling justices to testify about decisions, defends against activists and out of control judges. Proves he is quick on his feet and would destroy almost anyone in an actual sit-down debate. Explains historically, Supreme Court should have no real power to make law.
Bachman asked about 9th circuit “under God” question, and should it, (the court), be abolished? She agree with Newt, apparently, about allowing the congress to control judges, cites Iowans throwing out their 3 Supreme Court judges over decision on gay marriage.
Paul says to supenoa judges “dicey”, questionable, affront to separation of powers.
Romney can’t help, as Gov he didn’t get to appoint judges.
Santorum HAS removed judges, campaigned in Iowa against those removed.
Perry claims he supports no more lifetime appointments.
Perry Romney Gingrich claim Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia Supreme Court Judge they think best “one.”
Paul says all good and bad.
Huntsman goes with Roberts and Alito.
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Foreign Policy
Paul gets nuclear Iran question.
Would remove all sanctions no matter what Irans position is.  Says greatest danger is our overreacting, compares Iran nuts to Russian cold war. (Russians didn’t want to die, Iranians worship death). Throws “Israel has 300 of ’em” around, like that is a problem.
Santorum strongly differs on same question, claims Irans at war with US since 1979, killing Americans since then. Points out what I just said about comparing life loving Russians with Death seeking Iranians. Calls for strikes against Iranian facilities.
Romney asked about America requesting our Drone back. obama weak and timid, inviting war. Calls for strengthening, not weakening our military and economy.
Bachman asked abut end of war today in Iraq, Would you send troops? Claims obama is choosing to “lose the peace” in Iraq, wasting all we have done. Attacks Ron Paul’s statement as most dangerous she has ever heard. Claims Iran setting up world-wide jihad against the world.
Paul comes back with not all muslims are bad, just some bad, only because we are bombing them. Ignores history and facts, Iran came into existence in his mind in 1999.
Bachman comes back with fear of underreaction, Iran will give away nukes. Cites IAEA report of coming nukes, and Paul claims it (report), is wrong.
Gingrich asked about critical statements on UN, says he would dramatically reduce participation. Attacks UN for allowing missles fired into Israel without action.
Gingrich fires both barrels cites Bachmans evidence of hateful books used to teach children to hate Israel, states that the UN is useless.
Huntsman becomes mr. diplomat, speaks and says nothing substantial. Takes two extra time segments, and still says nothing.
Perry asked about going into Syria, protecting their citizens. (We should be letting Assad kill as many of his people as possible, they are all hateful bastards that put up with him and his world-wide terrorism for years). Perry says nothing about Syria, attacks obama for inaction on Iranian Drone.
Gingrich asked about Keystone Pipeline veto promise by obama. He has to edit his thoughts to keep them not “zany”, and using “mild words,” says obama is “utterly irrational” in his actions concerning the pipeline. Home Run!
Huntsman asked if environmental policies that protect land more important than jobs. Gives decent answer about natural gas and ending oil imports.
Bachman asked about her reaction to obama shutting down the oil industry as a BP-oil leak reaction, how long she thought it was necessary to close to investigate problem? According to her, obama closed it all without cause, then she moves to bad obama decision based on environmentalist extortion about Keystone Pipeline.
Perry asked about Texas tax subsidies for oil companies, says tenth amendment gives states the rights to decide to invest in any company, not  the purview of Washington DC to pick winners and losers.
Third Commercial Break——————————————————————————————————
Border, Immigration
Perry asked about his call for Eric Holder to resign over “Fast and Furious.” Is he politicizing it? Perry would have him resign if his people claimed ignorance of issues. Claims government lying to us about safety of border. Monroe Doctrine needed. Iran in Venezuala, need to stop them from crossing our borders
Santorum says Perry correct on all points. obama “embraces scoundrals in the middle east.” GOOD
Romney asked about immigrants having to go home voluntarily to return with new id. Says Gingrich idea of credit card company supplying validation is good. Immigrants are welcome, on back of line.
Gingrich “sorta” agrees, has own ideas. Would stop all federal lawsuits against states, and would go after sanctuary cities.
Huntsman tries to use limited government as a sop to not controlling the border. Lies and states no one is coming any more. Confuses legal immigrants with illegals. Ridiculous PC crap.
Romney asked about flip-flops on guns, abortion, gay rights. Principle or politics? “I changed my mind.” Wallace reads record of changes, Romney justifies speaking out of both sides of his mouth.
Santorum speaks on Romneys principle or political changes. Rips out Romneys explanation, claims he and he alone was responsible for same-sex marriage decision while Governor of Mass.
Romney fights charge, claims he led fight against the issue, claims to be for man/woman marriage only.
Bachman goes after Gingrich on life beginning at conception of implantation. Gingrich didn’t defund Planned Parenthood when he could, and didn’t help stop late term abortion.
Gingrich again claims Bachman wrong. Believes life begins at conception, implantation issue came up in possibly bringing legislation about fertility clinics.
Bachman attacks about Gingrich claiming she is wrong. States Gingrich claimed to support republicans who supported late-term abortions
Interruption about federal reserve from audience member.
Question about everyone ignoring Reagans 11 commandment, and will it hurt to attack each other.
Santorum defends process as necessary to toughen up the candidate.
Perry makes nice, thanks others for helping him grow through adversity.
Romney blows off the criticisms, says obama will throw more.
Gingrich says he will correct, but is not attacking, he is promoting ideas, any of candidates would be better than obama.
Paul claims the media made it necessary for them to vet themselves, agrees issue disagreements should be exposed.
Bachman ignores the attacks part, recalls Reagans, “are you better off today than 4 years ago,” question. Why?
Huntsman claims, (on Reagans behalf), debates must be vigorous, are good for country and a strong America.
If we actually had real debates, I might agree with him. These staged canned shows are BS, and do not let us see the give and take of intellectual diversity. It is America’s loss.

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