Not A Harvest To Be Proud Of!

In recent days, in the midst of people of different faiths celebrating the religious High Holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah, there have been extraordinarily brutal mob frenzies over the chance to buy assorted products. People have been beaten and killed in the pursuit of the most insignificant of material items.
I have heard many different explanations.
Of course, I prefer my own.
“We The People” have let the individual down. “We The People” have allowed the lives of the everyday citizen of America to become valueless.
The beauty of the American experiment is that as equals, we could live completely different lives and feel utter contempt for what someone else believed, but should anyone cause another American citizen harm, or threaten their life, the community of Americans came together for swift justice, and with a jury system made up of free Americans, celebrated the most sacred of duties: the execution.
“We The People” would not pledge to a king, despot or dictator, nor be used to fight their wars.
Being an American meant we had been born into the compact of the signers of our Declaration of Independence before us. In a sense, we had all pledged “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to protect our people and country.
Removing those that wronged us was evidence to the world that, as free people, we would not stand alone, and we would not be wronged. The loss of one American was equal to the loss of any foreign king or despot, and more.
Taking a man’s horse, putting him at risk, or killing another was a cause for death. Not a hidden death, in the middle of the night behind closed doors…no, it was celebrated by the people in open courtyards for all to see. Men could watch as they saw the greatest symbol and sacrifice of their freedom. Children grew to realize the responsibility in being a part of a society, and saw the value in which their lives were held.
Abortions were between a doctor and the patient, hidden and denied in some cases.
Life and freedom were sacrosanct.
Today, people are free to kill over and over, rape, murder and perform the most heinous of crimes against other people, and in some places, never face the ultimate price for their acts. Others can live 20 or 30 years before being executed, hidden away, in the dead of night, like we are doing something wrong.
Planned Parenthood publicly carries out Margaret Sanger’s twisted, racist vision, the extermination of the black community, with total immunity and, incredibly, the acquiescence and assistance of those they are trying to kill, the black community.
Our children have been born into a community that puts no value on individual, free lives, or, in Planned Parenthood’s case, even pays them hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars so you can pay $200 to get rid of one.
The rights of the proven murderers and killers somehow gets conflated to be more important than that of those they killed or wounded.
A community that does not respect life will have children with no problem ending someone else’s, even for the most trivial of reasons.
The lives of others mean nothing to them, if they are in the way of them and their Air Jordans.
A rather perfect example of “you reap what you sow.”

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